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April 20th, 2006

I beat GEXR #432 to the Via station by a few seconds. The train had a 12-axle 4-truck transformer load from ABB. In the evening, Laura and I caught CN #390 with that most elusive target - MMA 1.


Guelph, Ontario

(map) The city of Guelph is my home town and is just East of Kitchener-Waterloo on the GEXR Guelph sub, and the Ontario Southland Railway/Guelph Junction Railway track, the other end of which is at Guelph Junction.

2006-04-20.8703.Guelph.jpg 2006-04-20.8704.Guelph.jpg 2006-04-20.8705.Guelph.jpg 2006-04-20.8706.Guelph.jpg 2006-04-20.8707.Guelph.jpg 2006-04-20.8708.Guelph.jpg 2006-04-20.8709.Guelph.jpg 2006-04-20.8710.Guelph.jpg 2006-04-20.8711.Guelph.jpg 2006-04-20.8712.Guelph.jpg 2006-04-20.8713.Guelph.jpg 2006-04-20.8714.Guelph.jpg 2006-04-20.8715.Guelph.jpg 2006-04-20.8716.Guelph.jpg 2006-04-20.8717.Guelph.jpg 2006-04-20.8718.Guelph.jpg 2006-04-20.8719.Guelph.jpg 2006-04-20.8720.Guelph.jpg 2006-04-20.8721.Guelph.jpg 2006-04-20.8722.Guelph.jpg 2006-04-20.8723.Guelph.jpg 2006-04-20.8724.Guelph.jpg 2006-04-20.8725.Guelph.jpg 2006-04-20.8726.Guelph.jpg 2006-04-20.8727.Guelph.jpg 2006-04-20.8728.Guelph.jpg 2006-04-20.8729.Guelph.jpg 2006-04-20.8730.Guelph.jpg 2006-04-20.8731.Guelph.jpg 2006-04-20.8732.Guelph.jpg 2006-04-20.8733.Guelph.jpg 2006-04-20.8734.Guelph.jpg


Scotch Block, Ontario

(map) Scotch Block is an excellent photography location at mp 30.0 CN Halton sub, between Milton and Georgetown.

CN #390 climbs the grade at mile 30 with colourful boxcar MMA 1 about mid-train.

2006-04-20.8776.Scotch_Block.jpg 2006-04-20.8777.Scotch_Block.jpg 2006-04-20.8778.Scotch_Block.jpg 2006-04-20.8779.Scotch_Block.jpg 2006-04-20.8780.Scotch_Block.jpg 2006-04-20.8781.Scotch_Block.jpg 2006-04-20.8782.Scotch_Block.jpg 2006-04-20.8783.Scotch_Block.jpg 2006-04-20.8784.Scotch_Block.jpg 2006-04-20.8785.Scotch_Block.jpg 2006-04-20.8786.Scotch_Block.jpg 2006-04-20.8787.Scotch_Block.jpg 2006-04-20.8788.Scotch_Block.jpg 2006-04-20.8789.Scotch_Block.jpg 2006-04-20.8790.Scotch_Block.jpg 2006-04-20.8791.Scotch_Block.jpg 2006-04-20.8792.Scotch_Block.jpg 2006-04-20.8793.Scotch_Block.jpg 2006-04-20.8794.Scotch_Block.jpg 2006-04-20.8795.Scotch_Block.jpg 2006-04-20.8796.Scotch_Block.jpg 2006-04-20.8797.Scotch_Block.jpg 2006-04-20.8798.Scotch_Block.jpg 2006-04-20.8799.Scotch_Block.jpg 2006-04-20.8800.Scotch_Block.jpg 2006-04-20.8801.Scotch_Block.jpg 2006-04-20.8802.Scotch_Block.jpg 2006-04-20.8803.Scotch_Block.jpg 2006-04-20.8804.Scotch_Block.jpg 2006-04-20.8805.Scotch_Block.jpg 2006-04-20.8806.Scotch_Block.jpg 2006-04-20.8807.Scotch_Block.jpg 2006-04-20.8808.Scotch_Block.jpg 2006-04-20.8809.Scotch_Block.jpg 2006-04-20.8810.Scotch_Block.jpg