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Other indices

This page is an index of all engines whose reporting marks are readable on this site.


* (blurry) indicates the picture is blurred or unclear
* (partial) indicates that very little of the car is visible, often only enough to read the reporting marks
* (DUP) indicates that the item in question is listed on at least two different days
* (FAV) indicates that the item is one of my personal favourites, and will be cycled through the favourites section of the index page

The reporting marks are converted into company names using's Reporting Marks list, with modifications, addendums, and corrections..

Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway Company
Reporting mark (small image)File name (large image)Description
BNSF 134Multiple photosGP60M (ENG)
BNSF 162Multiple photosGP60M (ENG)
BNSF 326Multiple photosGP60B (ENG)
BNSF 328Multiple photosGP60B (ENG)
BNSF 333Multiple photosGP60B (ENG)
BNSF 341Multiple photosGP60B (ENG)
BNSF 343Multiple photosGP60B (ENG)
BNSF 347Multiple photosGP60B (ENG)
BNSF 504Multiple photosB40-8W (ENG)
BNSF 506Multiple photosB40-8W (ENG)
BNSF 519Multiple photosB40-8W (ENG)
BNSF 520Multiple photosB40-8W (ENG)
BNSF 524Multiple photosB39-8W (ENG)
BNSF 562Multiple photosC44-9W (ENG)
BNSF 573Multiple photosB40-8W (ENG)
BNSF 652Multiple photosC44-9W (ENG)
BNSF 656Multiple photosC44-9W (ENG)
BNSF 680Multiple photosC44-9 (ENG)
BNSF 700Multiple photosC44-9W (ENG)
BNSF 743Multiple photosC44-9W (ENG)
BNSF 800Multiple photosC44-9W (ENG)
BNSF 817Multiple photosC44-9W (ENG)
BNSF 839Multiple photosC44-9W (ENG)
BNSF 868Multiple photosC44-9W (ENG)
BNSF 966Multiple photosAC4400CW (ENG) (blurry)
BNSF 984Multiple photosC44-9W (ENG)
BNSF 996Multiple photosC44-9W (ENG)
BNSF 1048Multiple photosC44-9W (ENG)
BNSF 1085Multiple photosC44-9W (ENG)
BNSF 1110Multiple photosC44-9W (ENG)
BNSF 2460Multiple photosGP30 (ENG)
BNSF 3005Multiple photosSD40-2 (ENG)
BNSF 3124Multiple photosGP50 (ENG)
BNSF 3838Multiple photosET44C4 (ENG)
BNSF 3841Multiple photosET44C4 (ENG)
BNSF 4017Multiple photosC44-9W (ENG)
BNSF 4096Multiple photosC44-9W (ENG)
BNSF 4159Multiple photosC44-9W (ENG)
BNSF 4303Multiple photosC44-9W (ENG)
BNSF 4394Multiple photosC44-9W (ENG) (DUP)
BNSF 4535Multiple photosC44-9W (ENG)
BNSF 4542Multiple photosC44-9W (ENG) (DUP)
BNSF 4548Multiple photosC44-9W (ENG)
BNSF 4602Multiple photosC44-9W (ENG)
BNSF 4610Multiple photosC44-9W (ENG)
BNSF 4618Multiple photosC44-9W (ENG)
BNSF 4630Multiple photosC44-9W (ENG)
BNSF 4722Multiple photosC44-9W (ENG)
BNSF 4749Multiple photosC44-9W (ENG)
BNSF 4812Multiple photosC44-9W (ENG)
BNSF 4815Multiple photosC44-9W (ENG)
BNSF 4826Multiple photosC44-9W (ENG)
BNSF 4874Multiple photosC44-9W (ENG)
BNSF 4900Multiple photosC44-9W (ENG)
BNSF 4941Multiple photosC44-9W (ENG)
BNSF 4958Multiple photosC44-9W (ENG)
BNSF 4959Multiple photosC44-9W (ENG)
BNSF 4997Multiple photosC44-9W (ENG)
BNSF 5070Multiple photosC44-9W (ENG)
BNSF 5107Multiple photosC44-9W (ENG)
BNSF 5160Multiple photosC44-9W (ENG)
BNSF 5227Multiple photosC44-9W (ENG)
BNSF 5243Multiple photosC44-9W (ENG)
BNSF 5294Multiple photosC44-9W (ENG)
BNSF 5300Multiple photosC44-9W (ENG)
BNSF 5337Multiple photosC44-9W (ENG)
BNSF 5341Multiple photosC44-9W (ENG)
BNSF 5342Multiple photosC44-9W (ENG)
BNSF 5389Multiple photosC44-9W (ENG)
BNSF 5396Multiple photosC44-9W (ENG)
BNSF 5406Multiple photosC44-9W (ENG)
BNSF 5424Multiple photosC44-9W (ENG)
BNSF 5445Multiple photosC44-9W (ENG)
BNSF 5622Multiple photosAC4400CW (ENG)
BNSF 5697Multiple photosAC4400CW (ENG)
BNSF 5807Multiple photosES44DC (ENG)
BNSF 6311Multiple photosSD40 (ENG)
BNSF 6316Multiple photosSD40-2 (ENG) (DUP)
BNSF 6334Multiple photosSD40-2 (ENG)
BNSF 6360Multiple photosSD40-2 (ENG)
BNSF 6390Multiple photosSD40-2 (ENG)
BNSF 6694Multiple photosES44C4 (ENG)
BNSF 6695Multiple photosES44C4 (ENG)
BNSF 6721Multiple photosSD40-2 (ENG)
BNSF 6731Multiple photosSD40-2 (ENG)
BNSF 6776Multiple photosSD40-2 (ENG)
BNSF 6791Multiple photosSD40-2 (ENG)
BNSF 6833Multiple photosSD40-2 (ENG)
BNSF 6837Multiple photosSD40-2 (ENG)
BNSF 6843Multiple photosSD40-2 (ENG)
BNSF 6878Multiple photosES44C4 (ENG)
BNSF 6890Multiple photosSD40-2 (ENG)
BNSF 6892Multiple photosES44C4 (ENG)
BNSF 6919Multiple photosSD40-2 (ENG)
BNSF 6929Multiple photosSD40-2 (ENG)
BNSF 6940Multiple photosSD40-2 (ENG)
BNSF 7001Multiple photosSD40-2 (ENG)
BNSF 7013Multiple photosSD40-2 (ENG)
BNSF 7033Multiple photosSD40-2 (ENG)
BNSF 7130Multiple photosSD40-2 (ENG) (DUP)
BNSF 7137Multiple photosSD40-2 (ENG)
BNSF 7162Multiple photosSD40-2 (ENG)
BNSF 7212Multiple photosES44DC (ENG)
BNSF 7475Multiple photosES44DC (ENG)
BNSF 7614Multiple photosES44DC (ENG)
BNSF 7637Multiple photosES44DC (ENG)
BNSF 7641Multiple photosES44DC (ENG)
BNSF 7656Multiple photosES44DC (ENG)
BNSF 7686Multiple photosES44C4 (ENG)
BNSF 7705Multiple photosES44DC (ENG)
BNSF 7711Multiple photosES44DC (ENG)
BNSF 7736Multiple photosES44DC (ENG)
BNSF 7746Multiple photosES44DC (ENG)
BNSF 7757Multiple photosES44DC (ENG)
BNSF 7759Multiple photosES44DC (ENG)
BNSF 7762Multiple photosES44DC (ENG)
BNSF 7800Multiple photosES44DC (ENG)
BNSF 7813Multiple photosSD40-2 (ENG)
BNSF 7818Multiple photosSD40-2 (ENG)
BNSF 7819Multiple photosSD40-2 (ENG)
BNSF 7834Multiple photosSD40-2 (ENG)
BNSF 7840Multiple photosSD40-2 (ENG)
BNSF 7846Multiple photosSD40-2 (ENG)
BNSF 7856Multiple photosSD40-2 (ENG)
BNSF 7885Multiple photosSD40-2 (ENG)
BNSF 7919Multiple photosSD40-2 (ENG)
BNSF 7946Multiple photosES44C4 (ENG)
BNSF 7962Multiple photosES44C4 (ENG)
BNSF 8018Multiple photosSD40-2 (ENG)
BNSF 8045Multiple photosSD40-2 (ENG)
BNSF 8057Multiple photosSD40-2 (ENG)
BNSF 8072Multiple photosSD40-2 (ENG)
BNSF 8080Multiple photosSD40-2 (ENG)
BNSF 8084Multiple photosSD40-2 (ENG)
BNSF 8089Multiple photosSD40-2 (ENG)
BNSF 8151Multiple photosES44C4 (ENG)
BNSF 8176Multiple photosES44C4 (ENG)
BNSF 8249Multiple photosES44C4 (ENG)
BNSF 8606Multiple photosB40-8 (ENG)
BNSF 8614Multiple photosB39-8E (ENG)
BNSF 8625Multiple photosB39-8E (ENG)
BNSF 8712Multiple photosGP60 (ENG)
BNSF 8720Multiple photosGP60 (ENG)
BNSF 8723Multiple photosGP60 (ENG)
BNSF 8729Multiple photosGP50 (ENG)
BNSF 9200Multiple photosSD60M (ENG)
BNSF 9237Multiple photosSD60M (ENG)
BNSF 9283Multiple photosSD60M (ENG)
BNSF 9370Multiple photosSD70ACe (ENG)
BNSF 9371Multiple photosSD70ACe (ENG)
BNSF 9422Multiple photosSD70MAC (ENG)
BNSF 9508Multiple photosSD70MAC (ENG)
BNSF 9529Multiple photosSD70MAC (ENG)
BNSF 9647Multiple photosSD70MAC (ENG)
BNSF 9742Multiple photosSD70MAC (ENG)
BNSF 9808Multiple photosSD70MAC (ENG)