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November 29th, 2003

Steve, Chris, and I went up to Ingersoll to meet up with Walter and learn our way around the not exactly quiet area of Ingersoll and surrounding area.


Beachville, Ontario

(map) Beachville is between Woodstock and Ingersoll on the CP St. Thomas sub.

2003-11-29.6146.Beachville.jpg 2003-11-29.6147.Beachville.jpg 2003-11-29.6148.Beachville.jpg 2003-11-29.6149.Beachville.jpg 2003-11-29.6150.Beachville.jpg 2003-11-29.6151.Beachville.jpg 2003-11-29.6152.Beachville.jpg 2003-11-29.6153.Beachville.jpg 2003-11-29.6154.Beachville.jpg 2003-11-29.6155.Beachville.jpg

CP's empty frame train on the CP St. Thomas sub travels at 30 mph as we rush by in our leapfrog chase.


January 24th, 2004

Steve and I headed up to Ingersoll for the day. We caught 26 trains, though missed photographing a couple of them. The Telus engine came through unannounced at a healthy 80 miles per hour and we missed the Illinois Central Operation Lifesaver unit while chasing a CP train on the St. Thomas sub. We saw 4 CP trains and all of them were powered by 2 GP9s.

2004-01-24.7013.Beachville.jpg 2004-01-24.7014.Beachville.jpg 2004-01-24.7015.Beachville.jpg 2004-01-24.7016.Beachville.jpg 2004-01-24.7080.Beachville.jpg 2004-01-24.7081.Beachville.jpg 2004-01-24.7082.Beachville.jpg 2004-01-24.7083.Beachville.jpg 2004-01-24.7084.Beachville.jpg 2004-01-24.7085.Beachville.jpg

Steve sits back in his drivers seat as I shoot 142-2 through the window on Beachville road.

2004-01-24.7087.Beachville.jpg 2004-01-24.7088.Beachville.jpg 2004-01-24.7089.Beachville.jpg


March 6th, 2004

Our first big trip in my new car... Chris, Steve, and I went to Ingersoll hoping to catch a lot of CN trains. We ended up catching more CP than CN, including a meet at the Beachville siding normally used for parking freight cars.

2004-03-06.7942.Beachville.jpg 2004-03-06.7943.Beachville.jpg 2004-03-06.7944.Beachville.jpg 2004-03-06.7945.Beachville.jpg 2004-03-06.7946.Beachville.jpg 2004-03-06.7947.Beachville.jpg 2004-03-06.7948.Beachville.jpg 2004-03-06.7949.Beachville.jpg 2004-03-06.7950.Beachville.jpg

The CP Cami local and 141, the empty frame train meet at the seldom-used Beachville siding.

2004-03-06.7952.Beachville.jpg 2004-03-06.7953.Beachville.jpg 2004-03-06.7954.Beachville.jpg 2004-03-06.7955.Beachville.jpg 2004-03-06.7956.Beachville.jpg 2004-03-06.7958.Beachville.jpg 2004-03-06.7959.Beachville.jpg 2004-03-06.7960.Beachville.jpg 2004-03-06.7961.Beachville.jpg 2004-03-06.7962.Beachville.jpg 2004-03-06.7963.Beachville.jpg 2004-03-06.7964.Beachville.jpg 2004-03-06.7965.Beachville.jpg