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This page is an index of the photos by their contents, as long as reporting marks are visible in the picture. It is far from complete and does not index photos which do not have visible reporting marks.


* (ENG) indicates the picture is of or contains an engine
* (blurry) indicates the picture is blurred or unclear
* (partial) indicates that the car is not completely within the image frame
* (DUP) indicates that the item in question is listed on at least two different days
* (FAV) indicates that the item is one of my personal favourites, and will be cycled through the favourites section of the index page

The reporting marks are converted into company names using's Reporting Marks list, with modifications, addendums, and corrections..

Atlantic and Western Railway
Reporting mark (small image)File name (large image)Description
ATW 112 Bayview_Junction_14.11.05_4942.jpg Gondola
ATW 400?87 Guelph_16.11.09_8578.jpg Gondola
ATW 1650 Hatfield_07.09.06_3845.jpg Gondola
ATW 4847 Puslinch_04.03.06_6099.jpg Covered hopper
ATW 5030 Cambridge_25.05.05_6070.jpg Gondola
ATW 8081 Mount_Pleasant_24.02.07_0444.jpg Boxcar
ATW 8203 Depew_11.09.05_0924.jpg Boxcar
ATW 10038 Guelph_Junction_10.03.04_8316.jpg Gondola
ATW 10042 Guelph_Junction_14.04.06_8140.jpg Gondola
ATW 10047 Angola_07.01.06_1822.jpg Gondola
ATW 20277 Scotch_Block_23.06.06_1866.jpg Boxcar
ATW 21036 Scotch_Block_23.10.04_1205.jpg Boxcar
ATW 21062 Newtonville_21.01.07_9379.jpg Boxcar
ATW 40017 Guelph_Junction_22.11.04_2786.jpg Boxcar
ATW 40025Multiple photosBoxcar (DUP)
ATW 40043 Vernon_15.02.09_5559.jpg Gondola
ATW 40062Multiple photosBoxcar
ATW 40096Multiple photosBoxcar
ATW 40102 Toronto_18.06.05_7102.jpg Boxcar
ATW 40105Multiple photosBoxcar
ATW 40150 Guelph_Junction_24.01.05_0070.jpg Boxcar
ATW 40175Multiple photosBoxcar
ATW 40182Multiple photosBoxcar
ATW 40189 Guelph_Junction_16.04.05_2996.jpg Boxcar
ATW 50075 Guelph_Junction_05.06.04_2837.jpg Centre-beam flat
ATW 50108 Guelph_Junction_07.05.04_1833.jpg Centre-beam flat
ATW 50323Multiple photosGondola
ATW 50325 Guelph_Junction_23.04.04_0435.jpg Gondola
ATW 50330 Puslinch_04.03.06_6093.jpg Gondola
ATW 50345 Guelph_Junction_21.04.07_2438.jpg Gondola
ATW 50347 Guelph_Junction_19.03.04_8563.jpg Gondola
ATW 53013 Guelph_Junction_19.01.05_0557.jpg Flatcar
ATW 53055 Brattleboro_03.06.09_6842.jpg Flatcar
ATW 70028 Toronto_18.06.05_7117.jpg Centre-beam flat
ATW 70056 Guelph_Junction_16.10.05_2411.jpg Centre-beam flat
ATW 70095 Guelph_Junction_19.01.05_0646.jpg Centre-beam flat
ATW 75054Multiple photosBoxcar
ATW 80001 Sudbury_29.04.06_9387.jpg Coil service car
ATW 80002Multiple photosCoil service car (DUP)
ATW 80003 Bayview_Junction_02.11.05_3535.jpg Coil service car
ATW 80004 Guelph_Junction_01.04.05_2668.jpg Coil service car
ATW 80006 Guelph_Junction_19.11.05_5169.jpg Coil service car
ATW 80007 Bayview_Junction_10.12.05_1731.jpg Coil service car
ATW 80013 Guelph_Junction_03.03.04_7794.jpg Coil service car
ATW 80018 Guelph_Junction_26.11.04_3315.jpg Coil service car
ATW 80022 Sudbury_29.04.06_9392.jpg Coil service car
ATW 80023 Bayview_Junction_10.12.05_1731.jpg Coil service car
ATW 80024 Guelph_Junction_28.10.04_1729.jpg Coil service car
ATW 80027Multiple photosCoil service car (DUP)
ATW 80030 Parry_Sound_29.10.05_3048.jpg Coil service car
ATW 82029 Coteau_03.06.07_4421.jpg Boxcar
ATW 82095 Angola_07.01.06_1503.jpg Boxcar
ATW 84017 Bayview_Junction_28.05.06_1104.jpg Boxcar
ATW 84047 Angola_07.01.06_1820.jpg Boxcar
ATW 102310 Guelph_Junction_20.08.03_4518.jpg Covered hopper
ATW 102649Multiple photosBoxcar
ATW 111005 Scotch_Block_01.06.09_6784.jpg Boxcar
ATW 111016 Scotch_Block_26.08.06_3343.jpg Tank car
ATW 112049 Scotch_Block_19.08.04_6950.jpg Boxcar
ATW 112051 Bayview_Junction_15.05.05_4069.jpg Boxcar
ATW 112058 Bayview_Junction_26.05.05_6273.jpg Boxcar
ATW 112063 Ingersoll_17.07.04_5623.jpg Boxcar
ATW 112088 Scotch_Block_19.08.04_6952.jpg Boxcar
ATW 112130 Scotch_Block_23.11.06_6370.jpg Boxcar
ATW 112136 Bayview_Junction_15.05.05_4080.jpg Boxcar
ATW 114069 North_East_24.06.06_2285.jpg Boxcar
ATW 114162 Ingersoll_09.09.04_8076.jpg Boxcar
ATW 116020Multiple photosBulkhead flat
ATW 116038 Scotch_Block_27.08.06_3411.jpg Bulkhead flat
ATW 116043 Scotch_Block_09.04.04_9387.jpg Centre-beam flat
ATW 117319 Guelph_12.01.06_2054.jpg Covered hopper
ATW 117348 Bayview_Junction_17.09.06_4718.jpg Boxcar
ATW 117355 Bayview_Junction_08.10.06_5421.jpg Boxcar
ATW 117382 Scotch_Block_23.11.06_6369.jpg Boxcar
ATW 117397 Bayview_Junction_12.05.07_3439.jpg Boxcar
ATW 117407 Guelph_22.04.06_8868.jpg Boxcar
ATW 117412 Guelph_12.01.06_2056.jpg Boxcar
ATW 119062 Guelph_22.04.06_8869.jpg Boxcar
ATW 119699 Guelph_18.02.08_0055.jpg Boxcar
ATW 140093 Guelph_Junction_28.04.04_0913.jpg Boxcar
ATW 140163 Guelph_Junction_03.01.05_5415.jpg Boxcar
ATW 140167 Florence_05.03.16_5194.jpg Boxcar
ATW 140174 Brattleboro_29.12.05_1118.jpg Boxcar
ATW 140181Multiple photosBoxcar (DUP)
ATW 210034Multiple photosBoxcar
ATW 300130 Guelph_Junction_27.06.05_7703.jpg Centre-beam flat
ATW 300134 Guelph_Junction_27.06.05_7701.jpg Centre-beam flat
ATW 300136 Guelph_Junction_27.06.05_7704.jpg Centre-beam flat
ATW 300139 Guelph_Junction_27.06.05_7696.jpg Centre-beam flat
ATW 300140 Guelph_Junction_27.06.05_7702.jpg Centre-beam flat
ATW 300146 Guelph_Junction_27.06.05_7707.jpg Centre-beam flat
ATW 300148 Guelph_Junction_27.06.05_7695.jpg Centre-beam flat
ATW 300151 Guelph_Junction_27.06.05_7699.jpg Centre-beam flat
ATW 300153 Guelph_Junction_27.06.05_7705.jpg Centre-beam flat
ATW 300156 Guelph_Junction_27.06.05_7706.jpg Centre-beam flat
ATW 300157 Guelph_Junction_27.06.05_7700.jpg Centre-beam flat
ATW 300158 Guelph_Junction_27.06.05_7698.jpg Centre-beam flat
ATW 300159 Guelph_Junction_27.06.05_7697.jpg Centre-beam flat
ATW 300160 Guelph_Junction_27.06.05_7709.jpg Centre-beam flat
ATW 300161 Guelph_Junction_27.06.05_7708.jpg Centre-beam flat
ATW 300229 Stanwix_21.12.07_9021.jpg Centre-beam flat
ATW 300337 Lac-aux-Sables_30.12.09_8885.jpg Centrebeam flat
ATW 300480 Bayview_Junction_05.11.05_4006.jpg Centre-beam flat
ATW 300837 Montauban_30.12.09_8874.jpg Centrebeam flat
ATW 300888 Washago_30.04.06_9797.jpg Centre-beam flat
ATW 301052Multiple photosCentrebeam flat
ATW 301093 Cobourg_04.06.06_1391.jpg Centre-beam flat
ATW 400502 Kitchener-Waterloo_26.11.09_8598.jpg Gondola
ATW 400580 Guelph_08.11.09_8464.jpg Gondola
ATW 600026 Depew_10.09.06_4316.jpg Hopper
ATW 600029 Depew_10.09.06_4328.jpg Hopper
ATW 624090 Scotch_Block_03.07.05_8455.jpg Gondola
ATW 642073 Scotch_Block_03.07.05_8456.jpg Gondola
ATW 642085 Bayview_Junction_11.03.07_0992.jpg Gondola
ATW 642090Multiple photosGondola
ATW 642100 Paris_18.03.06_6656.jpg Gondola
ATW 642145 Scotch_Block_01.04.05_2591.jpg Gondola
ATW 700093 Guelph_Junction_09.04.06_7934.jpg Centre-beam flat
ATW 750096 Toronto_19.04.05_3074.jpg Covered hopper