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December 26th, 2006

I heard a CN #351 with a D6R at Paris Junction. It sounded like he was going east, in spite of the westbound number, so once I figured that out for sure I headed down to Mansewood and chased it up toward Georgetown. It had one engine, a handful of cylindrical hoppers serving as dimensional spacers, and a weird cylindrical thingy in white plastic coverings.


Mansewood, Ontario

(map) Mansewood is a nice open spot with nowhere really good to park near the tracks. It is immediately North of Milton and South of Scotch Block on the CN Halton sub.

CN #351 dimensional extra passes through Mansewood.

2006-12-26.7814.Mansewood.jpg 2006-12-26.7815.Mansewood.jpg 2006-12-26.7816.Mansewood.jpg 2006-12-26.7817.Mansewood.jpg 2006-12-26.7818.Mansewood.jpg 2006-12-26.7819.Mansewood.jpg 2006-12-26.7820.Mansewood.jpg 2006-12-26.7821.Mansewood.jpg 2006-12-26.7822.Mansewood.jpg 2006-12-26.7823.Mansewood.jpg 2006-12-26.7824.Mansewood.jpg 2006-12-26.7825.Mansewood.jpg 2006-12-26.7826.Mansewood.jpg 2006-12-26.7827.Mansewood.jpg 2006-12-26.7828.Mansewood.jpg 2006-12-26.7829.Mansewood.jpg 2006-12-26.7830.Mansewood.jpg 2006-12-26.7831.Mansewood.jpg 2006-12-26.7832.Mansewood.jpg 2006-12-26.7833.Mansewood.jpg 2006-12-26.7834.Mansewood.jpg 2006-12-26.7835.Mansewood.jpg 2006-12-26.7836.Mansewood.jpg 2006-12-26.7837.Mansewood.jpg 2006-12-26.7838.Mansewood.jpg 2006-12-26.7839.Mansewood.jpg 2006-12-26.7840.Mansewood.jpg


Scotch Block, Ontario

(map) Scotch Block is an excellent photography location at mp 30.0 CN Halton sub, between Milton and Georgetown.

CN #351 dimensional extra passes the railfan lookout at mile 30 of the Halton sub.

2006-12-26.7841.Scotch_Block.jpg 2006-12-26.7842.Scotch_Block.jpg 2006-12-26.7843.Scotch_Block.jpg 2006-12-26.7844.Scotch_Block.jpg 2006-12-26.7845.Scotch_Block.jpg 2006-12-26.7846.Scotch_Block.jpg 2006-12-26.7847.Scotch_Block.jpg 2006-12-26.7848.Scotch_Block.jpg 2006-12-26.7849.Scotch_Block.jpg 2006-12-26.7850.Scotch_Block.jpg 2006-12-26.7851.Scotch_Block.jpg 2006-12-26.7852.Scotch_Block.jpg 2006-12-26.7853.Scotch_Block.jpg 2006-12-26.7854.Scotch_Block.jpg 2006-12-26.7855.Scotch_Block.jpg


Speyside, Ontario

(map) Speyside is a small community with a siding on the CN Halton sub, between Milton and Georgetown, just North (East, in track terms) of Scotch Block.

CN #351 pushes on toward Toronto through the signals at 15 side road.

2006-12-26.7856.Speyside.jpg 2006-12-26.7857.Speyside.jpg 2006-12-26.7858.Speyside.jpg 2006-12-26.7859.Speyside.jpg 2006-12-26.7860.Speyside.jpg 2006-12-26.7861.Speyside.jpg 2006-12-26.7862.Speyside.jpg 2006-12-26.7863.Speyside.jpg 2006-12-26.7864.Speyside.jpg 2006-12-26.7865.Speyside.jpg 2006-12-26.7866.Speyside.jpg 2006-12-26.7867.Speyside.jpg 2006-12-26.7868.Speyside.jpg 2006-12-26.7869.Speyside.jpg 2006-12-26.7870.Speyside.jpg