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March 29th, 2007

I heard CEFX 101 north give a track release through my peaceful early morning slumber and bounded out of bed to get to Guelph Junction for CP #255 with CEFX 101-110 and 252 axles. CP #2254 met him at Guelph Junction and had two rent-a-wrecks for a bonus. No videos today, my video camera can only do one thing at the moment, and that is insist that I eject the tape! Also got Via #85 with the rolling turd (VIA 6414 in Lotto-Quebec scheme) at lunch hour.


Guelph Junction, Ontario

(map) Technically Campbellville, Guelph Junction is the junction of the Guelph Junction Railway -- currently serviced by OSR -- the CP Hamilton sub, and the CP Galt sub. It is between Milton and Galt on the CP Galt sub.

2007-03-29.1891.Guelph_Junction.jpg 2007-03-29.1892.Guelph_Junction.jpg 2007-03-29.1893.Guelph_Junction.jpg 2007-03-29.1894.Guelph_Junction.jpg 2007-03-29.1895.Guelph_Junction.jpg 2007-03-29.1896.Guelph_Junction.jpg 2007-03-29.1897.Guelph_Junction.jpg 2007-03-29.1898.Guelph_Junction.jpg 2007-03-29.1899.Guelph_Junction.jpg 2007-03-29.1900.Guelph_Junction.jpg 2007-03-29.1901.Guelph_Junction.jpg 2007-03-29.1902.Guelph_Junction.jpg 2007-03-29.1903.Guelph_Junction.jpg 2007-03-29.1904.Guelph_Junction.jpg 2007-03-29.1905.Guelph_Junction.jpg 2007-03-29.1906.Guelph_Junction.jpg 2007-03-29.1907.Guelph_Junction.jpg 2007-03-29.1908.Guelph_Junction.jpg 2007-03-29.1909.Guelph_Junction.jpg 2007-03-29.1910.Guelph_Junction.jpg 2007-03-29.1911.Guelph_Junction.jpg 2007-03-29.1912.Guelph_Junction.jpg 2007-03-29.1913.Guelph_Junction.jpg 2007-03-29.1914.Guelph_Junction.jpg 2007-03-29.1915.Guelph_Junction.jpg 2007-03-29.1916.Guelph_Junction.jpg


Flamborough, Ontario

(map) This is a community at the top of the Hamilton sub between Waterdown and Guelph Junction. It is technically part of Hamilton, as a result of the amalgamations.

2007-03-29.1918.Flamborough.jpg 2007-03-29.1919.Flamborough.jpg 2007-03-29.1920.Flamborough.jpg 2007-03-29.1921.Flamborough.jpg 2007-03-29.1922.Flamborough.jpg 2007-03-29.1923.Flamborough.jpg 2007-03-29.1924.Flamborough.jpg 2007-03-29.1925.Flamborough.jpg 2007-03-29.1926.Flamborough.jpg 2007-03-29.1927.Flamborough.jpg 2007-03-29.1928.Flamborough.jpg 2007-03-29.1929.Flamborough.jpg 2007-03-29.1930.Flamborough.jpg 2007-03-29.1931.Flamborough.jpg 2007-03-29.1932.Flamborough.jpg 2007-03-29.1933.Flamborough.jpg 2007-03-29.1934.Flamborough.jpg 2007-03-29.1935.Flamborough.jpg


Guelph, Ontario

(map) The city of Guelph is my home town and is just East of Kitchener-Waterloo on the GEXR Guelph sub, and the Ontario Southland Railway/Guelph Junction Railway track, the other end of which is at Guelph Junction.

2007-03-29.1937.Guelph.jpg 2007-03-29.1938.Guelph.jpg 2007-03-29.1939.Guelph.jpg 2007-03-29.1940.Guelph.jpg 2007-03-29.1941.Guelph.jpg 2007-03-29.1942.Guelph.jpg 2007-03-29.1943.Guelph.jpg 2007-03-29.1944.Guelph.jpg 2007-03-29.1945.Guelph.jpg 2007-03-29.1946.Guelph.jpg 2007-03-29.1947.Guelph.jpg 2007-03-29.1948.Guelph.jpg