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April 26th, 2007

Derailment! GEXR #580 derailed 6 cars at the exact same spot GEXR #580 derailed on October 22nd, 2003. I went to check it out about an hour after it happened when 4046 came to rescue the tail end cars and open the Edinburgh Rd crossing at 11:00, again around 17:30, and one last time around 22:00 when I found 3 cars still derailed with the crew all having gone home for the night.


Guelph, Ontario

(map) The city of Guelph is my home town and is just East of Kitchener-Waterloo on the GEXR Guelph sub, and the Ontario Southland Railway/Guelph Junction Railway track, the other end of which is at Guelph Junction.

GEXR crews slowly work at rerailing a half-dozen derailed freight cars at London and Edinburgh.

2007-04-26.2702.Guelph.jpg 2007-04-26.2703.Guelph.jpg 2007-04-26.2704.Guelph.jpg 2007-04-26.2705.Guelph.jpg 2007-04-26.2706.Guelph.jpg 2007-04-26.2707.Guelph.jpg 2007-04-26.2708.Guelph.jpg 2007-04-26.2709.Guelph.jpg 2007-04-26.2710.Guelph.jpg 2007-04-26.2711.Guelph.jpg 2007-04-26.2712.Guelph.jpg 2007-04-26.2713.Guelph.jpg 2007-04-26.2714.Guelph.jpg 2007-04-26.2715.Guelph.jpg 2007-04-26.2716.Guelph.jpg 2007-04-26.2717.Guelph.jpg 2007-04-26.2718.Guelph.jpg 2007-04-26.2719.Guelph.jpg 2007-04-26.2720.Guelph.jpg 2007-04-26.2721.Guelph.jpg 2007-04-26.2722.Guelph.jpg 2007-04-26.2723.Guelph.jpg 2007-04-26.2724.Guelph.jpg 2007-04-26.2725.Guelph.jpg 2007-04-26.2726.Guelph.jpg 2007-04-26.2727.Guelph.jpg 2007-04-26.2728.Guelph.jpg 2007-04-26.2729.Guelph.jpg 2007-04-26.2730.Guelph.jpg 2007-04-26.2731.Guelph.jpg 2007-04-26.2732.Guelph.jpg 2007-04-26.2734.Guelph.jpg 2007-04-26.2735.Guelph.jpg 2007-04-26.2736.Guelph.jpg 2007-04-26.2737.Guelph.jpg 2007-04-26.2738.Guelph.jpg 2007-04-26.2739.Guelph.jpg 2007-04-26.2740.Guelph.jpg 2007-04-26.2741.Guelph.jpg 2007-04-26.2742.Guelph.jpg 2007-04-26.2743.Guelph.jpg 2007-04-26.2744.Guelph.jpg 2007-04-26.2745.Guelph.jpg 2007-04-26.2746.Guelph.jpg 2007-04-26.2747.Guelph.jpg 2007-04-26.2748.Guelph.jpg 2007-04-26.2749.Guelph.jpg 2007-04-26.2750.Guelph.jpg 2007-04-26.2751.Guelph.jpg 2007-04-26.2752.Guelph.jpg 2007-04-26.2753.Guelph.jpg 2007-04-26.2754.Guelph.jpg 2007-04-26.2755.Guelph.jpg 2007-04-26.2756.Guelph.jpg 2007-04-26.2757.Guelph.jpg 2007-04-26.2758.Guelph.jpg 2007-04-26.2759.Guelph.jpg 2007-04-26.2760.Guelph.jpg 2007-04-26.2761.Guelph.jpg 2007-04-26.2762.Guelph.jpg 2007-04-26.2763.Guelph.jpg 2007-04-26.2764.Guelph.jpg 2007-04-26.2765.Guelph.jpg 2007-04-26.2766.Guelph.jpg 2007-04-26.2767.Guelph.jpg 2007-04-26.2768.Guelph.jpg