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Other indices

This page is an index of the photos by their contents, as long as reporting marks are visible in the picture. It is far from complete and does not index photos which do not have visible reporting marks.


* (ENG) indicates the picture is of or contains an engine
* (blurry) indicates the picture is blurred or unclear
* (partial) indicates that the car is not completely within the image frame
* (DUP) indicates that the item in question is listed on at least two different days
* (FAV) indicates that the item is one of my personal favourites, and will be cycled through the favourites section of the index page

The reporting marks are converted into company names using's Reporting Marks list, with modifications, addendums, and corrections..

National Railroad Passenger Corporation (AMTRAK)
Reporting mark (small image)File name (large image)Description
AMTK 2Multiple photosP42dc (ENG)
AMTK 4Multiple photosP42dc (ENG)
AMTK 12Multiple photosP42dc (ENG)
AMTK 19Multiple photosP42dc (ENG)
AMTK 25Multiple photosP42dc (ENG)
AMTK 26Multiple photosP42dc (ENG)
AMTK 28Multiple photosP42dc (ENG)
AMTK 29 Guelph_27.04.03_1645.jpg P42dc (ENG) (FAV) (rp)
AMTK 33Multiple photosP42dc (ENG)
AMTK 35Multiple photosP42dc (ENG)
AMTK 36Multiple photosP42dc (ENG) (DUP)
AMTK 38Multiple photosP42dc (ENG)
AMTK 49 Angola_24.06.06_1975.jpg P42dc (ENG)
AMTK 51Multiple photosP42dc (ENG)
AMTK 64 Brattleboro_10.06.04_3068.jpg P42dc (ENG)
AMTK 66Multiple photosP42dc (ENG)
AMTK 68Multiple photosP42dc (ENG)
AMTK 76Multiple photosP42dc (ENG)
AMTK 79Multiple photosP42dc (ENG)
AMTK 84Multiple photosP42dc (ENG)
AMTK 97Multiple photosP42dc (ENG)
AMTK 101Multiple photosP42dc (ENG)
AMTK 102Multiple photosP42dc (ENG)
AMTK 103Multiple photosP42dc (ENG)
AMTK 104Multiple photosP42dc (ENG)
AMTK 105Multiple photosP42dc (ENG) (DUP)
AMTK 106Multiple photosP42dc (ENG) (DUP)
AMTK 108Multiple photosP42dc (ENG)
AMTK 109Multiple photosP42dc (ENG) (partial)
AMTK 110Multiple photosP42dc (ENG) (DUP)
AMTK 111Multiple photosP42dc (ENG)
AMTK 124Multiple photosP42dc (ENG)
AMTK 132Multiple photosP42dc (ENG)
AMTK 133Multiple photosP42dc (ENG)
AMTK 134Multiple photosP42dc (ENG)
AMTK 150Multiple photosP42dc (ENG)
AMTK 151Multiple photosP42dc (ENG)
AMTK 152Multiple photosP42dc (ENG)
AMTK 160Multiple photosP42dc (ENG)
AMTK 161Multiple photosP42dc (ENG)
AMTK 164Multiple photosP42dc (ENG)
AMTK 166Multiple photosP42dc (ENG)
AMTK 168Multiple photosP42dc (ENG)
AMTK 187Multiple photosP42dc (ENG)
AMTK 193Multiple photosP42dc (ENG)
AMTK 201Multiple photosP42dc (ENG)
AMTK 655Multiple photosHHP-8 (ENG)
AMTK 700Multiple photosP42dc (ENG)
AMTK 709Multiple photosP42dc (ENG)
AMTK 710Multiple photosP42dc (ENG)
AMTK 711Multiple photosP42dc (ENG)
AMTK 716Multiple photosP42dc (ENG)
AMTK 814Multiple photosP42dc (ENG)
AMTK 817 Aldershot_17.08.03_4331.jpg P42dc (ENG)
AMTK 823Multiple photosP42dc (ENG)
AMTK 828Multiple photosP42dc (ENG)
AMTK 1135Multiple photosBaggage car
AMTK 1260 Angola_24.06.06_1976.jpg Baggage car
AMTK 1701 Utica_21.12.07_9174.jpg Baggage car
AMTK 1754 Brunswick_28.08.07_7633.jpg Mail car
AMTK 2021Multiple photosAcela Power Unit (ENG)
AMTK 2024Multiple photosAcela Power Unit (ENG)
AMTK 2026Multiple photosAcela Power Unit (ENG)
AMTK 2029Multiple photosAcela Power Unit (ENG)
AMTK 2521 Angola_24.06.06_1977.jpg Dorm lounge
AMTK 3203 Branford_31.08.07_7775.jpg Acela coach
AMTK 3403 Branford_31.08.07_7770.jpg Acela coach
AMTK 8554 Angola_24.06.06_1981.jpg Diner
AMTK 9641Multiple photosAmfleet cab car
AMTK 11001Multiple photosBaggage car
AMTK 13963 St_Albans_05.03.16_5237.jpg Ballast car
AMTK 20162 Amsterdam_22.12.07_9236.jpg Amfleet coach
AMTK 20163Multiple photosAmfleet dinette
AMTK 21022 Depew_11.09.05_0904.jpg Amfleet coach
AMTK 21034 Depew_11.09.05_0906.jpg Amfleet coach
AMTK 21045 Aldershot_17.08.03_4332.jpg Amfleet coach (phase IV)
AMTK 21160 Depew_11.09.05_0905.jpg Amfleet coach
AMTK 21194 Depew_11.09.05_0903.jpg Amfleet coach
AMTK 21241Multiple photosAmfleet coach
AMTK 21251 Aldershot_19.08.04_6975.jpg Amfleet coach
AMTK 21947 Aldershot_26.02.06_5600.jpg Amfleet dinette
AMTK 25003 Utica_21.12.07_9181.jpg Amfleet coach
AMTK 25006 Bayview_Junction_28.10.06_5684.jpg Amfleet coach
AMTK 25009Multiple photosAmfleet coach
AMTK 25019 Angola_24.06.06_1985.jpg Amfleet coach
AMTK 25023Multiple photosAmfleet coach
AMTK 25025 Bayview_Junction_28.10.06_5683.jpg Amfleet coach
AMTK 25026 Depew_11.05.09_6665.jpg Amfleet coach
AMTK 25030 Hamilton_16.12.06_7267.jpg Amfleet coach
AMTK 25037 Utica_21.12.07_9182.jpg Amfleet coach
AMTK 25040Multiple photosAmfleet coach
AMTK 25042 Depew_10.09.06_4608.jpg Amfleet coach
AMTK 25044 Depew_10.09.06_4609.jpg Amfleet coach
AMTK 25047Multiple photosAmfleet coach
AMTK 25049Multiple photosAmfleet coach
AMTK 25050 Amsterdam_22.12.07_9277.jpg Amfleet coach
AMTK 25052 Depew_10.09.06_4515.jpg Amfleet coach
AMTK 25059Multiple photosAmfleet coach
AMTK 25061 Hamilton_16.12.06_7268.jpg Amfleet coach
AMTK 25063 Depew_10.09.06_4516.jpg Amfleet coach
AMTK 25068 Hamilton_16.12.06_7266.jpg Amfleet coach
AMTK 25072 Amsterdam_22.12.07_9279.jpg Amfleet coach
AMTK 25074 Angola_24.06.06_1984.jpg Amfleet coach
AMTK 25084 Lyons_29.06.08_2382.jpg Amfleet coach
AMTK 25085 Cresson_30.12.06_8532.jpg Amfleet coach
AMTK 25090 Depew_10.09.06_4610.jpg Amfleet coach
AMTK 25091 Lyons_29.06.08_2381.jpg Amfleet coach
AMTK 25096Multiple photosAmfleet coach
AMTK 25098 Utica_21.12.07_9183.jpg Amfleet coach
AMTK 25099 Cresson_30.12.06_8533.jpg Amfleet coach
AMTK 25105Multiple photosAmfleet coach
AMTK 25107 Hamilton_16.12.06_7269.jpg Amfleet coach
AMTK 25116Multiple photosAmfleet coach
AMTK 25139 Stanwix_21.12.07_9074.jpg Amfleet coach
AMTK 25166 Stanwix_21.12.07_9076.jpg Amfleet coach
AMTK 28018 Utica_21.12.07_9178.jpg Dinette
AMTK 28024 Angola_24.06.06_1982.jpg Amfleet coach
AMTK 30439 Guelph_11.01.04_6604.jpg Superliner coach
AMTK 30462 Guelph_23.04.04_0352.jpg Superliner coach
AMTK 31007Multiple photosSuperliner coach (DUP)
AMTK 32016 Brunswick_28.08.07_7635.jpg Superliner coach
AMTK 32069 Brunswick_28.08.07_7636.jpg Superliner coach
AMTK 33023 Brunswick_28.08.07_7638.jpg Superliner lounge
AMTK 34027 Brunswick_28.08.07_7640.jpg Superliner coach
AMTK 34042 Brunswick_28.08.07_7639.jpg Superliner coach
AMTK 34055Multiple photosSuperliner coach
AMTK 34062Multiple photosSuperliner coach (DUP)
AMTK 34095 Guelph_18.04.04_8794.jpg Superliner coach
AMTK 35001 Guelph_18.04.04_8792.jpg Superliner coach
AMTK 35002Multiple photosSuperliner coach (DUP)
AMTK 38032 Brunswick_28.08.07_7637.jpg Superliner coach
AMTK 39017 Brunswick_28.08.07_7634.jpg Superliner sleeper
AMTK 43360 Whitehall_23.12.07_9430.jpg Dinette
AMTK 43363 Whitehall_23.12.07_9401.jpg Dinette
AMTK 44028 White_River_Junction_21.12.04_4415.jpg Amfleet coach
AMTK 44184Multiple photosAmfleet coach (DUP)
AMTK 44672Multiple photosAmfleet coach
AMTK 44696Multiple photosAmfleet coach
AMTK 44708 Brattleboro_27.12.07_9592.jpg Amfleet coach
AMTK 44709 Brattleboro_28.12.07_9690.jpg Amfleet coach
AMTK 44710 Angola_24.06.06_1987.jpg Amfleet coach
AMTK 44712 Brattleboro_02.09.07_7960.jpg Amfleet coach
AMTK 44718 Brattleboro_02.09.07_7959.jpg Amfleet coach
AMTK 44719 Brattleboro_27.12.07_9593.jpg Amfleet coach
AMTK 44722 Brattleboro_28.12.07_9693.jpg Amfleet coach
AMTK 44723 Brattleboro_27.12.07_9595.jpg Amfleet coach
AMTK 44724 Northfield_04.06.09_6850.jpg Amfleet dinette
AMTK 44790 Brattleboro_27.12.07_9594.jpg Amfleet coach
AMTK 44846 Brattleboro_19.04.03_1486.jpg Amfleet coach
AMTK 48140 Depew_11.05.09_6667.jpg Amfleet dinette
AMTK 48148 Depew_11.05.09_6668.jpg Amfleet dinette
AMTK 48150 Brattleboro_27.12.05_0807.jpg Amfleet dinette
AMTK 48151Multiple photosAmfleet dinette
AMTK 48157Multiple photosAmfleet dinette
AMTK 48158Multiple photosAmfleet dinette
AMTK 48169Multiple photosAmfleet dinette
AMTK 48170Multiple photosDinette
AMTK 48171Multiple photosDinette
AMTK 48172Multiple photosAmfleet dinette
AMTK 48179Multiple photosAmfleet dinette
AMTK 48180Multiple photosAmfleet dinette
AMTK 48183 Stanwix_21.12.07_9077.jpg Dinette
AMTK 48188 Brattleboro_02.09.07_7961.jpg Amfleet coach
AMTK 53510 Utica_21.12.07_9179.jpg Dinette
AMTK 54575 Guelph_17.08.03_4368.jpg Horizon coach
AMTK 62005 Utica_21.12.07_9176.jpg Sleeping car
AMTK 62020 Angola_24.06.06_1978.jpg Sleeper
AMTK 62026 Utica_21.12.07_9175.jpg Sleeping car
AMTK 62028 Utica_21.12.07_9177.jpg Sleeping car
AMTK 62038 Angola_24.06.06_1979.jpg Sleeper
AMTK 62049 Angola_24.06.06_1980.jpg Sleeper
AMTK 81526 Brattleboro_03.06.09_6814.jpg Amfleet coach
AMTK 82025 Aldershot_26.02.06_5599.jpg Amfleet coach
AMTK 82038 Whitehall_23.12.07_9399.jpg Amfleet coach
AMTK 82055 Whitehall_23.12.07_9431.jpg Amfleet coach
AMTK 82082 Aldershot_26.02.06_5597.jpg Amfleet coach
AMTK 82089 Depew_10.09.06_4599.jpg Amfleet coach
AMTK 82092 Depew_10.09.06_4598.jpg Amfleet coach
AMTK 82510Multiple photosAmfleet coach
AMTK 82513Multiple photosAmfleet coach
AMTK 82515Multiple photosAmfleet coach
AMTK 82516 Brattleboro_19.04.03_1487.jpg Amfleet coach
AMTK 82522 Depew_10.09.06_4600.jpg Amfleet coach
AMTK 82523 Brattleboro_27.12.05_0810.jpg Amfleet coach
AMTK 82526 Brattleboro_26.12.05_0757.jpg Amfleet coach
AMTK 82532Multiple photosAmfleet coach
AMTK 82541 Brattleboro_10.09.05_0699.jpg Amfleet coach
AMTK 82546Multiple photosAmfleet coach
AMTK 82552 Brattleboro_27.12.05_0809.jpg Amfleet coach
AMTK 82553Multiple photosAmfleet coach
AMTK 82554Multiple photosAmfleet coach (DUP)
AMTK 82562Multiple photosAmfleet coach
AMTK 82572 Whitehall_23.12.07_9429.jpg Amfleet coach
AMTK 82579 Brattleboro_26.12.05_0756.jpg Amfleet coach
AMTK 82596 Aldershot_26.02.06_5598.jpg Amfleet coach
AMTK 82599 Brattleboro_27.12.07_9591.jpg Amfleet coach
AMTK 82631 Brattleboro_28.12.07_9689.jpg Amfleet coach
AMTK 82653 Whitehall_23.12.07_9400.jpg Amfleet coach
AMTK 82657 Whitehall_23.12.07_9402.jpg Amfleet coach
AMTK 82666 Amsterdam_22.12.07_9235.jpg Amfleet coach
AMTK 82667 Brattleboro_02.09.07_7958.jpg Amfleet coach
AMTK 82695 Whitehall_23.12.07_9432.jpg Amfleet coach