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Images: These pictures are not censored for quality. What one person considers a bad or useless picture may be exactly what someone else is looking for. I hope you enjoy these pictures as much as I enjoyed taking them.

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Filenames refer to location, date (, and camera-assigned four digit id number.

Top photos from June, 2009

Oxford_22.06.09_8019.jpg 184 Oxford_22.06.09_8032.jpg 134 Oxford_22.06.09_8015.jpg 121 Ste_Therese_09.06.09_6940.jpg 96 Oxford_22.06.09_8031.jpg 94 Ste_Therese_09.06.09_6938.jpg 88 Birmingham_17.06.09_7422.jpg 77 Salem_09.06.09_6925.jpg 68 Oxford_22.06.09_8033.jpg 60 Ste_Therese_09.06.09_6939.jpg 57

June 1st, 2009I headed down to mile 30 to catch up with a once stalwart local railfan returning for a visit and caught CN 384, 148, and 339.
Scotch_Block_01.06.09_6791.jpg 28 Scotch_Block_01.06.09_6779.jpg 26 Scotch_Block_01.06.09_6765.jpg 20 Scotch_Block_01.06.09_6778.jpg 18
Scotch Block, Ontario(map) Scotch Block is an excellent photography location at mp 30.0 CN Halton sub, between Milton and Georgetown.
June 3rd, 2009I headed down to New England for my high school reunion and picked up WJED at Brattleboro with a PanAm painted unit meeting the northbound Vermonter.
Brattleboro_03.06.09_6814.jpg 33 Brattleboro_03.06.09_6840.jpg 31 Brattleboro_03.06.09_6831.jpg 19 Brattleboro_03.06.09_6807.jpg 19
Brattleboro, Vermont(map) This town is on the New England Central Railway track near the New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Vermont borders.
June 4th, 2009After arriving at NMH before my classmates, I headed back out to the tracks for a bit for Amtrak 55 and NECR 323.
Northfield_04.06.09_6845.jpg 25 Northfield_04.06.09_6863.jpg 17 Northfield_04.06.09_6844.jpg 15 Northfield_04.06.09_6862.jpg 11
Northfield, Massachusetts(map) Home of Northfield Mount Hermon School, where I attended high school and met my wife, Northfield has the junction of the NECR and MEC lines in a rural area near the Vermont border.
27 images 2 videos Marks: AMTK CN NECR RMPX TILX
June 9th, 2009On my way home from reunion I stopped to chase the Batten Kill, which operates exclusively with the venerable RS-3. I asked the crew at Greenwich shops where the train was and was told it was parked at Cambridge, so headed up there to wait for them to come on duty and chased them to Greenwich Junction where I broke off and headed for Whitehall. There I caught CP 253 and continued north. Coming into the Laurentians I saw QGRY rather than CP power at Ste-Therese yard so bailed off the 15 and went for a closer look.
Ste_Therese_09.06.09_6940.jpg 96 Ste_Therese_09.06.09_6938.jpg 88 Salem_09.06.09_6925.jpg 68 Ste_Therese_09.06.09_6939.jpg 57
Cambridge, New YorkCambridge is along the Batten Kill just north of their connection with the Guilford.
23 images 1 videos Marks: BKRR
Hoosick Junction, New YorkHoosick Junction is along the Guilford northeast of Albany. The line connecting to Bennington and the Vermont Rail System there originates here.
1 images No videos Marks:
Jackson, New YorkJackson encompasses Shushan and The Plains and is along the Batten Kill railroad between Cambridge and Greenwich Junction (Salem).
31 images No videos Marks: BKRR
Salem, New YorkSalem is at the northern tip of the Batten Kill railroad and hosts Greenwich Junction.
2 images No videos Marks: BKRR
Ste-Thérèse, Quebec(map) This was the site of a GM car factory that manufactured the Camaro and the Pontiac Firebird until the end of 2003. It has since been torn down, though there is still a large CP yard there that interchanges between them and the QGRY. It also houses several Montreal transit commuter trains.
5 images No videos Marks: QGRY
Whitehall, New YorkWhitehall is the junction point of the CLP, a Vermont Rail System railway, and the Delaware and Hundson, now CP, just across the VT/NY border from Rutland.
10 images 1 videos Marks: AEX CP SHPX STLH
June 14th, 2009We landed at Gatwick airport and took the train up to Reading, connected to Maidenhead, and were picked up at Bourne End.
Gatwick_14.06.09_6942.jpg 12 Gatwick_14.06.09_6943.jpg 10 Gatwick_14.06.09_6944.jpg 9 Gatwick_14.06.09_6957.jpg 7
Gatwick, EnglandGatwick is just to the south of London and is best known for London-Gatwick airport.
24 images 1 videos Marks: FGW SOUK
June 15th, 2009We were invited to stay with a family friend in Wellington, near Taunton, and tour the West Somerset Railway. We boarded the train at Reading station and went across to Newport, Wales, returning via Bristol and heading down to Taunton for the next day's trip. At Newport, we went to a bridge and watched for about 30 minutes. Moments after we left, a train came over with a pair of rare Class 67s! Grumbling at the loss, I was more than a little surprised to have the same train return a few minutes later and take us to Taunton.
Swindon_15.06.09_6982.jpg 13 Bristol_15.06.09_7087.jpg 13 Newport_15.06.09_6989.jpg 11 Bristol_15.06.09_7054.jpg 11
Bristol, EnglandBristol is a major west coast city near the border with Wales.
88 images 1 videos Marks: DRUK EWS FGW ICUK TIPH VTG ZZA
Newport, WalesNewport is the first city over the border from England and is apparently where Class 66s coming from Canada are off-loaded.
50 images 1 videos Marks: ARVA EWS FGW
Reading, England(map) Reading is a major railway junction between Oxford and London.
16 images No videos Marks: FGW FL
Swindon, EnglandSwindon is famous among locals for its fanciful roundabouts -- look at a map of the city to understand quite why -- and is also along the line between Reading and Bristol.
4 images No videos Marks:
Taunton, EnglandTaunton is near Bishops Lydeard and the West Somerset Railway.
15 images No videos Marks: EWS FL ICUK
June 16th, 2009We spent the day touring the West Somerset Railway, and headed up to Dunster Castle.
Bishops_Lydeard_16.06.09_7158.jpg 24 Minehead_16.06.09_7256.jpg 11 Bishops_Lydeard_16.06.09_7159.jpg 11 Dunster_16.06.09_7299.jpg 9
Bishops Lydeard, EnglandBishops Lydeard is the southern base of the West Somerset Railway, which is a major tourist railway operation.
35 images 1 videos Marks: BRUK GBRF WSUK
Crowcombe, EnglandCrowcombe is a community along the West Somerset Railway between Bishops Lydeard and the coast.
4 images No videos Marks:
Dunster, EnglandDunster is along the West Somerset Railway near the northern terminus of Minehead.
62 images 2 videos Marks: BRUK ESSO EW WSUK YCV
Minehead, EnglandMinehead is the northern terminus of the West Somerset Railway.
54 images No videos Marks: BRUK WSUK
Stogumber, EnglandStogumber is along the West Somerset Railway.
2 images No videos Marks:
Williton, EnglandWilliton is on the West Somerset Railway.
26 images No videos Marks: BRUK MSC SOUK WSUK
June 17th, 2009After a wonderful day and a half in Wellington and on the West Somerset Railway, we headed back to High Wycombe as only a trainspotter could -- via Birmingham and Water Orton station.
Birmingham_17.06.09_7422.jpg 77 Birmingham_17.06.09_7353.jpg 53 Birmingham_17.06.09_7363.jpg 33 Birmingham_17.06.09_7434.jpg 14
Birmingham, England(map) Birmingham is the site of a large Freightliner intermodal facility south of Derby in central England.
227 images 22 videos Marks: BBA CCUK DRUK EWS FL FLUK GBRF NR
Bristol, EnglandBristol is a major west coast city near the border with Wales.
3 images No videos Marks: FL
Leamington Spa, England(map) Leamington Spa is a small city south of Coventry.
12 images 1 videos Marks: CCUK CHUK
Tiverton Parkway, EnglandTiverton Parkway is a rail station southwest of Taunton.
7 images 1 videos Marks: CCUK
June 19th, 2009We headed from High Wycombe up to Barnetby, a busy freight location every trainspotter we met told us we had to visit.
Barnetby_19.06.09_7696.jpg 27 Barnetby_19.06.09_7868.jpg 17 Barnetby_19.06.09_7800.jpg 15 Barnetby_19.06.09_7672.jpg 14
Banbury, England(map) Banbury is a few miles north of Oxford.
22 images No videos Marks: CCUK CHUK EWS ICUK
Barnetby, EnglandBarnetby is a very busy freight junction with a less busy passenger station in the middle of it well suited to watching the freight between Doncaster and Grimsby in north-east England.
206 images 12 videos Marks: BSSC DRUK EMUK EWS FL FLHH FTP GBRF NRUK VTG
Birmingham, England(map) Birmingham is the site of a large Freightliner intermodal facility south of Derby in central England.
4 images No videos Marks: FL
Doncaster, EnglandDoncaster is a popular trainspotting location between Manchester and Grimsby.
52 images 3 videos Marks: BRUK CRUK EWS FL FTP GBRF NEUK NO RMSL YEA
June 20th, 2009We travelled from Barnetby across to Darwen, north of Manchester, to meet a friend, and then headed back to Wycombe.
BoltonUK_20.06.09_7884.jpg 11 BoltonUK_20.06.09_7899.jpg 8 BoltonUK_20.06.09_7889.jpg 8 BoltonUK_20.06.09_7883.jpg 8
Bolton, EnglandBolton is a junction northwest of Manchester.
30 images 1 videos Marks: ? FTP NO
Preston, EnglandPreston is north-west of Manchester.
12 images 1 videos Marks: ATWU VT
June 22nd, 2009We went to Oxford for a couple of hours in the afternoon and were graced with the unexpected arrival of the Tornado, Britain's freshly built steam engine.
Oxford_22.06.09_8019.jpg 184 Oxford_22.06.09_8032.jpg 134 Oxford_22.06.09_8015.jpg 121 Oxford_22.06.09_8031.jpg 94
Banbury, England(map) Banbury is a few miles north of Oxford.
41 images 2 videos Marks: CHUK DRUK EWS FL FSA FTA ICUK
High Wycombe, EnglandHigh Wycombe is between Banbury and London Marylebone.
16 images No videos Marks: CHUK
Oxford, EnglandOxford is a historic university town between Banbury and Reading.
108 images 2 videos Marks: BRUK CCUK FGW FL
June 23rd, 2009We came home, returning to Gatwick by train.
Reading_23.06.09_8116.jpg 8 Reading_23.06.09_8107.jpg 7 Maidenhead_23.06.09_8093.jpg 7 Reading_23.06.09_8100.jpg 6
Maidenhead, England(map) Maidenhead is the junction of a main line and the Marlow branch.
6 images No videos Marks: FGW
Reading, England(map) Reading is a major railway junction between Oxford and London.
30 images No videos Marks: EWS FGW

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