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November 29th, 2003

Steve, Chris, and I went up to Ingersoll to meet up with Walter and learn our way around the not exactly quiet area of Ingersoll and surrounding area.


Ingersoll, Ontario

(map) The CN Dundas, the CP St. Thomas, and the OSR Port Burwell subs are very active through Ingersoll, with the CP Galt sub just to the North in Zorra.

2003-11-29.6101.Ingersoll.jpg 2003-11-29.6102.Ingersoll.jpg 2003-11-29.6103.Ingersoll.jpg 2003-11-29.6104.Ingersoll.jpg 2003-11-29.6105.Ingersoll.jpg 2003-11-29.6106.Ingersoll.jpg 2003-11-29.6107.Ingersoll.jpg 2003-11-29.6108.Ingersoll.jpg 2003-11-29.6109.Ingersoll.jpg 2003-11-29.6110.Ingersoll.jpg 2003-11-29.6111.Ingersoll.jpg 2003-11-29.6112.Ingersoll.jpg 2003-11-29.6113.Ingersoll.jpg 2003-11-29.6114.Ingersoll.jpg 2003-11-29.6115.Ingersoll.jpg 2003-11-29.6116.Ingersoll.jpg 2003-11-29.6117.Ingersoll.jpg 2003-11-29.6118.Ingersoll.jpg 2003-11-29.6119.Ingersoll.jpg

VIA 911 heads East through Ingersoll station at about 50 miles an hour.

2003-11-29.6121.Ingersoll.jpg 2003-11-29.6122.Ingersoll.jpg 2003-11-29.6123.Ingersoll.jpg 2003-11-29.6124.Ingersoll.jpg 2003-11-29.6125.Ingersoll.jpg 2003-11-29.6126.Ingersoll.jpg 2003-11-29.6127.Ingersoll.jpg 2003-11-29.6128.Ingersoll.jpg 2003-11-29.6129.Ingersoll.jpg 2003-11-29.6130.Ingersoll.jpg 2003-11-29.6131.Ingersoll.jpg 2003-11-29.6132.Ingersoll.jpg 2003-11-29.6133.Ingersoll.jpg 2003-11-29.6134.Ingersoll.jpg 2003-11-29.6135.Ingersoll.jpg 2003-11-29.6136.Ingersoll.jpg 2003-11-29.6137.Ingersoll.jpg


Woodstock, Ontario

(map) The CP Galt and CN Dundas subs meet here, as do highways 401 and 403. It is a busy place.

2003-11-29.6138.Woodstock.jpg 2003-11-29.6139.Woodstock.jpg 2003-11-29.6140.Woodstock.jpg 2003-11-29.6141.Woodstock.jpg 2003-11-29.6142.Woodstock.jpg 2003-11-29.6143.Woodstock.jpg 2003-11-29.6145.Woodstock.jpg


Beachville, Ontario

(map) Beachville is between Woodstock and Ingersoll on the CP St. Thomas sub.

2003-11-29.6146.Beachville.jpg 2003-11-29.6147.Beachville.jpg 2003-11-29.6148.Beachville.jpg 2003-11-29.6149.Beachville.jpg 2003-11-29.6150.Beachville.jpg 2003-11-29.6151.Beachville.jpg 2003-11-29.6152.Beachville.jpg 2003-11-29.6153.Beachville.jpg 2003-11-29.6154.Beachville.jpg 2003-11-29.6155.Beachville.jpg

CP's empty frame train on the CP St. Thomas sub travels at 30 mph as we rush by in our leapfrog chase.


Ingersoll, Ontario

(map) The CN Dundas, the CP St. Thomas, and the OSR Port Burwell subs are very active through Ingersoll, with the CP Galt sub just to the North in Zorra.

2003-11-29.6158.Ingersoll.jpg 2003-11-29.6159.Ingersoll.jpg 2003-11-29.6160.Ingersoll.jpg 2003-11-29.6161.Ingersoll.jpg 2003-11-29.6162.Ingersoll.jpg 2003-11-29.6164.Ingersoll.jpg 2003-11-29.6165.Ingersoll.jpg 2003-11-29.6167.Ingersoll.jpg 2003-11-29.6168.Ingersoll.jpg 2003-11-29.6169.Ingersoll.jpg 2003-11-29.6170.Ingersoll.jpg 2003-11-29.6171.Ingersoll.jpg 2003-11-29.6172.Ingersoll.jpg 2003-11-29.6173.Ingersoll.jpg 2003-11-29.6174.Ingersoll.jpg 2003-11-29.6175.Ingersoll.jpg 2003-11-29.6176.Ingersoll.jpg 2003-11-29.6177.Ingersoll.jpg 2003-11-29.6178.Ingersoll.jpg 2003-11-29.6179.Ingersoll.jpg 2003-11-29.6180.Ingersoll.jpg 2003-11-29.6181.Ingersoll.jpg 2003-11-29.6182.Ingersoll.jpg 2003-11-29.6183.Ingersoll.jpg 2003-11-29.6184.Ingersoll.jpg 2003-11-29.6185.Ingersoll.jpg 2003-11-29.6187.Ingersoll.jpg 2003-11-29.6188.Ingersoll.jpg 2003-11-29.6189.Ingersoll.jpg

Another freight train heads through Ingersoll on the Dundas sub.

2003-11-29.6191.Ingersoll.jpg 2003-11-29.6192.Ingersoll.jpg 2003-11-29.6193.Ingersoll.jpg 2003-11-29.6194.Ingersoll.jpg 2003-11-29.6195.Ingersoll.jpg 2003-11-29.6196.Ingersoll.jpg 2003-11-29.6197.Ingersoll.jpg