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Images: These pictures are not censored for quality. What one person considers a bad or useless picture may be exactly what someone else is looking for. I hope you enjoy these pictures as much as I enjoyed taking them.

Videos: These videos are very big, which is why railfanning videos are so rare on line. As long as Windows Media Player says "Connecting" it is working, even it if appears to be taking a very long time. It says "Connecting" until it has finished downloading the video. Please be patient. If you are unable to play these videos with Windows Media player, a problem which exists with some versions of Media Player and (sometimes) with Internet Explorer versions lower than 6, I strongly recommend the use of Quicktime if it is available. If you are using Linux, mplayer needs to be told that the videos have a bit depth of 16 (-bpp 16) to work.

Filenames refer to location, date (, and camera-assigned four digit id number.

Top photos from May, 2008

Stratford_11.05.08_1662.jpg 145 Stratford_11.05.08_1693.jpg 106 Stratford_11.05.08_1521.jpg 104 Stratford_11.05.08_1694.jpg 101 London_11.05.08_1611.jpg 92 Stratford_11.05.08_1536.jpg 86 Breslau_11.05.08_1728.jpg 60 Stratford_11.05.08_1537.jpg 54 Stratford_11.05.08_1522.jpg 53 Stratford_11.05.08_1523.jpg 52

May 4th, 2008We went to mile 30 to see what we could see. CN #338 came up with an LMS, and CN #399 went down with a UP ES44AC, but mostly mile 30 was full of railfans, with 8 cars worth by the time I left. As we were leaving, CN #394 called the signal at Tansley and we got it at Derry Rd by the detector. Derry Rd was still surrounded by fields the last time I was there, but there is a rather substantial development going in there now.
Milton_04.05.08_1484.jpg 36 Scotch_Block_04.05.08_1471.jpg 34 Milton_04.05.08_1485.jpg 27 Scotch_Block_04.05.08_1467.jpg 26
Milton, Ontario(map) This is where the CN Halton and the CP Galt subs cross eachother, though there is no junction.
14 images 1 videos Marks: ACFX BNSF CGLX CN CNA MMA PLCX QTTX
Scotch Block, Ontario(map) Scotch Block is an excellent photography location at mp 30.0 CN Halton sub, between Milton and Georgetown.
32 images 2 videos Marks: BCOL CN DWC GATX GNWR IC PVCX UP UTLX
May 11th, 2008GEXR has received 3 6-axle units which means some of its 4-axle power is going to be distributed to other RailAmerica lines. I went to Stratford to find what I could of them, chasing GEXR #431 to London. There it lifted 10 EuroCargo Rail Class 66s and returned as GEXR #432, which I dutifully chased home.
Stratford_11.05.08_1662.jpg 145 Stratford_11.05.08_1693.jpg 106 Stratford_11.05.08_1521.jpg 104 Stratford_11.05.08_1694.jpg 101
Breslau, Ontario(map) This is a small town between Guelph and Kitchener-Waterloo on the GEXR Guelph Sub.
29 images 1 videos Marks: ECR EMDX GEXR LLPX RLK
London, Ontario(map) The home of EMD, the plant responsible for a lot of the large engines we see on the rails today, London hosts the West end of the GEXR Guelph sub at the CN yard where the CN Dundas sub joins the CN Strathroy and CN Talbot subs, CP's yard, and the CP Windsor and Galt subs.
32 images 1 videos Marks: ECR EMDX GEXR LLPX RLK
St. Marys, OntarioSt. Marys is between Stratford and London on the GEXR Guelph sub.
Stratford, Ontario(map) Stratford lies between Kitchener-Waterloo and London on the GEXR Guelph sub and is the home of Cowie junction, where the GEXR Goderich sub begins.
81 images 3 videos Marks: CN CNIS ECR EMDX GEXR HLCX LLPX RLK VIA
May 24th, 2008D&H 7312 trailing on CP #254. Need I say more?
Flamborough_24.05.08_1753.jpg 39 Flamborough_24.05.08_1756.jpg 29 Flamborough_24.05.08_1754.jpg 26 Flamborough_24.05.08_1748.jpg 21
Flamborough, Ontario(map) This is a community at the top of the Hamilton sub between Waterdown and Guelph Junction. It is technically part of Hamilton, as a result of the amalgamations.
23 images 1 videos Marks: BNSF CMHX CNW CP DH IFRX LBR MKT SSW UP

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