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Top photos from July, 2009

Brampton_26.07.09_8199.jpg 212 Parry_Sound_25.07.09_8150.jpg 133 Parry_Sound_25.07.09_8151.jpg 116 Brampton_26.07.09_8200.jpg 60 Brampton_26.07.09_8203.jpg 49 Brampton_26.07.09_8202.jpg 48 Brampton_26.07.09_8201.jpg 40 Brampton_26.07.09_8193.jpg 35 Parry_Sound_25.07.09_8152.jpg 29 Brampton_26.07.09_8182.jpg 28

July 24th, 2009I waited at Erindale GO to pick a friend up from work nearby to go to Parry Sound for his bachelor party, only seeing a single GO train while I waited.
Mississauga_24.07.09_8138.jpg 18 Mississauga_24.07.09_8136.jpg 14 Mississauga_24.07.09_8137.jpg 5 Mississauga_24.07.09_8134.jpg 4
Mississauga, Ontario(map) This is a large city to the West of Toronto, rather saturated with tracks.
5 images No videos Marks: GOT
July 25th, 2009I spent the day around Parry Sound, based out of Oastler Lake Provincial Park, catching 3 CP intermodals, all with DPU, at Reynolds, the connection point between CN and CP for the Parry Sound<->Sudbury directional running.
Parry_Sound_25.07.09_8150.jpg 133 Parry_Sound_25.07.09_8151.jpg 116 Parry_Sound_25.07.09_8152.jpg 29 Parry_Sound_25.07.09_8153.jpg 15
Parry Sound, Ontario(map) Parry Sound is about 220 km North of Toronto on highway 400, which is itself still under construction. CP and CN's tracks are very close on both sides of town and in a few places nearby and a thousand-foot bridge through town on the CP adds to the general railfan appeal of the location.
37 images 2 videos Marks: CP DTTX ITTX
July 26th, 2009A 'blue banana', a Babcock and Wilcox 505-ton steam generator component, the first in about 5 years, spent 9 days sitting in the yard at Guelph. I received a report shortly after waking up in Parry Sound that it had left Guelph at 08:40. With the help of MDC, I was able to intercept it at Bramalea GO station with about one minute to spare. It spent the rest of the day winding its way down to Toronto harbour. While I had originally planned to chase it, the extremely bad weather dissuaded me.
Brampton_26.07.09_8199.jpg 212 Brampton_26.07.09_8200.jpg 60 Brampton_26.07.09_8203.jpg 49 Brampton_26.07.09_8202.jpg 48
Brampton, Ontario(map) Brampton is mile 15 of the CN Halton sub and mile 8 of the Orangeville-Brampton Railway (OBRY) shortline.
36 images 1 videos Marks: LLPX MAMX QTTX

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