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Top photos from July 25th, 2009

Parry_Sound_25.07.09_8150.jpg 133 Parry_Sound_25.07.09_8151.jpg 116 Parry_Sound_25.07.09_8152.jpg 29 Parry_Sound_25.07.09_8153.jpg 15 Parry_Sound_25.07.09_8139.jpg 15 Parry_Sound_25.07.09_8156.jpg 14 Parry_Sound_25.07.09_8149.jpg 14 Parry_Sound_25.07.09_8141.jpg 14 Parry_Sound_25.07.09_8155.jpg 12 Parry_Sound_25.07.09_8172.jpg 9

July 25th, 2009

I spent the day around Parry Sound, based out of Oastler Lake Provincial Park, catching 3 CP intermodals, all with DPU, at Reynolds, the connection point between CN and CP for the Parry Sound<->Sudbury directional running.

Parry Sound, Ontario

(map) Parry Sound is about 220 km North of Toronto on highway 400, which is itself still under construction. CP and CN's tracks are very close on both sides of town and in a few places nearby and a thousand-foot bridge through town on the CP adds to the general railfan appeal of the location.

Parry_Sound_25.07.09_8139.jpg 15 Parry_Sound_25.07.09_8140.jpg 6 Parry_Sound_25.07.09_8141.jpg 14 Parry_Sound_25.07.09_8142.jpg 7 Parry_Sound_25.07.09_8143.jpg 9 Parry_Sound_25.07.09_8144.jpg 8 Parry_Sound_25.07.09_8145.jpg 6 Parry_Sound_25.07.09_8146.jpg 6

A CP northbound heads up the Parry Sound sub with a mid-train helper.

Parry_Sound_25.07.09_8147.jpg 9 Parry_Sound_25.07.09_8148.jpg 9 Parry_Sound_25.07.09_8149.jpg 14 Parry_Sound_25.07.09_8150.jpg 133 Parry_Sound_25.07.09_8151.jpg 116 Parry_Sound_25.07.09_8152.jpg 29 Parry_Sound_25.07.09_8153.jpg 15 Parry_Sound_25.07.09_8154.jpg 9 Parry_Sound_25.07.09_8155.jpg 12 Parry_Sound_25.07.09_8156.jpg 14 Parry_Sound_25.07.09_8157.jpg 9 Parry_Sound_25.07.09_8158.jpg 8

Another CP heads north in last light with a DPU in the middle.

Parry_Sound_25.07.09_8159.jpg 7 Parry_Sound_25.07.09_8160.jpg 4 Parry_Sound_25.07.09_8161.jpg 8 Parry_Sound_25.07.09_8162.jpg 3 Parry_Sound_25.07.09_8163.jpg 4 Parry_Sound_25.07.09_8164.jpg 4 Parry_Sound_25.07.09_8165.jpg 6 Parry_Sound_25.07.09_8166.jpg 7 Parry_Sound_25.07.09_8167.jpg 5 Parry_Sound_25.07.09_8168.jpg 4 Parry_Sound_25.07.09_8169.jpg 5 Parry_Sound_25.07.09_8170.jpg 3 Parry_Sound_25.07.09_8171.jpg 7 Parry_Sound_25.07.09_8172.jpg 9 Parry_Sound_25.07.09_8173.jpg 4 Parry_Sound_25.07.09_8174.jpg 3 Parry_Sound_25.07.09_8175.jpg 6