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September 10th, 2005

I heard someone say they would be in Brattleboro in 10 minutes, so, wasting no time, I got to the yard and caught NECR #323 arriving with 107 cars and 3 units. The train switched for a while and then had to clear the main into a siding 1700 feet shorter than the train to meet the southbound Amtrak Vermonter. GRS' EDWJ went by after I left the tracks but I needed to get back and did not get to see it heading North. Later in the day, we heard an MEC train heading South and caught WJED (EDWJ's counterpart) heading back through Brattleboro, and chased it to Vernon.


Vernon, Vermont

(map) Vernon is directly on the border with Northfield, Mass and has the NECR Palmer sub and its detector at mile 116.

Two Guilford Rail System units and a short train cross a road in Vernon near the Massachusetts border on their way back to their own tracks.

2005-09-10.0820.Vernon.jpg 2005-09-10.0821.Vernon.jpg 2005-09-10.0822.Vernon.jpg 2005-09-10.0823.Vernon.jpg 2005-09-10.0824.Vernon.jpg 2005-09-10.0825.Vernon.jpg 2005-09-10.0826.Vernon.jpg 2005-09-10.0827.Vernon.jpg 2005-09-10.0828.Vernon.jpg 2005-09-10.0829.Vernon.jpg 2005-09-10.0830.Vernon.jpg 2005-09-10.0831.Vernon.jpg 2005-09-10.0832.Vernon.jpg 2005-09-10.0833.Vernon.jpg 2005-09-10.0834.Vernon.jpg 2005-09-10.0835.Vernon.jpg 2005-09-10.0836.Vernon.jpg


December 27th, 2005

Someone on the NECR list indicated that the Vermonter would have a cab car instead of a second unit, so I made an extra effort to make sure I caught it, after having missed the morning freight thanks to family obligations.

MEC #WJED crosses the detector at Vernon.

2005-12-27.0869.Vernon.jpg 2005-12-27.0870.Vernon.jpg 2005-12-27.0871.Vernon.jpg 2005-12-27.0872.Vernon.jpg 2005-12-27.0873.Vernon.jpg 2005-12-27.0874.Vernon.jpg 2005-12-27.0875.Vernon.jpg 2005-12-27.0876.Vernon.jpg 2005-12-27.0877.Vernon.jpg 2005-12-27.0878.Vernon.jpg 2005-12-27.0879.Vernon.jpg 2005-12-27.0880.Vernon.jpg 2005-12-27.0881.Vernon.jpg 2005-12-27.0882.Vernon.jpg 2005-12-27.0883.Vernon.jpg 2005-12-27.0884.Vernon.jpg 2005-12-27.0885.Vernon.jpg 2005-12-27.0886.Vernon.jpg 2005-12-27.0887.Vernon.jpg 2005-12-27.0888.Vernon.jpg 2005-12-27.0889.Vernon.jpg 2005-12-27.0890.Vernon.jpg 2005-12-27.0891.Vernon.jpg 2005-12-27.0892.Vernon.jpg 2005-12-27.0893.Vernon.jpg 2005-12-27.0894.Vernon.jpg 2005-12-27.0895.Vernon.jpg 2005-12-27.0896.Vernon.jpg 2005-12-27.0897.Vernon.jpg 2005-12-27.0898.Vernon.jpg 2005-12-27.0899.Vernon.jpg 2005-12-27.0900.Vernon.jpg 2005-12-27.0901.Vernon.jpg 2005-12-27.0902.Vernon.jpg 2005-12-27.0903.Vernon.jpg 2005-12-27.0904.Vernon.jpg 2005-12-27.0905.Vernon.jpg


December 27th, 2007

On the 26th I woke to the sound of a whistle as a train left Brattleboro. This time I woke up at dawn and turned my scanner on, almost immediately hearing NECR 323 and 324 converging on Brattleboro. We headed down to the yard and shot both, then chased 324 the three miles to the first crossing south of town by the detector at Vernon before returning for breakfast. My lunch later was interrupted by the sound of Pan Am WJED entering Brattleboro and so I went down to the yard to watch it and the Vermonter head south.

NECR #324 crosses the detector at Vernon.

2007-12-27.9562.Vernon.jpg 2007-12-27.9563.Vernon.jpg 2007-12-27.9564.Vernon.jpg 2007-12-27.9565.Vernon.jpg 2007-12-27.9566.Vernon.jpg 2007-12-27.9567.Vernon.jpg 2007-12-27.9568.Vernon.jpg 2007-12-27.9569.Vernon.jpg 2007-12-27.9570.Vernon.jpg 2007-12-27.9571.Vernon.jpg 2007-12-27.9572.Vernon.jpg 2007-12-27.9573.Vernon.jpg 2007-12-27.9574.Vernon.jpg 2007-12-27.9575.Vernon.jpg 2007-12-27.9576.Vernon.jpg 2007-12-27.9577.Vernon.jpg 2007-12-27.9578.Vernon.jpg 2007-12-27.9579.Vernon.jpg 2007-12-27.9580.Vernon.jpg 2007-12-27.9581.Vernon.jpg 2007-12-27.9582.Vernon.jpg 2007-12-27.9583.Vernon.jpg 2007-12-27.9584.Vernon.jpg 2007-12-27.9585.Vernon.jpg


February 15th, 2009

We woke up to the sound of horns and heard NECR #611 heading through town. We chased it to the main crossing in Vernon.

NECR 611 crosses highway 63 in Vernon.

2009-02-15.5528.Vernon.jpg 2009-02-15.5529.Vernon.jpg 2009-02-15.5530.Vernon.jpg 2009-02-15.5531.Vernon.jpg 2009-02-15.5532.Vernon.jpg 2009-02-15.5533.Vernon.jpg 2009-02-15.5534.Vernon.jpg 2009-02-15.5535.Vernon.jpg 2009-02-15.5536.Vernon.jpg 2009-02-15.5537.Vernon.jpg 2009-02-15.5538.Vernon.jpg 2009-02-15.5539.Vernon.jpg 2009-02-15.5540.Vernon.jpg 2009-02-15.5541.Vernon.jpg 2009-02-15.5542.Vernon.jpg 2009-02-15.5543.Vernon.jpg 2009-02-15.5544.Vernon.jpg 2009-02-15.5545.Vernon.jpg 2009-02-15.5546.Vernon.jpg 2009-02-15.5547.Vernon.jpg 2009-02-15.5548.Vernon.jpg 2009-02-15.5549.Vernon.jpg 2009-02-15.5550.Vernon.jpg 2009-02-15.5551.Vernon.jpg 2009-02-15.5552.Vernon.jpg 2009-02-15.5554.Vernon.jpg 2009-02-15.5556.Vernon.jpg 2009-02-15.5557.Vernon.jpg 2009-02-15.5558.Vernon.jpg 2009-02-15.5559.Vernon.jpg 2009-02-15.5560.Vernon.jpg 2009-02-15.5562.Vernon.jpg 2009-02-15.5563.Vernon.jpg 2009-02-15.5565.Vernon.jpg 2009-02-15.5566.Vernon.jpg 2009-02-15.5567.Vernon.jpg 2009-02-15.5568.Vernon.jpg 2009-02-15.5569.Vernon.jpg 2009-02-15.5570.Vernon.jpg 2009-02-15.5571.Vernon.jpg 2009-02-15.5572.Vernon.jpg