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January 24th, 2009

Steve called me to let me know that 580 had just left Cambridge with a dimensional. I took off down highway 24 and saw it crossing ahead of me at the crossing. I went back for it at Wellington Rd 32, and then waited for the light there to change. It never did, and after several minutes I turned south on highway 24 and turned around, going to CN Guelph Junction for it coming off the Fergus sub and heading west on the Guelph.


Guelph, Ontario

(map) The city of Guelph is my home town and is just East of Kitchener-Waterloo on the GEXR Guelph sub, and the Ontario Southland Railway/Guelph Junction Railway track, the other end of which is at Guelph Junction.

GEXR 580 returns from Cambridge with a dimensional load and comes off the switchback at CN Guelph Junction.

2009-01-24.4884.Guelph.jpg 2009-01-24.4885.Guelph.jpg 2009-01-24.4886.Guelph.jpg 2009-01-24.4887.Guelph.jpg 2009-01-24.4888.Guelph.jpg 2009-01-24.4889.Guelph.jpg 2009-01-24.4890.Guelph.jpg 2009-01-24.4891.Guelph.jpg 2009-01-24.4892.Guelph.jpg 2009-01-24.4893.Guelph.jpg 2009-01-24.4894.Guelph.jpg 2009-01-24.4895.Guelph.jpg 2009-01-24.4896.Guelph.jpg 2009-01-24.4897.Guelph.jpg 2009-01-24.4898.Guelph.jpg 2009-01-24.4899.Guelph.jpg 2009-01-24.4900.Guelph.jpg 2009-01-24.4901.Guelph.jpg 2009-01-24.4902.Guelph.jpg 2009-01-24.4903.Guelph.jpg 2009-01-24.4904.Guelph.jpg 2009-01-24.4905.Guelph.jpg 2009-01-24.4906.Guelph.jpg 2009-01-24.4907.Guelph.jpg 2009-01-24.4908.Guelph.jpg 2009-01-24.4909.Guelph.jpg 2009-01-24.4910.Guelph.jpg 2009-01-24.4911.Guelph.jpg 2009-01-24.4912.Guelph.jpg 2009-01-24.4913.Guelph.jpg 2009-01-24.4914.Guelph.jpg 2009-01-24.4915.Guelph.jpg 2009-01-24.4916.Guelph.jpg 2009-01-24.4917.Guelph.jpg 2009-01-24.4918.Guelph.jpg 2009-01-24.4919.Guelph.jpg 2009-01-24.4920.Guelph.jpg 2009-01-24.4921.Guelph.jpg 2009-01-24.4922.Guelph.jpg 2009-01-24.4923.Guelph.jpg 2009-01-24.4924.Guelph.jpg 2009-01-24.4925.Guelph.jpg 2009-01-24.4926.Guelph.jpg 2009-01-24.4927.Guelph.jpg 2009-01-24.4928.Guelph.jpg 2009-01-24.4929.Guelph.jpg