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December 22nd, 2005

We slept in Lewiston, Maine with the intention of catching St. Lawrence and Atlantic's only daytime train we could be sure existed the next morning. We caught it and an MEC train at Danville Junction, and pondered how to shoot at the Lewiston Junction locomotive facility. Once we caught the SLR train we headed to eastern New Hampshire to see if we could catch the New Hampshire North Coast's gravel train, which we did - at Sanbornville.


Sanbornville, New Hampshire

(map) Sanbornville is the first town South of the New Hampshire Northcoast's gravel pit, 38 miles North of Rollinsford, New Hampshire, where the NHN connects to Guilford.

New Hampshire North Coast's unit gravel train crosses a grade crossing just North of Sanbornville with what appears to be a crew member's christmas tree on the front steps.

2005-12-22.0371.Sanbornville.jpg 2005-12-22.0372.Sanbornville.jpg 2005-12-22.0373.Sanbornville.jpg 2005-12-22.0374.Sanbornville.jpg 2005-12-22.0375.Sanbornville.jpg 2005-12-22.0376.Sanbornville.jpg 2005-12-22.0377.Sanbornville.jpg 2005-12-22.0378.Sanbornville.jpg 2005-12-22.0379.Sanbornville.jpg 2005-12-22.0380.Sanbornville.jpg 2005-12-22.0381.Sanbornville.jpg 2005-12-22.0382.Sanbornville.jpg 2005-12-22.0383.Sanbornville.jpg 2005-12-22.0384.Sanbornville.jpg 2005-12-22.0385.Sanbornville.jpg 2005-12-22.0386.Sanbornville.jpg 2005-12-22.0387.Sanbornville.jpg 2005-12-22.0388.Sanbornville.jpg 2005-12-22.0389.Sanbornville.jpg 2005-12-22.0390.Sanbornville.jpg 2005-12-22.0391.Sanbornville.jpg 2005-12-22.0392.Sanbornville.jpg 2005-12-22.0393.Sanbornville.jpg 2005-12-22.0394.Sanbornville.jpg 2005-12-22.0395.Sanbornville.jpg 2005-12-22.0396.Sanbornville.jpg 2005-12-22.0397.Sanbornville.jpg 2005-12-22.0398.Sanbornville.jpg 2005-12-22.0399.Sanbornville.jpg 2005-12-22.0400.Sanbornville.jpg 2005-12-22.0401.Sanbornville.jpg 2005-12-22.0402.Sanbornville.jpg 2005-12-22.0403.Sanbornville.jpg

NHN's unit gravel train crosses highway 158 just outside of Sanbornville to the South.

2005-12-22.0404.Sanbornville.jpg 2005-12-22.0405.Sanbornville.jpg 2005-12-22.0406.Sanbornville.jpg 2005-12-22.0407.Sanbornville.jpg 2005-12-22.0408.Sanbornville.jpg 2005-12-22.0409.Sanbornville.jpg 2005-12-22.0410.Sanbornville.jpg 2005-12-22.0411.Sanbornville.jpg 2005-12-22.0412.Sanbornville.jpg 2005-12-22.0413.Sanbornville.jpg 2005-12-22.0414.Sanbornville.jpg 2005-12-22.0415.Sanbornville.jpg 2005-12-22.0416.Sanbornville.jpg 2005-12-22.0417.Sanbornville.jpg 2005-12-22.0418.Sanbornville.jpg 2005-12-22.0419.Sanbornville.jpg 2005-12-22.0420.Sanbornville.jpg 2005-12-22.0421.Sanbornville.jpg 2005-12-22.0422.Sanbornville.jpg