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December 3rd, 2004

CWR train in Guelph heading to Kitchener, meeting 580 at Mosborough. Yesterday, 518 - the CWR train, and previous to that a GM extra that we all missed - met 432 at Rockcut siding. Like Mosborough, it is very much unused. To make matters more interesting, the CWR train, led by the 2 2210s, set off an original-paint and reporting marks D&RGW hopper at CN Guelph Junction. The CWR train is fully loaded, and CWR only stretches from Silver (Georgetown) to Guelph.


Guelph, Ontario

(map) The city of Guelph is my home town and is just East of Kitchener-Waterloo on the GEXR Guelph sub, and the Ontario Southland Railway/Guelph Junction Railway track, the other end of which is at Guelph Junction.

2004-12-03.3749.Guelph.jpg 2004-12-03.3750.Guelph.jpg 2004-12-03.3751.Guelph.jpg 2004-12-03.3752.Guelph.jpg 2004-12-03.3753.Guelph.jpg 2004-12-03.3754.Guelph.jpg 2004-12-03.3755.Guelph.jpg 2004-12-03.3756.Guelph.jpg 2004-12-03.3757.Guelph.jpg 2004-12-03.3758.Guelph.jpg 2004-12-03.3759.Guelph.jpg 2004-12-03.3760.Guelph.jpg 2004-12-03.3761.Guelph.jpg 2004-12-03.3762.Guelph.jpg 2004-12-03.3763.Guelph.jpg 2004-12-03.3764.Guelph.jpg 2004-12-03.3765.Guelph.jpg 2004-12-03.3766.Guelph.jpg 2004-12-03.3767.Guelph.jpg 2004-12-03.3768.Guelph.jpg 2004-12-03.3769.Guelph.jpg 2004-12-03.3770.Guelph.jpg 2004-12-03.3771.Guelph.jpg 2004-12-03.3772.Guelph.jpg 2004-12-03.3773.Guelph.jpg 2004-12-03.3774.Guelph.jpg 2004-12-03.3775.Guelph.jpg 2004-12-03.3776.Guelph.jpg 2004-12-03.3777.Guelph.jpg 2004-12-03.3778.Guelph.jpg 2004-12-03.3779.Guelph.jpg 2004-12-03.3780.Guelph.jpg 2004-12-03.3781.Guelph.jpg 2004-12-03.3782.Guelph.jpg 2004-12-03.3783.Guelph.jpg 2004-12-03.3784.Guelph.jpg 2004-12-03.3785.Guelph.jpg 2004-12-03.3786.Guelph.jpg 2004-12-03.3787.Guelph.jpg 2004-12-03.3788.Guelph.jpg 2004-12-03.3789.Guelph.jpg 2004-12-03.3790.Guelph.jpg 2004-12-03.3791.Guelph.jpg 2004-12-03.3792.Guelph.jpg 2004-12-03.3793.Guelph.jpg 2004-12-03.3794.Guelph.jpg 2004-12-03.3795.Guelph.jpg 2004-12-03.3796.Guelph.jpg 2004-12-03.3797.Guelph.jpg 2004-12-03.3798.Guelph.jpg 2004-12-03.3799.Guelph.jpg 2004-12-03.3800.Guelph.jpg 2004-12-03.3801.Guelph.jpg 2004-12-03.3802.Guelph.jpg 2004-12-03.3803.Guelph.jpg 2004-12-03.3804.Guelph.jpg 2004-12-03.3805.Guelph.jpg 2004-12-03.3806.Guelph.jpg 2004-12-03.3807.Guelph.jpg 2004-12-03.3808.Guelph.jpg 2004-12-03.3809.Guelph.jpg 2004-12-03.3810.Guelph.jpg 2004-12-03.3811.Guelph.jpg 2004-12-03.3812.Guelph.jpg 2004-12-03.3813.Guelph.jpg 2004-12-03.3814.Guelph.jpg 2004-12-03.3815.Guelph.jpg 2004-12-03.3816.Guelph.jpg 2004-12-03.3817.Guelph.jpg 2004-12-03.3818.Guelph.jpg 2004-12-03.3819.Guelph.jpg 2004-12-03.3820.Guelph.jpg 2004-12-03.3821.Guelph.jpg 2004-12-03.3822.Guelph.jpg 2004-12-03.3823.Guelph.jpg 2004-12-03.3824.Guelph.jpg 2004-12-03.3825.Guelph.jpg 2004-12-03.3826.Guelph.jpg