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October 30th, 2005

VIA 6403 - the CBC unit - was on VIA #85. I heard it too late to catch it, but tried anyway, getting it through some bushes. It met 432 at East siding switch Kitchener and I caught 432 through Guelph with 3 units and 2 cars at the station about 30 minutes after missing 85. Later on, Jay warned of a CEFX yellow on CP #248. We went for it, and caught CP #159 and #243 as well, though we were not expecting them.


Guelph, Ontario

(map) The city of Guelph is my home town and is just East of Kitchener-Waterloo on the GEXR Guelph sub, and the Ontario Southland Railway/Guelph Junction Railway track, the other end of which is at Guelph Junction.

2005-10-30.3287.Guelph.jpg 2005-10-30.3288.Guelph.jpg 2005-10-30.3289.Guelph.jpg 2005-10-30.3290.Guelph.jpg 2005-10-30.3291.Guelph.jpg 2005-10-30.3292.Guelph.jpg

GEXR #432 passes Guelph station with 3 units and 2 cylindrical hoppers.

2005-10-30.3293.Guelph.jpg 2005-10-30.3294.Guelph.jpg 2005-10-30.3295.Guelph.jpg 2005-10-30.3296.Guelph.jpg 2005-10-30.3297.Guelph.jpg 2005-10-30.3298.Guelph.jpg 2005-10-30.3299.Guelph.jpg 2005-10-30.3300.Guelph.jpg 2005-10-30.3301.Guelph.jpg 2005-10-30.3302.Guelph.jpg 2005-10-30.3303.Guelph.jpg 2005-10-30.3304.Guelph.jpg 2005-10-30.3305.Guelph.jpg 2005-10-30.3306.Guelph.jpg 2005-10-30.3307.Guelph.jpg 2005-10-30.3308.Guelph.jpg


Killean, Ontario

(map) This is CP's name for the passing track at Cambridge on the CP Galt sub.

CP #159 crosses the crossing at mile 51.90 Galt sub.

2005-10-30.3309.Killean.jpg 2005-10-30.3310.Killean.jpg 2005-10-30.3311.Killean.jpg 2005-10-30.3312.Killean.jpg 2005-10-30.3313.Killean.jpg 2005-10-30.3314.Killean.jpg 2005-10-30.3315.Killean.jpg 2005-10-30.3316.Killean.jpg 2005-10-30.3317.Killean.jpg 2005-10-30.3318.Killean.jpg 2005-10-30.3319.Killean.jpg 2005-10-30.3320.Killean.jpg 2005-10-30.3321.Killean.jpg 2005-10-30.3322.Killean.jpg

CP #243 crosses the crossing at mile 51.90 Galt sub.

2005-10-30.3323.Killean.jpg 2005-10-30.3324.Killean.jpg 2005-10-30.3325.Killean.jpg 2005-10-30.3326.Killean.jpg 2005-10-30.3327.Killean.jpg 2005-10-30.3328.Killean.jpg 2005-10-30.3329.Killean.jpg 2005-10-30.3330.Killean.jpg 2005-10-30.3331.Killean.jpg 2005-10-30.3332.Killean.jpg 2005-10-30.3333.Killean.jpg 2005-10-30.3334.Killean.jpg 2005-10-30.3335.Killean.jpg 2005-10-30.3336.Killean.jpg 2005-10-30.3337.Killean.jpg 2005-10-30.3338.Killean.jpg 2005-10-30.3339.Killean.jpg 2005-10-30.3340.Killean.jpg 2005-10-30.3341.Killean.jpg 2005-10-30.3342.Killean.jpg 2005-10-30.3343.Killean.jpg 2005-10-30.3344.Killean.jpg 2005-10-30.3345.Killean.jpg 2005-10-30.3346.Killean.jpg 2005-10-30.3347.Killean.jpg 2005-10-30.3348.Killean.jpg 2005-10-30.3349.Killean.jpg 2005-10-30.3350.Killean.jpg 2005-10-30.3351.Killean.jpg 2005-10-30.3352.Killean.jpg 2005-10-30.3353.Killean.jpg 2005-10-30.3354.Killean.jpg 2005-10-30.3355.Killean.jpg 2005-10-30.3356.Killean.jpg 2005-10-30.3357.Killean.jpg 2005-10-30.3358.Killean.jpg


Cambridge, Ontario

(map) Cambridge is the home of Babcock and Wilcox, Toyota, the CP Waterloo sub, the CP Galt sub, the CN ex-Fergus sub and a lot of trains.

CP #248 passes Galt station in last light.

2005-10-30.3359.Cambridge.jpg 2005-10-30.3360.Cambridge.jpg 2005-10-30.3361.Cambridge.jpg 2005-10-30.3362.Cambridge.jpg 2005-10-30.3363.Cambridge.jpg 2005-10-30.3364.Cambridge.jpg 2005-10-30.3365.Cambridge.jpg 2005-10-30.3366.Cambridge.jpg 2005-10-30.3367.Cambridge.jpg 2005-10-30.3368.Cambridge.jpg 2005-10-30.3369.Cambridge.jpg 2005-10-30.3370.Cambridge.jpg 2005-10-30.3371.Cambridge.jpg 2005-10-30.3372.Cambridge.jpg 2005-10-30.3373.Cambridge.jpg 2005-10-30.3374.Cambridge.jpg 2005-10-30.3375.Cambridge.jpg 2005-10-30.3376.Cambridge.jpg 2005-10-30.3377.Cambridge.jpg 2005-10-30.3378.Cambridge.jpg 2005-10-30.3379.Cambridge.jpg 2005-10-30.3380.Cambridge.jpg 2005-10-30.3381.Cambridge.jpg 2005-10-30.3382.Cambridge.jpg 2005-10-30.3383.Cambridge.jpg 2005-10-30.3384.Cambridge.jpg 2005-10-30.3385.Cambridge.jpg 2005-10-30.3386.Cambridge.jpg 2005-10-30.3387.Cambridge.jpg 2005-10-30.3388.Cambridge.jpg 2005-10-30.3389.Cambridge.jpg 2005-10-30.3390.Cambridge.jpg 2005-10-30.3391.Cambridge.jpg 2005-10-30.3392.Cambridge.jpg 2005-10-30.3393.Cambridge.jpg