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This page is an index of the photos by their contents, as long as reporting marks are visible in the picture. It is far from complete and does not index photos which do not have visible reporting marks.


* (ENG) indicates the picture is of or contains an engine
* (blurry) indicates the picture is blurred or unclear
* (partial) indicates that the car is not completely within the image frame
* (DUP) indicates that the item in question is listed on at least two different days
* (FAV) indicates that the item is one of my personal favourites, and will be cycled through the favourites section of the index page

The reporting marks are converted into company names using's Reporting Marks list, with modifications, addendums, and corrections..

Canadian National Railway
Reporting mark (small image)File name (large image)Description
DWC 382701 Scotch_Block_23.06.06_1835.jpg Cylindrical hopper
DWC 382712 Georgetown_13.05.06_0208.jpg Cylindrical hopper
DWC 382728 Bayview_Junction_12.05.07_3458.jpg Cylindrical hopper
DWC 382744 Guelph_27.05.07_4145.jpg Cylindrical hopper
DWC 382786 Bayview_Junction_07.10.06_5109.jpg Cylindrical hopper
DWC 382809 Georgetown_26.03.06_7103.jpg Cylindrical hopper
DWC 382819 Scotch_Block_26.08.06_3388.jpg Cylindrical hopper
DWC 382838 Bayview_Junction_01.04.06_7435.jpg Cylindrical hopper
DWC 382866 Paris_13.08.06_3260.jpg Cylindrical hopper
DWC 382869 Scotch_Block_26.08.06_3386.jpg Cylindrical hopper
DWC 382882 Scotch_Block_06.05.07_3222.jpg Cylindrical hopper
DWC 384710 Paris_28.05.07_4280.jpg Covered hopper
DWC 384712 Guelph_20.05.05_4850.jpg Cylindrical hopper
DWC 384721 Coteau_17.12.05_2201.jpg Cylindrical hopper
DWC 384747 Parry_Sound_29.10.05_3067.jpg Covered hopper
DWC 384794 Scotch_Block_08.11.05_4456.jpg Cylindrical hopper
DWC 403000 Milton_27.07.03_4112.jpg Boxcar
DWC 403003 Bayview_Junction_22.01.06_3391.jpg Boxcar
DWC 403016 Scotch_Block_26.01.05_0083.jpg Boxcar
DWC 403026 Paris_08.04.06_7863.jpg Boxcar
DWC 403027 Scotch_Block_13.05.06_0145.jpg Boxcar
DWC 403039 Scotch_Block_08.12.05_1630.jpg Boxcar
DWC 403044 Bayview_Junction_22.01.06_3431.jpg Boxcar
DWC 403083 Bayview_Junction_22.01.06_3351.jpg Boxcar
DWC 403104 Ingersoll_22.05.05_4981.jpg Boxcar
DWC 403107 Bayview_Junction_21.08.04_7469.jpg Boxcar
DWC 403130 Scotch_Block_06.10.05_1731.jpg Boxcar
DWC 403143Multiple photosBoxcar (DUP)
DWC 403148 Bayview_Junction_21.08.04_7214.jpg Boxcar
DWC 403506 Bayview_Junction_15.05.05_3890.jpg Boxcar
DWC 403510 Bayview_Junction_23.05.05_5557.jpg Boxcar
DWC 403512 Scotch_Block_27.01.05_0356.jpg Boxcar
DWC 403515 Scotch_Block_19.02.07_0319.jpg Boxcar
DWC 403516 Bayview_Junction_05.11.05_4118.jpg Boxcar
DWC 403524 Milton_27.07.03_4046.jpg Boxcar
DWC 403526 Ingersoll_17.07.04_5601.jpg Boxcar
DWC 403535Multiple photosBoxcar
DWC 403536 Scotch_Block_14.07.04_5227.jpg Boxcar
DWC 403563 Creditville_17.07.04_5774.jpg Boxcar
DWC 403565 Scotch_Block_17.08.04_6745.jpg Boxcar
DWC 403568 Bayview_Junction_21.08.04_7207.jpg Boxcar
DWC 403570 Scotch_Block_09.04.04_9415.jpg Boxcar
DWC 403576 Scotch_Block_03.02.05_1158.jpg Boxcar
DWC 403595 St_Cloud_29.04.06_9199.jpg Boxcar
DWC 403600 Paris_11.03.06_6353.jpg Boxcar
DWC 403605 Scotch_Block_31.01.07_9741.jpg Boxcar
DWC 403611Multiple photosBoxcar
DWC 403612Multiple photosBoxcar
DWC 403643 Bayview_Junction_26.05.05_6382.jpg Boxcar
DWC 403644 Hamilton_06.08.05_9763.jpg Boxcar
DWC 403648 Scotch_Block_19.10.03_5557.jpg Boxcar
DWC 403667 Scotch_Block_08.03.05_2291.jpg Boxcar
DWC 403675Multiple photosBoxcar (DUP)
DWC 403685 Scotch_Block_15.08.04_6694.jpg Boxcar
DWC 403697 Scotch_Block_19.08.04_6961.jpg Boxcar
DWC 403699 Scotch_Block_21.05.04_2448.jpg Boxcar
DWC 403700 Scotch_Block_22.03.04_8814.jpg Boxcar
DWC 403707 Bayview_Junction_12.05.07_3413.jpg Boxcar
DWC 403708 Brantford_17.03.07_1248.jpg Boxcar
DWC 403729 Bayview_Junction_15.05.05_3888.jpg Boxcar
DWC 403734 Bayview_Junction_08.10.06_5555.jpg Boxcar
DWC 403736 Scotch_Block_20.05.06_0747.jpg Boxcar
DWC 403743 Scotch_Block_17.08.04_6738.jpg Boxcar
DWC 409439 Shawinigan_30.12.09_8950.jpg Boxcar
DWC 409536 Brattleboro_27.12.07_9551.jpg Boxcar
DWC 409597Multiple photosBoxcar
DWC 409765 Vernon_15.02.09_5543.jpg Boxcar
DWC 558561Multiple photosBoxcar
DWC 605025Multiple photosFlatcar (DUP)
DWC 605045 Scotch_Block_27.11.04_3665.jpg Centre-beam flat
DWC 605110 Bayview_Junction_26.05.05_6264.jpg Centre-beam flat
DWC 605149 Scotch_Block_17.08.04_6826.jpg Bulkhead flat
DWC 605184 Guelph_22.05.05_5318.jpg Bulkhead flat
DWC 605266 Scotch_Block_09.04.04_9292.jpg Bulkhead flat
DWC 605427 Bayview_Junction_15.05.05_3982.jpg Bulkhead flat
DWC 605461 Bayview_Junction_15.05.05_3993.jpg Bulkhead flat
DWC 605531Multiple photosBulkhead flat (blurry) (DUP)
DWC 605537 Scotch_Block_08.03.05_2155.jpg Centre-beam flat
DWC 605555Multiple photosBulkhead flat
DWC 605612 Puslinch_23.02.05_1795.jpg Bulkhead flat
DWC 605633 Coteau_17.12.05_2038.jpg Bulkhead flat
DWC 605660 Scotch_Block_23.10.04_1194.jpg Bulkhead flat
DWC 605674 Scotch_Block_10.04.04_9605.jpg Bulkhead flat
DWC 605678 Bayview_Junction_17.10.05_2461.jpg Bulkhead flat
DWC 605696 Newtonville_03.05.03_1885.jpg Flatcar
DWC 605700 Coteau_29.12.04_4964.jpg Bulkhead flat
DWC 605737 Puslinch_23.02.05_1794.jpg Bulkhead flat
DWC 605757 Coteau_07.05.06_8926.jpg Bulkhead flat
DWC 605764 Coteau_29.12.04_4965.jpg Bulkhead flat
DWC 626472 Brantford_14.01.06_2512.jpg Centre-beam flat
DWC 626516 Scotch_Block_13.01.06_2244.jpg Centre-beam flat
DWC 626574 Scotch_Block_13.01.06_2245.jpg Centre-beam flat
DWC 626576 Scotch_Block_01.12.05_0844.jpg Centre-beam flat
DWC 626577 Scotch_Block_01.12.05_0843.jpg Centre-beam flat
DWC 626578 Scotch_Block_01.12.05_0840.jpg Centre-beam flat
DWC 626611 Scotch_Block_01.12.05_0839.jpg Centre-beam flat
DWC 626612 Scotch_Block_01.12.05_0842.jpg Centre-beam flat
DWC 626618 Scotch_Block_01.12.05_0841.jpg Centre-beam flat
DWC 626841Multiple photosCentre-beam flat
DWC 626844 Bayview_Junction_12.05.07_3303.jpg Centre-beam flat
DWC 626853Multiple photosCentrebeam flat
DWC 626881 Scotch_Block_13.01.06_2249.jpg Centre-beam flat
DWC 627093 Paris_28.05.07_4307.jpg Centre-beam flat
DWC 627138 Bayview_Junction_24.11.06_6685.jpg Centre-beam flat
DWC 636737 Coteau_17.12.05_2001.jpg Centre-beam flat
DWC 793012 Scotch_Block_04.05.08_1455.jpg Boxcar
DWC 793046 Washago_30.04.06_9787.jpg Boxcar
DWC 793068 Scotch_Block_13.01.06_2243.jpg Boxcar
DWC 793211 Paris_11.03.06_6355.jpg Boxcar
DWC 793322 Guelph_Junction_14.04.06_8200.jpg Boxcar
DWC 793339 Bayview_Junction_16.03.06_6459.jpg Boxcar
DWC 793440 Scotch_Block_13.01.06_2220.jpg Boxcar
DWC 793469 Aldershot_26.02.06_5685.jpg Boxcar
DWC 793562 Bayview_Junction_07.10.06_5106.jpg Boxcar
DWC 793772 Belleville_27.07.08_2934.jpg Boxcar
DWC 793860 Scotch_Block_23.06.06_1876.jpg Boxcar
DWC 794370 Georgetown_18.04.10_9841.jpg Boxcar
DWC 794371 Georgetown_18.04.10_9842.jpg Boxcar
DWC 794374 Georgetown_18.04.10_9839.jpg Boxcar
DWC 794379 Georgetown_18.04.10_9840.jpg Boxcar
DWC 794383 Georgetown_18.04.10_9843.jpg Boxcar
DWC 794397 Georgetown_18.04.10_9844.jpg Boxcar