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December 30th, 2011

I travelled from Berlin to Zurich on the overnight City NightLine train, arriving in the morning and leaving my bag at Zurich's only hostel (which cost more than the train) before hopping back on the train to Sargans to take a bus into Liechtenstein. After walking an hour in Liechtenstein I got back on the bus and back to Sargans, where I caught a train to Bregenz, Austria, before returning to Zurich to spend a long, nostalgic evening with an old friend.


Zurich, Switzerland

Zurich is the financial capital of Switzerland, which in turn is the financial capital of Europe. Prices are out of this world, and so is the surroundings. Switzerland, in its entirety, is a place I will definitely return to.

2011-12-30.1534.Zurich.jpg 2011-12-30.1535.Zurich.jpg 2011-12-30.1536.Zurich.jpg 2011-12-30.1537.Zurich.jpg 2011-12-30.1538.Zurich.jpg 2011-12-30.1539.Zurich.jpg 2011-12-30.1540.Zurich.jpg 2011-12-30.1541.Zurich.jpg 2011-12-30.1542.Zurich.jpg 2011-12-30.1543.Zurich.jpg 2011-12-30.1544.Zurich.jpg 2011-12-30.1545.Zurich.jpg 2011-12-30.1546.Zurich.jpg 2011-12-30.1547.Zurich.jpg 2011-12-30.1548.Zurich.jpg 2011-12-30.1549.Zurich.jpg 2011-12-30.1550.Zurich.jpg 2011-12-30.1551.Zurich.jpg 2011-12-30.1552.Zurich.jpg 2011-12-30.1553.Zurich.jpg 2011-12-30.1554.Zurich.jpg 2011-12-30.1555.Zurich.jpg 2011-12-30.1557.Zurich.jpg 2011-12-30.1558.Zurich.jpg 2011-12-30.1559.Zurich.jpg 2011-12-30.1560.Zurich.jpg 2011-12-30.1561.Zurich.jpg 2011-12-30.1562.Zurich.jpg 2011-12-30.1563.Zurich.jpg 2011-12-30.1564.Zurich.jpg 2011-12-30.1565.Zurich.jpg 2011-12-30.1566.Zurich.jpg 2011-12-30.1567.Zurich.jpg 2011-12-30.1568.Zurich.jpg 2011-12-30.1569.Zurich.jpg 2011-12-30.1570.Zurich.jpg 2011-12-30.1571.Zurich.jpg 2011-12-30.1572.Zurich.jpg 2011-12-30.1573.Zurich.jpg 2011-12-30.1574.Zurich.jpg 2011-12-30.1575.Zurich.jpg 2011-12-30.1576.Zurich.jpg 2011-12-30.1577.Zurich.jpg 2011-12-30.1578.Zurich.jpg 2011-12-30.1579.Zurich.jpg 2011-12-30.1581.Zurich.jpg 2011-12-30.1582.Zurich.jpg 2011-12-30.1583.Zurich.jpg 2011-12-30.1584.Zurich.jpg 2011-12-30.1585.Zurich.jpg 2011-12-30.1586.Zurich.jpg 2011-12-30.1587.Zurich.jpg 2011-12-30.1589.Zurich.jpg 2011-12-30.1591.Zurich.jpg 2011-12-30.1592.Zurich.jpg 2011-12-30.1593.Zurich.jpg 2011-12-30.1594.Zurich.jpg 2011-12-30.1595.Zurich.jpg 2011-12-30.1597.Zurich.jpg 2011-12-30.1598.Zurich.jpg 2011-12-30.1599.Zurich.jpg 2011-12-30.1600.Zurich.jpg 2011-12-30.1601.Zurich.jpg 2011-12-30.1602.Zurich.jpg 2011-12-30.1603.Zurich.jpg 2011-12-30.1604.Zurich.jpg 2011-12-30.1605.Zurich.jpg 2011-12-30.1606.Zurich.jpg 2011-12-30.1607.Zurich.jpg 2011-12-30.1608.Zurich.jpg 2011-12-30.1609.Zurich.jpg 2011-12-30.1610.Zurich.jpg 2011-12-30.1611.Zurich.jpg 2011-12-30.1612.Zurich.jpg 2011-12-30.1613.Zurich.jpg 2011-12-30.1614.Zurich.jpg 2011-12-30.1615.Zurich.jpg 2011-12-30.1616.Zurich.jpg 2011-12-30.1617.Zurich.jpg 2011-12-30.1618.Zurich.jpg 2011-12-30.1622.Zurich.jpg 2011-12-30.1623.Zurich.jpg 2011-12-30.1624.Zurich.jpg 2011-12-30.1625.Zurich.jpg 2011-12-30.1626.Zurich.jpg 2011-12-30.1627.Zurich.jpg


December 31st, 2011

I took the train from Zurich to Geneva where I caught up with my family in transit in a different direction entirely, and celebrated New Years at the Hotel Calvy in Geneva.

2011-12-31.1768.Zurich.jpg 2011-12-31.1769.Zurich.jpg 2011-12-31.1770.Zurich.jpg 2011-12-31.1771.Zurich.jpg 2011-12-31.1772.Zurich.jpg 2011-12-31.1773.Zurich.jpg 2011-12-31.1774.Zurich.jpg 2011-12-31.1775.Zurich.jpg 2011-12-31.1777.Zurich.jpg 2011-12-31.1778.Zurich.jpg