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May 8th, 2009

On our way to the wedding of one of my oldest friends in rural New Hampshire, we stopped in to see the Ontario Midland, CSX, HRRC, and PVRR, finding very little running. We brought our camera in for a cleaning, and it was returned to us without charge because of an apparently immutable piece of dirt on the sensor, so another railfan trip goes into the record with a great big spot in the upper-right corner of all my photos.


Sodus, New York

Sodus is the home of the Ontario Midland.

2009-05-08.6398.Sodus.jpg 2009-05-08.6399.Sodus.jpg 2009-05-08.6400.Sodus.jpg 2009-05-08.6401.Sodus.jpg 2009-05-08.6402.Sodus.jpg 2009-05-08.6403.Sodus.jpg 2009-05-08.6404.Sodus.jpg 2009-05-08.6405.Sodus.jpg 2009-05-08.6406.Sodus.jpg

OMID 36 enters Sodus with a single car and continues into the industrial tracks after a short stop.

2009-05-08.6407.Sodus.jpg 2009-05-08.6408.Sodus.jpg 2009-05-08.6409.Sodus.jpg 2009-05-08.6410.Sodus.jpg 2009-05-08.6411.Sodus.jpg 2009-05-08.6412.Sodus.jpg 2009-05-08.6413.Sodus.jpg 2009-05-08.6414.Sodus.jpg 2009-05-08.6415.Sodus.jpg 2009-05-08.6416.Sodus.jpg 2009-05-08.6417.Sodus.jpg 2009-05-08.6418.Sodus.jpg 2009-05-08.6419.Sodus.jpg 2009-05-08.6420.Sodus.jpg 2009-05-08.6421.Sodus.jpg 2009-05-08.6422.Sodus.jpg 2009-05-08.6423.Sodus.jpg 2009-05-08.6424.Sodus.jpg 2009-05-08.6425.Sodus.jpg 2009-05-08.6426.Sodus.jpg 2009-05-08.6427.Sodus.jpg 2009-05-08.6428.Sodus.jpg 2009-05-08.6429.Sodus.jpg 2009-05-08.6430.Sodus.jpg


Lyons, New York

(map) Lyons is a few miles South of Geneva, New York, linked by an NS track from the town's ex-Conrail CSX main line to the Finger Lakes Railway.

2009-05-08.6431.Lyons.jpg 2009-05-08.6432.Lyons.jpg 2009-05-08.6433.Lyons.jpg


Selkirk, New York

(map) Selkirk is the home of one of CSX's largest, if not particularly accessible, yards, near Albany.

2009-05-08.6434.Selkirk.jpg 2009-05-08.6435.Selkirk.jpg 2009-05-08.6436.Selkirk.jpg 2009-05-08.6437.Selkirk.jpg 2009-05-08.6438.Selkirk.jpg 2009-05-08.6439.Selkirk.jpg 2009-05-08.6440.Selkirk.jpg 2009-05-08.6441.Selkirk.jpg 2009-05-08.6442.Selkirk.jpg 2009-05-08.6443.Selkirk.jpg 2009-05-08.6444.Selkirk.jpg 2009-05-08.6445.Selkirk.jpg 2009-05-08.6446.Selkirk.jpg 2009-05-08.6447.Selkirk.jpg 2009-05-08.6448.Selkirk.jpg 2009-05-08.6449.Selkirk.jpg 2009-05-08.6450.Selkirk.jpg 2009-05-08.6451.Selkirk.jpg 2009-05-08.6452.Selkirk.jpg 2009-05-08.6453.Selkirk.jpg 2009-05-08.6454.Selkirk.jpg


Canaan, Connecticut

(map) The town of Canaan is the home of the Housatonic Railroad (HRRC).

2009-05-08.6455.Canaan.jpg 2009-05-08.6456.Canaan.jpg 2009-05-08.6457.Canaan.jpg 2009-05-08.6458.Canaan.jpg 2009-05-08.6459.Canaan.jpg 2009-05-08.6460.Canaan.jpg 2009-05-08.6461.Canaan.jpg 2009-05-08.6462.Canaan.jpg 2009-05-08.6463.Canaan.jpg 2009-05-08.6464.Canaan.jpg 2009-05-08.6465.Canaan.jpg 2009-05-08.6466.Canaan.jpg 2009-05-08.6467.Canaan.jpg 2009-05-08.6468.Canaan.jpg 2009-05-08.6469.Canaan.jpg 2009-05-08.6470.Canaan.jpg 2009-05-08.6471.Canaan.jpg 2009-05-08.6472.Canaan.jpg 2009-05-08.6473.Canaan.jpg 2009-05-08.6474.Canaan.jpg 2009-05-08.6475.Canaan.jpg 2009-05-08.6476.Canaan.jpg


Westfield, Massachusetts

(map) Westfield is the home of the Pioneer Valley Railroad, which hosts several ATSF-built CF7 frankenstinian locomotives.

2009-05-08.6478.WestfieldMA.jpg 2009-05-08.6479.WestfieldMA.jpg 2009-05-08.6480.WestfieldMA.jpg 2009-05-08.6481.WestfieldMA.jpg 2009-05-08.6482.WestfieldMA.jpg