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April 27th, 2007

GEXR and PNR crews continued their efforts to put GEXR #580's derailed cars back on the tracks. After another whole day of work, three cars remain derailed -- all the ones that were still derailed last night -- GEXR 3835 is dead, a pair of cranes are on site, part of the grade crossing is ripped up, and a covered hopper has been deposited into a hole left by a removed tie, unlikely to move again any time soon. Calling Hulcher might have been easier...


Guelph, Ontario

(map) The city of Guelph is my home town and is just East of Kitchener-Waterloo on the GEXR Guelph sub, and the Ontario Southland Railway/Guelph Junction Railway track, the other end of which is at Guelph Junction.

2007-04-27.2769.Guelph.jpg 2007-04-27.2770.Guelph.jpg 2007-04-27.2771.Guelph.jpg 2007-04-27.2772.Guelph.jpg 2007-04-27.2773.Guelph.jpg 2007-04-27.2774.Guelph.jpg 2007-04-27.2775.Guelph.jpg 2007-04-27.2776.Guelph.jpg 2007-04-27.2777.Guelph.jpg 2007-04-27.2778.Guelph.jpg 2007-04-27.2779.Guelph.jpg 2007-04-27.2780.Guelph.jpg 2007-04-27.2781.Guelph.jpg 2007-04-27.2782.Guelph.jpg 2007-04-27.2783.Guelph.jpg 2007-04-27.2784.Guelph.jpg 2007-04-27.2785.Guelph.jpg 2007-04-27.2786.Guelph.jpg 2007-04-27.2787.Guelph.jpg 2007-04-27.2788.Guelph.jpg 2007-04-27.2789.Guelph.jpg 2007-04-27.2790.Guelph.jpg 2007-04-27.2791.Guelph.jpg 2007-04-27.2792.Guelph.jpg 2007-04-27.2793.Guelph.jpg 2007-04-27.2794.Guelph.jpg 2007-04-27.2795.Guelph.jpg 2007-04-27.2796.Guelph.jpg 2007-04-27.2797.Guelph.jpg 2007-04-27.2798.Guelph.jpg 2007-04-27.2799.Guelph.jpg 2007-04-27.2800.Guelph.jpg 2007-04-27.2801.Guelph.jpg 2007-04-27.2802.Guelph.jpg 2007-04-27.2803.Guelph.jpg 2007-04-27.2804.Guelph.jpg 2007-04-27.2805.Guelph.jpg 2007-04-27.2806.Guelph.jpg 2007-04-27.2807.Guelph.jpg 2007-04-27.2808.Guelph.jpg 2007-04-27.2809.Guelph.jpg 2007-04-27.2810.Guelph.jpg 2007-04-27.2811.Guelph.jpg 2007-04-27.2812.Guelph.jpg 2007-04-27.2813.Guelph.jpg 2007-04-27.2814.Guelph.jpg 2007-04-27.2815.Guelph.jpg 2007-04-27.2816.Guelph.jpg 2007-04-27.2817.Guelph.jpg 2007-04-27.2818.Guelph.jpg 2007-04-27.2819.Guelph.jpg 2007-04-27.2820.Guelph.jpg 2007-04-27.2821.Guelph.jpg 2007-04-27.2822.Guelph.jpg 2007-04-27.2823.Guelph.jpg 2007-04-27.2824.Guelph.jpg 2007-04-27.2825.Guelph.jpg 2007-04-27.2826.Guelph.jpg 2007-04-27.2827.Guelph.jpg 2007-04-27.2828.Guelph.jpg 2007-04-27.2829.Guelph.jpg 2007-04-27.2830.Guelph.jpg 2007-04-27.2831.Guelph.jpg 2007-04-27.2832.Guelph.jpg 2007-04-27.2833.Guelph.jpg 2007-04-27.2834.Guelph.jpg 2007-04-27.2835.Guelph.jpg 2007-04-27.2836.Guelph.jpg 2007-04-27.2837.Guelph.jpg 2007-04-27.2838.Guelph.jpg 2007-04-27.2839.Guelph.jpg 2007-04-27.2840.Guelph.jpg 2007-04-27.2841.Guelph.jpg 2007-04-27.2842.Guelph.jpg 2007-04-27.2843.Guelph.jpg 2007-04-27.2844.Guelph.jpg 2007-04-27.2845.Guelph.jpg 2007-04-27.2846.Guelph.jpg 2007-04-27.2847.Guelph.jpg 2007-04-27.2848.Guelph.jpg 2007-04-27.2849.Guelph.jpg 2007-04-27.2850.Guelph.jpg 2007-04-27.2851.Guelph.jpg 2007-04-27.2852.Guelph.jpg 2007-04-27.2853.Guelph.jpg 2007-04-27.2854.Guelph.jpg 2007-04-27.2855.Guelph.jpg 2007-04-27.2856.Guelph.jpg 2007-04-27.2857.Guelph.jpg 2007-04-27.2858.Guelph.jpg