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This page is an index of all engines whose reporting marks are readable on this site.


* (blurry) indicates the picture is blurred or unclear
* (partial) indicates that very little of the car is visible, often only enough to read the reporting marks
* (DUP) indicates that the item in question is listed on at least two different days
* (FAV) indicates that the item is one of my personal favourites, and will be cycled through the favourites section of the index page

The reporting marks are converted into company names using's Reporting Marks list, with modifications, addendums, and corrections..

Entries Unique Marks Company
41AA: Ann Arbor Railroad
372AARX: Association of American Railroads
175ADCX: Adirondack Scenic Railroad
4416AMT: Agence Métropolitaine de Transport (MUCTC)
29360AMTK: National Railroad Passenger Corporation (AMTRAK)
11ARR: Alaska Railroad Corporation
81ATSF: Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway Company
41ATWU: Arriva Trains Wales (UK)
11BAR: Bangor and Aroostook Railroad Company now MMA
335BCOL: BC Rail Limited
41BHPA: Broken Hill Proprietary Company (Australia)
82BHRX: Bellefonte Historical Railway
541BKRR: Batten Kill Railroad Company Incorporated
195BM: Boston and Maine Corporation
81BN: Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway Company
1294156BNSF: Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway Company
31BOMX: Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Museum, Inc.
8413BPRR: Buffalo and Pittsburgh Railroad Incorporated
21BR: Bradford Industrial Rail Incorporated
7914BRUK: British Railways (UK)
133BSOR: Buffalo Southern Railroad Incorporated
391CCGX: Cando Contracting Limited
41CCRR: Claremont Concord Railroad Corporation
42CCUK: Cross-Country (UK)
842CDAC: Canadian American Railroad Company (now MMA)
243CDTX: California Department of Transportation
77278CEFX: CIT Group/Capital Finance Incorporated
51CG: Norfolk Southern Railway Company
532CLP: Clarendon and Pittsford Railroad Company
7465833CN: Canadian National Railway
41CNTP: Cincinnati New Orleans and Texas Pacific Railway Company
111CNW: Union Pacific Railroad Company
9279883CP: Canadian Pacific Railway Company
11CR: Norfolk Southern Railway Company
71CRIX: Citicorp Railmark Incorporated
21CRUK: Cotswold Rail (UK)
234CSOR: Connecticut Southern Railroad
31CSS: Chicago SouthShore and South Bend Railroad
1494292CSXT: CSX Transportation Incorporated
153CVRD: Companhia Vale do Rio Doce (Brasil)
613DH: Delaware and Hudson Railway Company Incorporated
174DLW: Delaware-Lackawanna Railroad Company
692DLWR: Depew Lancaster and Western Railroad Company Incorporated
142DMIR: Duluth Missabe and Iron Range Railway Company
248DRS: Direct Rail Services (UK)
122DWP: Duluth Winnipeg and Pacific Railway
397EAR: East Africa Railway
25031ECR: EuroCargo Rail (France)
497EFC: E. F. Carajas (Brasil)
7431EGRY: Egyptian Railway
281EJE: Elgin Joliet and Eastern Railway Company
4111EMDX: General Motors
81ETR: Essex Terminal Railway Company
532EV: Everett Railroad Company
21551EWS: English, Welsh & Scottish Railway Ltd (UK)
493FEC: Florida East Coast Railway Company
768FGLK: Finger Lakes Railway Corporation
6538FGW: First Great Western (UK)
14333FL: Freightliner (UK)
101FLUK: Fastline (UK)
149FPL: Freightliner (Poland)
8816FURX: First Union Rail
62FXE: Ferrocarril Mexicano SA de CV
193GBRF: Great Britain Rail freight (UK)
11GBW: Fox Valley and Western Limited
13127GCFX: Alstom Canada Incorporated - Transport
113GECX: General Electric Company Transportation Systems Business Operations
8858GEXR: Goderich-Exeter Railway Company Limited (Rail America)
11GLC: Great Lakes Central
693GMRC: Green Mountain Railroad Corporation
786GMTX: General American Marks Company
107GNER: Great North Eastern Railway (UK)
82GNWR: Genesee and Wyoming Railroad Company
38548GOT: Toronto Area Transit Operating Authority
2073GSCX: General American Marks Company
202GSWR: Georgia Southwestern Division South Carolina Centrao Railroad Company
10822GTW: Grand Trunk Western Railroad Incorporated (CN)
285GWRE: Great Western Railway (UK museum)
41GWWD: Greater Winnipeg Water District
51HATX: Helm Financial Corporation
684HCRY: Huron Central Railway (GWI)
1322HCW: Hull, Chelsea, and Wakefield
30127HLCX: Helm Financial Corporation
325HRRC: Housatonic Railroad Company
61HZGX: Herzog Contracting Corporation
30458IC: Illinois Central Railroad Company (CN)
101ICE: Iowa Chicago and Eastern Railroad Corporation
41ICUK: InterCity (UK)
21ILX: The Illuminating Company
61IMRR: Illinois and Midland Railroad
3012INCX: INCO Limited
687JLCX: J&L Consulting
82KCDX: Eastman Kodak Company
539KCS: Kansas City Southern Railway Company
172KR: Kenya Railway
82KUR: Kenya Uganda Railway
774LAL: Livonia Avon and Lakeville Railroad Corporation
62LDSX: Lambton Diesel Specialists Incorporated
75711LLPX: Locomotive Leasing Partners LLC
295LRBX: Lincoln Rail Brokerages Ltd
63LTEX: L.H.A.G.S. Incorporated (Larry's Truck and Electric Service)
201LV: Norfolk Southern Railway Company
102MARC: Maryland Transit Administration
11MC: Maine Coast Railroad Corporation
301MDDE: Maryland and Delaware Railroad
21ME: Morristown and Erie Railway Incorporated
20712MEC: Maine Central Railroad Company
943MHWA: Mohawk Adirondack and Northern Railroad Corporation
12212MMA: Montreal Maine and Atlantic Railway Limited
171MMID: Maryland Midland Railway Incorporated
22MML: Midland Mainline (UK)
164MNCR: Metro-North Commuter Railroad (Revenue)
201MPEX: Motivepower Industries Incorporated
233NBER: Nittany and Bald Eagle Railroad Company
1037NBSR: New Brunswick Southern Railway Company Limited
41NCIX: Nova Chemicals Incorporated
46833NECR: New England Central Railroad Incorporated
22NEUK: National Express (UK)
191NHN: New Hampshire Northcoast Corporation
21NHTR: N. H. Trap Rock Company
32NIWX: Northern Illinois and Wisconsin Railway Corporation
203NKP: Norfolk Southern Railway Company
10913NREX: National Railway Equipment Company
41NRHX: National Railway Historical Society
1596253NS: Norfolk Southern Railway Company
81NSCX: National Steel Car Limited
31NSHR: North Shore Railroad Company
11NSL: St. Lawrence and Raquette River Railroad
124NW: Norfolk Southern Railway Company
123NYC: CSX Transportation Incorporated
203NYLE: New York and Lake Erie Railroad Company
299NYSW: New York Susquehanna and Western Railway Corporation
632OCRR: Ottawa Central Railway
11OCT: Ottawa-Carleton Transit
452OMID: Ontario Midland Railroad Corporation
8713ONT: Ontario Northland Railway
176718OSRX: Ontario Southland Railway Incorporated
163PCHR: Port Colbourne Harbour Railway (Trillium)
85PJKA: Perusahaan Jwatan Kareta Api (Indonesia)
133PRR: Norfolk Southern Railway Company
644PVRR: Pioneer Valley Railroad Company Incorporated
756PW: Providence and Worcester Railroad
7910QGRY: Quebec Gatineau Railway Incorporated (GWI)
915QNSL: Quebec, North Shore, and Labrador
21RDG: Norfolk Southern Railway Company
944RLHH: Southern Ontario Railway (RailAmerica)
116920RLK: Ottawa Valley Railway (RailAmerica)
1283RMPX: Railcar Limited
21RMSL: RMS Locotec (UK)
132RPCX: Railroad Passenger Car Numbering Bureau Incorporated
132RPRX: Railpower Industries, Inc.
103RRPX: RR Power Leasing LLC
202RSR: Rochester and Southern Railroad
21SH: Steelton and Highspire Railroad Company
203SLC: San Luis Central Railroad Company
204SLR: St. Lawrence and Atlantic Railroad Company (GWI)
117SNTF: Société Nationale des Transports Ferroviaires (Algeria)
76167SOO: Soo Line Railroad (CPR)
7913SOU: Norfolk Southern Railway Company
21SP: Union Pacific Railroad Company
331SSR: South Simcoe Railway
1016ST: ST Rail System
32314STLH: St. Lawrence and Hudson Railway Company Limited (CPR)
101TCB: Texas Central Business Lines Corporation
574TFM: TFM SA de CV
51THB: Canadian Pacific Railway Company
31TNO: Temiskaming & Northern Ontario
171TPHX: Thomas Payne Holdings Incorporated
41TRTZ: Tanzania Railway
53TSBY: Tuscola and Saginaw Bay Railway Company
620112UP: Union Pacific Railroad Company
13113UPY: Union Pacific Railroad Company
356USAX: Deptartment of Defense Troop Support and Aviation Material Readiness Command (Intraplant)
141167VIA: VIA Rail
2931VSRR: Virginia Southern Division North Carolina and Virginia Railroad
53VTFR: Veolia Transport (FR)
1447VTR: Vermont Railway Incorporated
25345WC: Wisconsin Central Limited
123WE: Wheeling and Lake Erie Railway Company
212WNYP: Western New York and Pennysylvania Railroad LLC
248WSUK: West Somerset Railway (UK)
71WSX: Wierton Steel Division National Steel Corporation