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August 13th, 2011

After an extended trainless period and with the death of my as-yet unreplaced Tamron 18-200MM superzoom lens, I finally got out to the tracks southbound out of Ottawa via Bank St to the St. Lawrence, picking up a westbound stack train at Winchester on CP, CN #377 at Iroquois, and an assortment of Vias in the Brockville area. Years after the first one went into service (and was subsequently wrecked), I finally shot one of the rebuilt VIA F40PHs.


Cardinal, Ontario

Cardinal, Ontario is just east of the 416/401 interchange. The CASCO plant is serviced daily by a private operator connecting to CN.

A Via with two F40s passes eastbound.

2011-08-13.3113.Cardinal.jpg 2011-08-13.3114.Cardinal.jpg 2011-08-13.3115.Cardinal.jpg 2011-08-13.3116.Cardinal.jpg 2011-08-13.3117.Cardinal.jpg 2011-08-13.3118.Cardinal.jpg 2011-08-13.3119.Cardinal.jpg 2011-08-13.3120.Cardinal.jpg 2011-08-13.3121.Cardinal.jpg 2011-08-13.3122.Cardinal.jpg 2011-08-13.3123.Cardinal.jpg 2011-08-13.3124.Cardinal.jpg 2011-08-13.3125.Cardinal.jpg 2011-08-13.3126.Cardinal.jpg 2011-08-13.3127.Cardinal.jpg 2011-08-13.3128.Cardinal.jpg 2011-08-13.3129.Cardinal.jpg 2011-08-13.3130.Cardinal.jpg 2011-08-13.3131.Cardinal.jpg 2011-08-13.3132.Cardinal.jpg


November 10th, 2015

Steve picked me up from a conference in Toronto and insisted that we stop and see the switching operation servicing the Casco plant in Cardinal, Ontario on our way to Ottawa.

2015-11-10.4850.Cardinal.jpg 2015-11-10.4851.Cardinal.jpg 2015-11-10.4852.Cardinal.jpg 2015-11-10.4853.Cardinal.jpg 2015-11-10.4854.Cardinal.jpg 2015-11-10.4855.Cardinal.jpg 2015-11-10.4856.Cardinal.jpg 2015-11-10.4857.Cardinal.jpg 2015-11-10.4858.Cardinal.jpg 2015-11-10.4859.Cardinal.jpg 2015-11-10.4860.Cardinal.jpg 2015-11-10.4861.Cardinal.jpg 2015-11-10.4862.Cardinal.jpg 2015-11-10.4863.Cardinal.jpg 2015-11-10.4864.Cardinal.jpg 2015-11-10.4865.Cardinal.jpg 2015-11-10.4866.Cardinal.jpg 2015-11-10.4867.Cardinal.jpg 2015-11-10.4868.Cardinal.jpg 2015-11-10.4869.Cardinal.jpg 2015-11-10.4870.Cardinal.jpg 2015-11-10.4871.Cardinal.jpg

The CASCO switcher heads back to the Kingston sub.

2015-11-10.4872.Cardinal.jpg 2015-11-10.4873.Cardinal.jpg 2015-11-10.4874.Cardinal.jpg 2015-11-10.4875.Cardinal.jpg 2015-11-10.4876.Cardinal.jpg 2015-11-10.4877.Cardinal.jpg 2015-11-10.4878.Cardinal.jpg 2015-11-10.4879.Cardinal.jpg 2015-11-10.4880.Cardinal.jpg 2015-11-10.4881.Cardinal.jpg 2015-11-10.4882.Cardinal.jpg 2015-11-10.4883.Cardinal.jpg 2015-11-10.4884.Cardinal.jpg 2015-11-10.4885.Cardinal.jpg 2015-11-10.4886.Cardinal.jpg 2015-11-10.4887.Cardinal.jpg 2015-11-10.4888.Cardinal.jpg 2015-11-10.4889.Cardinal.jpg 2015-11-10.4890.Cardinal.jpg 2015-11-10.4891.Cardinal.jpg 2015-11-10.4892.Cardinal.jpg 2015-11-10.4893.Cardinal.jpg


November 4th, 2017

On the way back from a family party in Brockville, we chased on odd sounding horn to Cardinal.

A CN eastbound heads into Cardinal on the way to Montreal.

2017-11-04.0033.Cardinal.jpg 2017-11-04.0034.Cardinal.jpg 2017-11-04.0035.Cardinal.jpg 2017-11-04.0036.Cardinal.jpg 2017-11-04.0037.Cardinal.jpg 2017-11-04.0038.Cardinal.jpg 2017-11-04.0039.Cardinal.jpg 2017-11-04.0040.Cardinal.jpg 2017-11-04.0041.Cardinal.jpg 2017-11-04.0042.Cardinal.jpg 2017-11-04.0043.Cardinal.jpg 2017-11-04.0044.Cardinal.jpg 2017-11-04.0045.Cardinal.jpg 2017-11-04.0046.Cardinal.jpg 2017-11-04.0047.Cardinal.jpg 2017-11-04.0048.Cardinal.jpg 2017-11-04.0049.Cardinal.jpg 2017-11-04.0050.Cardinal.jpg 2017-11-04.0051.Cardinal.jpg 2017-11-04.0052.Cardinal.jpg