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Other indices

This page is an index of the photos by their contents, as long as reporting marks are visible in the picture. It is far from complete and does not index photos which do not have visible reporting marks.


* (ENG) indicates the picture is of or contains an engine
* (blurry) indicates the picture is blurred or unclear
* (partial) indicates that the car is not completely within the image frame
* (DUP) indicates that the item in question is listed on at least two different days
* (FAV) indicates that the item is one of my personal favourites, and will be cycled through the favourites section of the index page

The reporting marks are converted into company names using's Reporting Marks list, with modifications, addendums, and corrections..

Norfolk Southern Railway Company
Reporting mark (small image)File name (large image)Description
SOU 3201Multiple photosSD40-2 (ENG)
SOU 3284 Altoona_30.12.06_8993.jpg SD40-2 (ENG)
SOU 3527Multiple photosB32-8 (ENG)
SOU 5055Multiple photosGP38-2 (ENG)
SOU 6561Multiple photosSD60 (ENG)
SOU 6571Multiple photosSD60 (ENG)
SOU 6576Multiple photosSD60 (ENG)
SOU 6592Multiple photosSD60 (ENG)
SOU 6686Multiple photosSD60 (ENG)
SOU 6689Multiple photosSD60 (ENG)
SOU 7974 Bayview_Junction_22.01.06_3112.jpg Covered hopper
SOU 8652Multiple photosC39-8 (ENG)
SOU 8671Multiple photosC39-8 (ENG)
SOU 8673 Paris_19.11.05_5296.jpg Covered hopper
SOU 8686Multiple photosC39-8 (ENG)
SOU 8872 Guelph_26.01.05_0032.jpg Covered hopper
SOU 8899 Komoka_28.09.03_5268.jpg Covered hopper
SOU 18332 Flamborough_28.05.07_4172.jpg Boxcar
SOU 42431 Ingersoll_03.01.04_6520.jpg Boxcar (autoparts)
SOU 42469 Guelph_Junction_22.01.06_3464.jpg Boxcar
SOU 42471 Bayview_Junction_17.09.06_4764.jpg Boxcar
SOU 42473 Grimsby_09.12.06_7036.jpg Boxcar
SOU 42500 Guelph_Junction_18.09.04_8831.jpg Boxcar (autoparts)
SOU 42511 Copetown_09.12.06_7024.jpg Boxcar
SOU 42530 Ingersoll_15.01.05_0474.jpg Boxcar
SOU 42532Multiple photosBoxcar
SOU 42533 Guelph_Junction_22.01.06_3468.jpg Boxcar
SOU 42546Multiple photosBoxcar
SOU 42557Multiple photosBoxcar (DUP)
SOU 42565Multiple photosBoxcar
SOU 42571 Paris_11.03.06_6169.jpg Boxcar
SOU 42575Multiple photosBoxcar
SOU 42578Multiple photosBoxcar
SOU 42589Multiple photosBoxcar
SOU 42600Multiple photosBoxcar
SOU 42604Multiple photosBoxcar (DUP)
SOU 42850Multiple photosBoxcar
SOU 42883Multiple photosBoxcar
SOU 42940Multiple photosBoxcar (autoparts) (partial)
SOU 42975 Paris_09.12.06_6996.jpg Boxcar
SOU 43441 Guelph_Junction_22.09.04_9384.jpg Boxcar
SOU 43475 Ingersoll_09.09.04_8016.jpg Boxcar
SOU 43682 South_Fork_30.12.06_8773.jpg Boxcar
SOU 43694Multiple photosBoxcar
SOU 50238Multiple photosFlatcar (intermodal)
SOU 50242 Angola_07.01.06_1832.jpg Flatcar
SOU 50272 Guelph_Junction_10.10.04_1119.jpg Flatcar (intermodal)
SOU 50293 Angola_07.01.06_1660.jpg Flatcar
SOU 60116 Bayview_Junction_15.05.05_4071.jpg Autorack
SOU 62744Multiple photosGondola
SOU 66145 Paris_04.12.05_1385.jpg Gondola
SOU 66682Multiple photosGondola
SOU 85447 Bayview_Junction_22.01.06_3109.jpg Covered hopper
SOU 88030 Guelph_26.01.05_0034.jpg Covered hopper
SOU 88370 Paris_19.11.05_5196.jpg Covered hopper
SOU 88537 Guelph_Junction_24.01.05_0113.jpg Covered hopper
SOU 88611 Guelph_Junction_25.10.05_2580.jpg Boxcar
SOU 88899Multiple photosCovered hopper
SOU 88901Multiple photosCovered hopper
SOU 88938Multiple photosCovered hopper
SOU 91183 Scotch_Block_20.05.06_0810.jpg Covered hopper
SOU 91280 Paris_24.11.06_6707.jpg Covered hopper
SOU 91878Multiple photosCovered hopper
SOU 98152 Scotch_Block_16.09.06_4665.jpg Covered hopper
SOU 98279 Salamanca_31.12.06_9031.jpg Covered hopper
SOU 99276 Sarnia_18.04.04_9067.jpg Covered hopper
SOU 99472 Guelph_Junction_12.11.05_4638.jpg Covered hopper
SOU 99529Multiple photosCovered hopper
SOU 114155 Cobourg_12.06.05_7063.jpg Bulkhead flat
SOU 114359 Ingersoll_25.03.07_1801.jpg Bulkhead flat
SOU 115613 Bayview_Junction_07.10.06_5090.jpg Bulkhead flat
SOU 115631 Ingersoll_17.07.04_5624.jpg Flatcar (pulpwood)
SOU 115656Multiple photosBulkhead flat
SOU 115693Multiple photosBulkhead flat
SOU 139767 Angola_24.06.06_1937.jpg Gondola
SOU 139808Multiple photosHopper
SOU 139820 Lilly_28.12.06_7999.jpg Gondola
SOU 139887 Lilly_28.12.06_8172.jpg Gondola
SOU 139893 Cresson_28.12.06_7946.jpg Gondola
SOU 139919 Gang_Mills_09.09.06_4261.jpg Gondola
SOU 139927 Lilly_28.12.06_8068.jpg Gondola
SOU 139944 Lilly_28.12.06_8174.jpg Gondola
SOU 139946 Cresson_28.12.06_7947.jpg Gondola
SOU 139947 Lilly_28.12.06_8069.jpg Gondola
SOU 152009 Horseshoe_Curve_28.12.06_7896.jpg Flatcar
SOU 160080 Bayview_Junction_15.05.05_4072.jpg Autorack
SOU 160104 Ingersoll_06.11.04_2132.jpg Autorack
SOU 250713 Brampton_23.12.06_7696.jpg Autorack
SOU 523228 Bayview_Junction_26.05.05_6277.jpg Boxcar
SOU 523385Multiple photosBoxcar
SOU 523450 Angola_07.01.06_1751.jpg Boxcar
SOU 523713 Bayview_Junction_05.11.05_4132.jpg Boxcar
SOU 523780 Cambridge_03.12.05_1249.jpg Boxcar
SOU 523783 Newtonville_02.06.05_6904.jpg Boxcar
SOU 523797Multiple photosBoxcar
SOU 524433 Bayview_Junction_05.11.05_4127.jpg Boxcar
SOU 524538 Scotch_Block_19.08.04_6952.jpg Boxcar
SOU 525140 Aldershot_17.08.03_4346.jpg Boxcar
SOU 525238 Brattleboro_02.09.06_3549.jpg Boxcar
SOU 525628 Puslinch_23.02.05_1790.jpg Boxcar
SOU 526274 Guelph_Junction_25.11.05_0436.jpg Boxcar
SOU 526435 London_09.03.03_0030.jpg Boxcar
SOU 526678 Paris_25.03.06_6954.jpg Boxcar
SOU 526715Multiple photosBoxcar (DUP)
SOU 527052 Coteau_03.06.07_4428.jpg Boxcar
SOU 527489 Killean_13.01.06_2288.jpg Boxcar
SOU 528317 Scotch_Block_09.06.07_4782.jpg Boxcar
SOU 528665 Brantford_01.07.03_3388.jpg Boxcar
SOU 528777 Bayview_Junction_15.05.05_4076.jpg Boxcar
SOU 529714 Scotch_Block_09.04.04_9413.jpg Boxcar
SOU 529738 Scotch_Block_08.03.04_8048.jpg Boxcar
SOU 529778 Guelph_Junction_01.04.05_2671.jpg Boxcar
SOU 529872 Komoka_28.09.03_5294.jpg Boxcar
SOU 529947 Puslinch_23.02.05_1791.jpg Boxcar
SOU 530240 Guelph_08.07.04_4722.jpg Boxcar
SOU 530341 Bayview_Junction_26.05.05_6276.jpg Boxcar
SOU 530342 Bayview_Junction_07.10.06_5080.jpg Boxcar
SOU 530640 Copetown_15.04.06_8262.jpg Boxcar
SOU 530650 Aldershot_26.02.06_5623.jpg Boxcar
SOU 530678 Ingersoll_20.01.05_6135.jpg Boxcar
SOU 530767 London_09.03.03_0030.jpg Boxcar
SOU 530825Multiple photosBoxcar
SOU 530878 Aldershot_01.11.03_5852.jpg Boxcar
SOU 531231 Paris_08.04.06_7672.jpg Boxcar
SOU 531594 Bayview_Junction_15.05.05_4076.jpg Boxcar
SOU 531805 Seneca_Falls_30.12.05_1242.jpg Boxcar
SOU 531951 Guelph_07.08.04_6278.jpg Boxcar
SOU 532062 Scotch_Block_26.01.05_0074.jpg Boxcar
SOU 532454 Aldershot_26.02.06_5652.jpg Boxcar
SOU 532468 Bayview_Junction_05.11.05_4133.jpg Boxcar
SOU 532486 Delanson_22.12.07_9305.jpg Boxcar
SOU 550003 Copetown_15.04.06_8235.jpg Boxcar
SOU 550317 Drumbo_15.10.05_2033.jpg Boxcar
SOU 550442 Ingersoll_20.01.05_0769.jpg Boxcar
SOU 556131 South_Fork_28.12.06_8130.jpg Boxcar
SOU 586111 Bayview_Junction_05.11.05_4149.jpg Boxcar
SOU 587003 Brattleboro_03.06.09_6801.jpg Boxcar
SOU 587040 Aldershot_26.04.04_0832.jpg Boxcar
SOU 620022 Puslinch_22.03.04_8709.jpg Boxcar (autoparts)
SOU 864030 Brantford_14.05.06_0355.jpg Boxcar
SOU 864032 Hamilton_26.02.06_5580.jpg Boxcar
SOU 864044 Bayview_Junction_02.06.05_6470.jpg Boxcar
SOU 864045 Bayview_Junction_13.11.05_4791.jpg Boxcar
SOU 864047 Scotch_Block_20.05.06_0761.jpg Boxcar
SOU 864061Multiple photosBoxcar
SOU 864065 Hamilton_16.12.06_7300.jpg Boxcar
SOU 864074 Hamilton_16.12.06_7306.jpg Boxcar
SOU 864081 Bayview_Junction_26.05.05_6171.jpg Boxcar
SOU 864087 Bayview_Junction_30.06.05_7871.jpg Boxcar
SOU 864088 Bayview_Junction_06.08.05_9532.jpg Boxcar
SOU 864091 Paris_25.02.06_5376.jpg Boxcar
SOU 864405 Bayview_Junction_06.08.05_9548.jpg Boxcar