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July 24th, 2005

After the completion of this year's Ottawa Linux Symposium, Laura and I took 2 hours to see what trains we could find. We didn't have enough time to track down either QGRY or the Ottawa Central, but did catch the Hull, Chelsea, and Wakefield steam excursion returning just before 3pm and Ottawa's O-train crossing the Rideau River at Carleton University.


Ottawa, Ontario

(map) Ottawa is the capital of Canada and is home to the O-trains, a busy Via station, and the Ottawa Central.

Ottawa's O-train light rail train crosses the Rideau River by Carleton University.

2005-07-24.9418.Ottawa.jpg 2005-07-24.9419.Ottawa.jpg 2005-07-24.9420.Ottawa.jpg 2005-07-24.9421.Ottawa.jpg 2005-07-24.9422.Ottawa.jpg 2005-07-24.9423.Ottawa.jpg 2005-07-24.9424.Ottawa.jpg


December 12th, 2011

I took a breather from my chaotic Ottawa life to test my new camera on CP and CN and on some aircraft at CYOW on the way back up. I learned on my lone CN that my camera's mode dial is much easier to knock than its predecessor and blew the approach shot completely. Overall, big fan of the new camera, though! Keep an eye on the site in early January, should be quite a bit of interesting new material from the holidays...

2011-12-12.0078.Ottawa.jpg 2011-12-12.0079.Ottawa.jpg 2011-12-12.0080.Ottawa.jpg 2011-12-12.0081.Ottawa.jpg 2011-12-12.0082.Ottawa.jpg 2011-12-12.0083.Ottawa.jpg 2011-12-12.0084.Ottawa.jpg 2011-12-12.0085.Ottawa.jpg 2011-12-12.0086.Ottawa.jpg 2011-12-12.0087.Ottawa.jpg 2011-12-12.0088.Ottawa.jpg 2011-12-12.0089.Ottawa.jpg 2011-12-12.0090.Ottawa.jpg 2011-12-12.0091.Ottawa.jpg 2011-12-12.0092.Ottawa.jpg 2011-12-12.0093.Ottawa.jpg 2011-12-12.0094.Ottawa.jpg 2011-12-12.0095.Ottawa.jpg 2011-12-12.0096.Ottawa.jpg 2011-12-12.0097.Ottawa.jpg 2011-12-12.0098.Ottawa.jpg 2011-12-12.0099.Ottawa.jpg 2011-12-12.0100.Ottawa.jpg 2011-12-12.0101.Ottawa.jpg 2011-12-12.0102.Ottawa.jpg 2011-12-12.0103.Ottawa.jpg 2011-12-12.0104.Ottawa.jpg 2011-12-12.0105.Ottawa.jpg 2011-12-12.0106.Ottawa.jpg 2011-12-12.0107.Ottawa.jpg 2011-12-12.0108.Ottawa.jpg 2011-12-12.0109.Ottawa.jpg 2011-12-12.0110.Ottawa.jpg 2011-12-12.0111.Ottawa.jpg 2011-12-12.0112.Ottawa.jpg 2011-12-12.0113.Ottawa.jpg 2011-12-12.0114.Ottawa.jpg 2011-12-12.0115.Ottawa.jpg 2011-12-12.0116.Ottawa.jpg 2011-12-12.0117.Ottawa.jpg 2011-12-12.0118.Ottawa.jpg 2011-12-12.0119.Ottawa.jpg 2011-12-12.0120.Ottawa.jpg 2011-12-12.0121.Ottawa.jpg 2011-12-12.0122.Ottawa.jpg 2011-12-12.0123.Ottawa.jpg 2011-12-12.0124.Ottawa.jpg 2011-12-12.0125.Ottawa.jpg 2011-12-12.0126.Ottawa.jpg 2011-12-12.0127.Ottawa.jpg 2011-12-12.0128.Ottawa.jpg 2011-12-12.0129.Ottawa.jpg 2011-12-12.0130.Ottawa.jpg 2011-12-12.0131.Ottawa.jpg 2011-12-12.0132.Ottawa.jpg 2011-12-12.0133.Ottawa.jpg 2011-12-12.0134.Ottawa.jpg 2011-12-12.0135.Ottawa.jpg 2011-12-12.0136.Ottawa.jpg 2011-12-12.0137.Ottawa.jpg 2011-12-12.0138.Ottawa.jpg 2011-12-12.0139.Ottawa.jpg 2011-12-12.0140.Ottawa.jpg 2011-12-12.0141.Ottawa.jpg 2011-12-12.0142.Ottawa.jpg 2011-12-12.0143.Ottawa.jpg 2011-12-12.0144.Ottawa.jpg 2011-12-12.0145.Ottawa.jpg 2011-12-12.0146.Ottawa.jpg 2011-12-12.0147.Ottawa.jpg 2011-12-12.0148.Ottawa.jpg 2011-12-12.0149.Ottawa.jpg 2011-12-12.0150.Ottawa.jpg 2011-12-12.0151.Ottawa.jpg 2011-12-12.0152.Ottawa.jpg 2011-12-12.0153.Ottawa.jpg 2011-12-12.0154.Ottawa.jpg 2011-12-12.0155.Ottawa.jpg 2011-12-12.0156.Ottawa.jpg 2011-12-12.0157.Ottawa.jpg 2011-12-12.0158.Ottawa.jpg 2011-12-12.0159.Ottawa.jpg 2011-12-12.0160.Ottawa.jpg 2011-12-12.0161.Ottawa.jpg 2011-12-12.0162.Ottawa.jpg 2011-12-12.0163.Ottawa.jpg 2011-12-12.0164.Ottawa.jpg 2011-12-12.0165.Ottawa.jpg