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January 2nd, 2020

We left Lafayette in bad weather hunting more for crawfish than trains, which we found nearby, and set our sights on the streetrunning at Gretna on the New Orleans and Gulf Coast. There was trackwork near the streetrunning and nothing was running over it -- bad luck -- but we did find two working on the line.


Pascagoula, Mississippi

Near the Mississippi-Alabama border along the CSX at the junction of the Mississippi Export.

The single track CSX line through Pascagoula is busy, but I was only there to see it at night.

2020-01-02.9560.Pascagoula-MS.jpg 2020-01-02.9561.Pascagoula-MS.jpg 2020-01-02.9562.Pascagoula-MS.jpg 2020-01-02.9563.Pascagoula-MS.jpg 2020-01-02.9564.Pascagoula-MS.jpg 2020-01-02.9565.Pascagoula-MS.jpg 2020-01-02.9566.Pascagoula-MS.jpg 2020-01-02.9567.Pascagoula-MS.jpg 2020-01-02.9568.Pascagoula-MS.jpg 2020-01-02.9569.Pascagoula-MS.jpg 2020-01-02.9570.Pascagoula-MS.jpg 2020-01-02.9571.Pascagoula-MS.jpg 2020-01-02.9572.Pascagoula-MS.jpg 2020-01-02.9573.Pascagoula-MS.jpg 2020-01-02.9574.Pascagoula-MS.jpg 2020-01-02.9575.Pascagoula-MS.jpg 2020-01-02.9576.Pascagoula-MS.jpg 2020-01-02.9577.Pascagoula-MS.jpg 2020-01-02.9578.Pascagoula-MS.jpg 2020-01-02.9579.Pascagoula-MS.jpg


January 3rd, 2020

We started the day at Pascagoula, Mississippi, catching a single CSX out the window of the hotel in torrential rain before going off to explore, and quickly find, the Mississippi Export Rail. We were lucky enough to catch it on the causeway near the company's shops in Moss Point before proceeding on to the port city of Mobile Alabama to check out another shortline, the Alabama Export, where we found two G&W units switching and a single pre-G&W painted unit elusively switching in a spot we simply couldn't shoot.

2020-01-03.4591.Pascagoula-MS.jpg 2020-01-03.4592.Pascagoula-MS.jpg 2020-01-03.4593.Pascagoula-MS.jpg 2020-01-03.4594.Pascagoula-MS.jpg 2020-01-03.4595.Pascagoula-MS.jpg 2020-01-03.4596.Pascagoula-MS.jpg 2020-01-03.4597.Pascagoula-MS.jpg 2020-01-03.4598.Pascagoula-MS.jpg