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May 29th, 2006

I took my first foray into the railroad jungle of the Niagara region on a hunt for Trillium. In hours of searching I caught an S-13 and two cars precisely once, missing them on their street running and never finding the other job in spite of hearing it in Port Colbourne.


Bayview Junction, Ontario

(map) This is where the CN Oakville, CN Grimsby, and CN Dundas subdivisions meet at a great big wye, beside which is the CP Hamilton sub. This location encompasses CN Bayview Junction, Hamilton West, and Hamilton Junction.

2006-05-29.1114.Bayview_Junction.jpg 2006-05-29.1115.Bayview_Junction.jpg 2006-05-29.1116.Bayview_Junction.jpg 2006-05-29.1117.Bayview_Junction.jpg 2006-05-29.1118.Bayview_Junction.jpg 2006-05-29.1119.Bayview_Junction.jpg 2006-05-29.1120.Bayview_Junction.jpg 2006-05-29.1121.Bayview_Junction.jpg 2006-05-29.1122.Bayview_Junction.jpg 2006-05-29.1123.Bayview_Junction.jpg 2006-05-29.1124.Bayview_Junction.jpg 2006-05-29.1125.Bayview_Junction.jpg


Hamilton, Ontario

(map) Hamilton Ontario is an industrial region on the tip of lake Ontario.

2006-05-29.1126.Hamilton.jpg 2006-05-29.1127.Hamilton.jpg 2006-05-29.1128.Hamilton.jpg 2006-05-29.1129.Hamilton.jpg 2006-05-29.1130.Hamilton.jpg 2006-05-29.1131.Hamilton.jpg 2006-05-29.1132.Hamilton.jpg 2006-05-29.1133.Hamilton.jpg 2006-05-29.1134.Hamilton.jpg 2006-05-29.1135.Hamilton.jpg 2006-05-29.1136.Hamilton.jpg 2006-05-29.1137.Hamilton.jpg 2006-05-29.1138.Hamilton.jpg 2006-05-29.1139.Hamilton.jpg


Burlington West, Ontario

(map) This is between Burlington and Aldershot on the CN Oakville sub, where the CN Halton sub merges in.

2006-05-29.1140.Burlington_West.jpg 2006-05-29.1141.Burlington_West.jpg 2006-05-29.1142.Burlington_West.jpg 2006-05-29.1143.Burlington_West.jpg 2006-05-29.1144.Burlington_West.jpg


Thorold, Ontario

(map) Thorold is between the QEW and Welland on the 406 on the Niagara Penninsula and hosts one of Canada's few remaining street running lines where Trillum Railway (PCHR) switches an industry.

Port Colbourne Harbour Railway's ex-CN S-13 comes off an industrial spur in Thorold.

2006-05-29.1145.Thorold.jpg 2006-05-29.1146.Thorold.jpg 2006-05-29.1147.Thorold.jpg 2006-05-29.1148.Thorold.jpg 2006-05-29.1149.Thorold.jpg 2006-05-29.1150.Thorold.jpg 2006-05-29.1151.Thorold.jpg 2006-05-29.1152.Thorold.jpg 2006-05-29.1153.Thorold.jpg 2006-05-29.1154.Thorold.jpg 2006-05-29.1155.Thorold.jpg 2006-05-29.1156.Thorold.jpg


Welland, Ontario

(map) Welland is the home of the Welland Canal, Trillium Railway and much of the chaos that is Niagara-area rail lines.

2006-05-29.1157.Welland.jpg 2006-05-29.1158.Welland.jpg 2006-05-29.1159.Welland.jpg 2006-05-29.1160.Welland.jpg 2006-05-29.1161.Welland.jpg 2006-05-29.1162.Welland.jpg 2006-05-29.1163.Welland.jpg 2006-05-29.1164.Welland.jpg