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December 27th, 2019

Railfanning Chicago is rather like shooting fish in a barrel if you handle the city itself. I am a country boy and so it isn't really my cup of tea. We did manage to catch a little bit of action as we entered and exited the city for (non-railfan) touristy reasons, although the day was off toa slightly bad start when I followed a different line from the one I thought I was following out of the city: with an EOT squawking away nearby but no sign of the train it was attached to, we admired the diamond at Stillwell for a few minutes before carrying on.


Chicago, Illinois

Chicago is without a doubt the rail capital of North America, but it does require some preparation to explore and a lot of patience to deal with what passes for traffic flow in the city.

2019-12-27.7494.Chicago.jpg 2019-12-27.7495.Chicago.jpg 2019-12-27.7496.Chicago.jpg 2019-12-27.7497.Chicago.jpg 2019-12-27.7498.Chicago.jpg 2019-12-27.7499.Chicago.jpg 2019-12-27.7500.Chicago.jpg 2019-12-27.7501.Chicago.jpg 2019-12-27.7502.Chicago.jpg 2019-12-27.7503.Chicago.jpg 2019-12-27.7504.Chicago.jpg 2019-12-27.7505.Chicago.jpg 2019-12-27.7506.Chicago.jpg 2019-12-27.7507.Chicago.jpg 2019-12-27.7508.Chicago.jpg 2019-12-27.7509.Chicago.jpg 2019-12-27.7510.Chicago.jpg 2019-12-27.7511.Chicago.jpg 2019-12-27.7512.Chicago.jpg 2019-12-27.7513.Chicago.jpg 2019-12-27.7514.Chicago.jpg 2019-12-27.7515.Chicago.jpg 2019-12-27.7516.Chicago.jpg 2019-12-27.7518.Chicago.jpg 2019-12-27.7519.Chicago.jpg 2019-12-27.7520.Chicago.jpg 2019-12-27.7521.Chicago.jpg 2019-12-27.7522.Chicago.jpg 2019-12-27.7523.Chicago.jpg 2019-12-27.7524.Chicago.jpg 2019-12-27.7525.Chicago.jpg 2019-12-27.7526.Chicago.jpg 2019-12-27.7527.Chicago.jpg 2019-12-27.7528.Chicago.jpg 2019-12-27.7529.Chicago.jpg 2019-12-27.7530.Chicago.jpg 2019-12-27.7531.Chicago.jpg 2019-12-27.7532.Chicago.jpg 2019-12-27.7533.Chicago.jpg 2019-12-27.7534.Chicago.jpg 2019-12-27.7535.Chicago.jpg 2019-12-27.7536.Chicago.jpg 2019-12-27.7537.Chicago.jpg 2019-12-27.7538.Chicago.jpg 2019-12-27.7539.Chicago.jpg 2019-12-27.7540.Chicago.jpg 2019-12-27.7541.Chicago.jpg 2019-12-27.7542.Chicago.jpg 2019-12-27.7543.Chicago.jpg 2019-12-27.7544.Chicago.jpg 2019-12-27.7545.Chicago.jpg 2019-12-27.7546.Chicago.jpg 2019-12-27.7547.Chicago.jpg 2019-12-27.7548.Chicago.jpg 2019-12-27.7549.Chicago.jpg 2019-12-27.7550.Chicago.jpg 2019-12-27.7551.Chicago.jpg


Shabbona, Illinois

Shabbona is a small town along the BNSF westbound out of Chicago and is where the tracks diverge (westbound) from easy following after miles of running next to a major road.

2019-12-27.7583.Shabbona-IL.jpg 2019-12-27.7584.Shabbona-IL.jpg 2019-12-27.7585.Shabbona-IL.jpg 2019-12-27.7586.Shabbona-IL.jpg 2019-12-27.7587.Shabbona-IL.jpg 2019-12-27.7588.Shabbona-IL.jpg 2019-12-27.7589.Shabbona-IL.jpg