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Other indices

This page is an index of the photos by their contents, as long as reporting marks are visible in the picture. It is far from complete and does not index photos which do not have visible reporting marks.


* (ENG) indicates the picture is of or contains an engine
* (blurry) indicates the picture is blurred or unclear
* (partial) indicates that the car is not completely within the image frame
* (DUP) indicates that the item in question is listed on at least two different days
* (FAV) indicates that the item is one of my personal favourites, and will be cycled through the favourites section of the index page

The reporting marks are converted into company names using's Reporting Marks list, with modifications, addendums, and corrections..

Canadian National Railway
Reporting mark (small image)File name (large image)Description
CNIS 360812 Guelph_03.07.04_4538.jpg Cylindrical hopper
CNIS 363219 Paris_24.11.06_6821.jpg Cylindrical hopper
CNIS 368018 Scotch_Block_20.05.06_0742.jpg Cylindrical hopper
CNIS 368030Multiple photosDimensional spacer (DUP)
CNIS 368035 Guelph_18.05.05_4621.jpg Cylindrical hopper
CNIS 368036 Scotch_Block_15.08.04_6653.jpg Cylindrical hopper
CNIS 368037 Georgetown_13.05.06_0254.jpg Cylindrical hopper
CNIS 368060 Trois-Rivieres_01.09.10_2616.jpg Cylindrical hopper
CNIS 368065Multiple photosCylindrical hopper (DUP)
CNIS 368072 Guelph_22.05.05_5287.jpg Cylindrical hopper
CNIS 368101Multiple photosCylindrical hopper (DUP)
CNIS 368111Multiple photosCylindrical hopper
CNIS 368144 Scotch_Block_20.05.06_0762.jpg Cylindrical hopper
CNIS 368152 Stratford_11.05.08_1711.jpg Cylindrical hopper
CNIS 368162 Bayview_Junction_21.08.04_7255.jpg Cylindrical hopper
CNIS 368178 Scotch_Block_13.01.06_2195.jpg Cylindrical hopper
CNIS 368195 Guelph_05.11.04_1931.jpg Cylindrical hopper
CNIS 368199 Bayview_Junction_21.08.04_7266.jpg Cylindrical hopper
CNIS 368200 Paris_25.02.06_5415.jpg Cylindrical hopper
CNIS 368214 Guelph_23.02.08_0184.jpg Cylindrical hopper
CNIS 368215Multiple photosCylindrical hopper (DUP)
CNIS 368218 Lynden_01.07.03_3339.jpg Cylindrical hopper
CNIS 368219Multiple photosCylindrical hopper
CNIS 368227 Aldershot_19.05.03_2381.jpg Cylindrical hopper
CNIS 368271 Bayview_Junction_15.05.05_3942.jpg Cylindrical hopper
CNIS 368276Multiple photosCylindrical hopper
CNIS 368291 Georgetown_26.03.06_7107.jpg Cylindrical hopper
CNIS 368314 Guelph_22.05.05_5320.jpg Cylindrical hopper
CNIS 368331 Guelph_26.03.05_0138.jpg Cylindrical hopper
CNIS 368355 Guelph_19.05.05_4746.jpg Cylindrical hopper
CNIS 368358Multiple photosCylindrical hopper
CNIS 368365Multiple photosCylindrical hopper (DUP)
CNIS 368373Multiple photosCylindrical hopper (DUP)
CNIS 368378 Scotch_Block_10.04.04_9560.jpg Cylindrical hopper
CNIS 368404Multiple photosCylindrical hopper (DUP)
CNIS 368409 Guelph_15.05.05_4471.jpg Cylindrical hopper
CNIS 368447 Bayview_Junction_15.05.05_3942.jpg Cylindrical hopper
CNIS 368461Multiple photosCylindrical hopper (DUP)
CNIS 368479 St_Marys_11.05.08_1574.jpg Cylindrical hopper
CNIS 368480Multiple photosCylindrical hopper
CNIS 368504 Guelph_12.01.06_2064.jpg Cylindrical hopper
CNIS 368511 Paris_13.08.06_3216.jpg Cylindrical hopper
CNIS 368514 Bayview_Junction_21.08.04_7265.jpg Cylindrical hopper
CNIS 368531Multiple photosCylindrical hopper
CNIS 368537 Guelph_22.05.05_5328.jpg Cylindrical hopper
CNIS 368544 Bayview_Junction_22.01.06_3321.jpg Cylindrical hopper
CNIS 368563 Guelph_08.07.04_4728.jpg Cylindrical hopper
CNIS 368589 Guelph_08.01.06_1991.jpg Cylindrical hopper
CNIS 368604 Guelph_01.10.04_0442.jpg Cylindrical hopper
CNIS 368606 Cobourg_19.06.05_7228.jpg Cylindrical hopper
CNIS 368610 Aldershot_19.05.03_2379.jpg Cylindrical hopper
CNIS 368620 Newtonville_30.06.04_4034.jpg Cylindrical hopper
CNIS 368656 Guelph_15.05.05_4474.jpg Cylindrical hopper
CNIS 368669Multiple photosCylindrical hopper (DUP)
CNIS 368675 Guelph_08.08.04_6343.jpg Cylindrical hopper
CNIS 368690 Cobourg_04.06.06_1316.jpg Cylindrical hopper
CNIS 368703Multiple photosCylindrical hopper
CNIS 368714 Guelph_01.05.03_1719.jpg Cylindrical hopper
CNIS 368717Multiple photosCylindrical hopper (DUP)
CNIS 368719Multiple photosCylindrical hopper
CNIS 368738 Scotch_Block_15.08.04_6652.jpg Cylindrical hopper
CNIS 368746 Guelph_23.02.08_0179.jpg Cylindrical hopper
CNIS 368749 Coteau_07.05.06_8947.jpg Cylindrical hopper
CNIS 368755Multiple photosCylindrical hopper
CNIS 368776Multiple photosCylindrical hopper (DUP)
CNIS 368781Multiple photosCylindrical hopper (DUP)
CNIS 368783 Aldershot_19.05.03_2360.jpg Covered hopper (partial)
CNIS 368794Multiple photosCylindrical hopper
CNIS 368805 Georgetown_13.05.06_0256.jpg Cylindrical hopper
CNIS 368812 Guelph_03.07.04_4539.jpg Cylindrical hopper
CNIS 368817 Scotch_Block_27.08.06_3406.jpg Cylindrical hopper
CNIS 368852Multiple photosCylindrical hopper
CNIS 368872 Guelph_08.01.06_2000.jpg Cylindrical hopper
CNIS 368901 Trois-Rivieres_01.09.10_2618.jpg Cylindrical hopper
CNIS 368903 St_Marys_11.05.08_1576.jpg Cylindrical hopper
CNIS 368904 Guelph_23.02.08_0181.jpg Cylindrical hopper
CNIS 368928Multiple photosCylindrical hopper (DUP)
CNIS 368940Multiple photosCylindrical hopper
CNIS 368941 Scotch_Block_06.05.05_3335.jpg Cylindrical hopper
CNIS 368946Multiple photosCylindrical hopper
CNIS 368965 Guelph_30.09.05_1276.jpg Cylindrical hopper
CNIS 368967 Guelph_01.10.04_0444.jpg Cylindrical hopper
CNIS 371609 Trois-Rivieres_01.09.10_2615.jpg Cylindrical hopper
CNIS 374535 Angola_24.06.06_2032.jpg Covered hopper
CNIS 374543 Aldershot_17.08.03_4359.jpg Covered hopper (tank car shape)
CNIS 376031 Scotch_Block_14.07.04_5172.jpg Cylindrical hopper
CNIS 376042 Guelph_03.07.04_4522.jpg Cylindrical hopper
CNIS 376050 Coteau_17.12.05_2098.jpg Cylindrical hopper
CNIS 376080 Guelph_11.07.04_4926.jpg Cylindrical hopper
CNIS 376120 Ingersoll_29.11.03_6131.jpg Cylindrical hopper
CNIS 376152 Scotch_Block_27.01.05_0511.jpg Cylindrical hopper
CNIS 376170Multiple photosCylindrical hopper
CNIS 376226 Capreol_29.04.06_9538.jpg Cylindrical hopper
CNIS 376263 Guelph_23.02.08_0180.jpg Cylindrical hopper
CNIS 376278 Capreol_29.04.06_9537.jpg Cylindrical hopper
CNIS 376282 Scotch_Block_14.07.04_5172.jpg Cylindrical hopper
CNIS 379258 Scotch_Block_04.04.05_2779.jpg Cylindrical hopper
CNIS 379325 Cecile_28.06.04_3404.jpg Cylindrical hopper
CNIS 379375 Coteau_03.06.07_4419.jpg Cylindrical hopper
CNIS 379379 Beaconsfield_07.09.05_0301.jpg Cylindrical hopper
CNIS 379390 Guelph_23.02.08_0182.jpg Cylindrical hopper
CNIS 379488 Guelph_08.07.04_4715.jpg Cylindrical hopper
CNIS 389461 Guelph_08.08.04_6340.jpg Cylindrical hopper
CNIS 400381 Ingersoll_17.07.04_5599.jpg Boxcar
CNIS 400395Multiple photosBoxcar (DUP)
CNIS 400402 Scotch_Block_15.08.04_6693.jpg Boxcar
CNIS 400403 Bayview_Junction_15.05.05_4362.jpg Boxcar
CNIS 400404 Bayview_Junction_21.08.04_7222.jpg Boxcar
CNIS 400453Multiple photosBoxcar
CNIS 400456 Newtonville_03.05.03_1814.jpg Boxcar
CNIS 400475Multiple photosBoxcar (DUP)
CNIS 400509 Burlington_West_21.08.04_7087.jpg Boxcar
CNIS 400542 Brattleboro_26.12.05_0733.jpg Boxcar
CNIS 400586 Bayview_Junction_15.05.05_4356.jpg Boxcar
CNIS 403082 Scotch_Block_08.03.05_2144.jpg Boxcar
CNIS 408044 Bayview_Junction_22.01.06_3108.jpg Boxcar
CNIS 408048 Bayview_Junction_15.05.05_3891.jpg Boxcar
CNIS 408060 Burlington_West_21.08.04_7080.jpg Boxcar
CNIS 408080 Ingersoll_16.01.07_9198.jpg Boxcar
CNIS 408091 Bayview_Junction_15.05.05_3888.jpg Boxcar
CNIS 408092Multiple photosBoxcar (DUP)
CNIS 408103 Newtonville_03.05.03_1815.jpg Boxcar
CNIS 408105 Ingersoll_25.11.04_3077.jpg Boxcar
CNIS 408127 Brattleboro_10.09.05_0741.jpg Boxcar
CNIS 408146 Ingersoll_20.01.05_6193.jpg Boxcar
CNIS 412016 Scotch_Block_26.11.04_3424.jpg Boxcar
CNIS 412023 Brampton_02.06.05_6616.jpg Boxcar
CNIS 412044 Scotch_Block_03.02.05_1148.jpg Boxcar
CNIS 412047 Scotch_Block_29.03.05_0216.jpg Boxcar
CNIS 412066 Bayview_Junction_14.11.05_4964.jpg Boxcar
CNIS 412089 Coteau_07.05.06_8882.jpg Boxcar
CNIS 412090 Cecile_28.06.04_3424.jpg Boxcar
CNIS 413003 Burlington_West_21.08.04_7094.jpg Boxcar
CNIS 413007 Scotch_Block_27.01.05_0454.jpg Boxcar
CNIS 413009 Milton_27.07.03_4005.jpg Boxcar
CNIS 413010 Burlington_West_22.01.06_3271.jpg Boxcar
CNIS 413021 Brattleboro_26.12.05_0740.jpg Boxcar
CNIS 413024 Burlington_West_18.01.04_6874.jpg Boxcar
CNIS 413026 Scotch_Block_01.04.05_2597.jpg Boxcar
CNIS 413062Multiple photosBoxcar
CNIS 413065 Burlington_12.08.06_2959.jpg Boxcar
CNIS 413085 Ingersoll_06.11.04_2359.jpg Boxcar
CNIS 413117 Scotch_Block_23.10.04_1253.jpg Boxcar
CNIS 413119 Newtonville_30.06.04_3957.jpg Boxcar
CNIS 413138 Bayview_Junction_14.04.07_2239.jpg Boxcar
CNIS 413144 Scotch_Block_18.10.08_4355.jpg Boxcar
CNIS 413154 Burlington_West_21.08.04_7094.jpg Boxcar
CNIS 413155 Sarnia_18.04.04_9027.jpg Boxcar
CNIS 413161 Bayview_Junction_23.05.05_5547.jpg Boxcar
CNIS 413164 Utica_21.12.07_9142.jpg Boxcar
CNIS 413179Multiple photosBoxcar (DUP)
CNIS 413201 Sarnia_18.04.04_9162.jpg Boxcar
CNIS 413227Multiple photosBoxcar
CNIS 413232 Milton_27.07.03_4042.jpg Boxcar
CNIS 413375 Vernon_15.02.09_5567.jpg Boxcar
CNIS 413401 Toledo_26.08.07_7406.jpg Boxcar
CNIS 413508 Guelph_29.05.10_1769.jpg Boxcar
CNIS 413541 Scotch_Block_08.03.05_2183.jpg Boxcar
CNIS 413579 Brattleboro_10.09.05_0756.jpg Boxcar
CNIS 413805 Scotch_Block_21.05.04_2381.jpg Boxcar
CNIS 417039 Komoka_28.09.03_5252.jpg Boxcar
CNIS 417045 Scotch_Block_27.11.04_3568.jpg Boxcar
CNIS 417056 Bayview_Junction_26.02.06_5759.jpg Boxcar
CNIS 417107 Creditville_07.02.09_5326.jpg Boxcar
CNIS 417115 Scotch_Block_06.10.05_1523.jpg Boxcar
CNIS 417121 Georgetown_03.02.07_9818.jpg Boxcar
CNIS 417136 Burlington_West_21.08.04_7080.jpg Boxcar
CNIS 417151 Ingersoll_25.11.04_3149.jpg Boxcar
CNIS 417161 Komoka_28.09.03_5292.jpg Boxcar
CNIS 417162 Aldershot_15.03.08_0361.jpg Boxcar
CNIS 417182 Scotch_Block_27.11.04_3569.jpg Boxcar
CNIS 417192Multiple photosBoxcar (damaged)
CNIS 417193Multiple photosBoxcar (DUP)
CNIS 417204 Ingersoll_06.11.04_2360.jpg Boxcar
CNIS 417212 Burlington_West_22.01.06_3271.jpg Boxcar
CNIS 417217Multiple photosBoxcar
CNIS 417233 Scotch_Block_10.04.04_9558.jpg Boxcar
CNIS 417240 Komoka_09.03.03_0049.jpg Boxcar (partial)
CNIS 417241 Coteau_07.05.06_8881.jpg Boxcar
CNIS 417317 Georgetown_30.03.06_7163.jpg Boxcar
CNIS 417364 Burlington_West_22.01.06_3271.jpg Boxcar
CNIS 418031 Scotch_Block_05.05.07_3040.jpg Boxcar
CNIS 464310 Paris_28.05.07_4274.jpg Boxcar
CNIS 621038 Vaughan_28.07.07_6704.jpg Centre-beam flat
CNIS 621054Multiple photosBulkhead flat
CNIS 621072 Coteau_07.05.06_8956.jpg Bulkhead flat
CNIS 621109 Scotch_Block_27.01.05_0291.jpg Bulkhead flat
CNIS 621143 St_Cloud_29.04.06_9229.jpg Bulkhead flat
CNIS 621158 Capreol_29.04.06_9540.jpg Bulkhead flat
CNIS 621164 Newtonville_03.05.03_1980.jpg Flatcar
CNIS 621175 Aldershot_08.08.04_6464.jpg Centre-beam flat
CNIS 621185 Milton_27.07.03_4008.jpg Bulkhead flat
CNIS 621194 Scotch_Block_27.01.05_0465.jpg Bulkhead flat
CNIS 621210Multiple photosBulkhead flat
CNIS 621211 Bayview_Junction_22.01.06_3123.jpg Bulkhead flat
CNIS 621231 Scotch_Block_06.05.05_3332.jpg Bulkhead flat
CNIS 621234 Brampton_03.02.08_9935.jpg bulkhead flat
CNIS 621235 Scotch_Block_27.10.04_1343.jpg Bulkhead flat
CNIS 621238 Sarnia_18.04.04_9088.jpg Bulkhead flat
CNIS 621245 Bayview_Junction_21.08.04_7360.jpg Bulkhead flat
CNIS 621251 Scotch_Block_01.04.05_2599.jpg Bulkhead flat
CNIS 621252 Burlington_12.08.06_2969.jpg Bulkhead flat
CNIS 621260 Bayview_Junction_02.11.05_3575.jpg Bulkhead flat
CNIS 621273 Bayview_Junction_06.08.05_9673.jpg Bulkhead flat
CNIS 621277Multiple photosBulkhead flat (DUP)
CNIS 621284 Scotch_Block_09.04.04_9371.jpg Bulkhead flat (partial)
CNIS 621293 Scotch_Block_15.08.04_6685.jpg Bulkhead flat
CNIS 621298 Guelph_22.05.05_5317.jpg Bulkhead flat
CNIS 621324 Scotch_Block_12.09.04_8584.jpg Bulkhead flat
CNIS 622139 Scotch_Block_01.12.05_0871.jpg Bulkhead flat
CNIS 623113 Bayview_Junction_05.11.05_4115.jpg Centre-beam flat
CNIS 623151 Copetown_22.02.04_7202.jpg Centre-beam flat
CNIS 623223Multiple photosCentre-beam flat
CNIS 623248 Newtonville_03.05.03_1929.jpg Centre-beam flat (partial)