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December 29th, 2004

On the final leg of our trip from home to Quebec to Vermont and back, we saw a CN train with 3 CN units and 2 CSX units heading East on the Kingston sub just West of Montreal. Frustrated, we went to the tracks at Coteau Junction. There we caught wheel service work, and a CN freight with a BC Rail dash 9 in second place, pretty well making up for missing the CSX engines.


Côteau, Quebec

(map) Coteau is the junction of the CN Valleyfield sub which connects the CN Kingston sub to the CSX Montreal sub, the CN Kingston sub, and the CN Alexandria sub to Ottawa. It is just a few minutes East of the Ontario/Quebec border, just off exit 12 of highway 20.

2004-12-29.4948.Coteau.jpg 2004-12-29.4949.Coteau.jpg 2004-12-29.4950.Coteau.jpg 2004-12-29.4951.Coteau.jpg 2004-12-29.4952.Coteau.jpg 2004-12-29.4953.Coteau.jpg 2004-12-29.4954.Coteau.jpg 2004-12-29.4955.Coteau.jpg 2004-12-29.4956.Coteau.jpg 2004-12-29.4957.Coteau.jpg 2004-12-29.4958.Coteau.jpg 2004-12-29.4959.Coteau.jpg 2004-12-29.4960.Coteau.jpg 2004-12-29.4961.Coteau.jpg 2004-12-29.4962.Coteau.jpg 2004-12-29.4963.Coteau.jpg 2004-12-29.4964.Coteau.jpg 2004-12-29.4965.Coteau.jpg 2004-12-29.4966.Coteau.jpg 2004-12-29.4967.Coteau.jpg 2004-12-29.4968.Coteau.jpg 2004-12-29.4969.Coteau.jpg 2004-12-29.4970.Coteau.jpg 2004-12-29.4971.Coteau.jpg 2004-12-29.4972.Coteau.jpg 2004-12-29.4973.Coteau.jpg 2004-12-29.4974.Coteau.jpg 2004-12-29.4975.Coteau.jpg 2004-12-29.4976.Coteau.jpg 2004-12-29.4977.Coteau.jpg 2004-12-29.4978.Coteau.jpg 2004-12-29.4979.Coteau.jpg 2004-12-29.4980.Coteau.jpg 2004-12-29.4981.Coteau.jpg 2004-12-29.4982.Coteau.jpg 2004-12-29.4983.Coteau.jpg 2004-12-29.4984.Coteau.jpg 2004-12-29.4985.Coteau.jpg 2004-12-29.4986.Coteau.jpg 2004-12-29.4987.Coteau.jpg 2004-12-29.4988.Coteau.jpg 2004-12-29.4989.Coteau.jpg 2004-12-29.4990.Coteau.jpg 2004-12-29.4991.Coteau.jpg 2004-12-29.4992.Coteau.jpg 2004-12-29.4993.Coteau.jpg 2004-12-29.4994.Coteau.jpg 2004-12-29.4995.Coteau.jpg 2004-12-29.4996.Coteau.jpg 2004-12-29.4997.Coteau.jpg 2004-12-29.4998.Coteau.jpg 2004-12-29.4999.Coteau.jpg 2004-12-29.5000.Coteau.jpg 2004-12-29.5001.Coteau.jpg 2004-12-29.5002.Coteau.jpg 2004-12-29.5003.Coteau.jpg 2004-12-29.5004.Coteau.jpg 2004-12-29.5005.Coteau.jpg 2004-12-29.5006.Coteau.jpg 2004-12-29.5007.Coteau.jpg 2004-12-29.5008.Coteau.jpg 2004-12-29.5009.Coteau.jpg 2004-12-29.5010.Coteau.jpg 2004-12-29.5011.Coteau.jpg 2004-12-29.5012.Coteau.jpg 2004-12-29.5013.Coteau.jpg 2004-12-29.5014.Coteau.jpg 2004-12-29.5015.Coteau.jpg 2004-12-29.5016.Coteau.jpg 2004-12-29.5017.Coteau.jpg 2004-12-29.5018.Coteau.jpg 2004-12-29.5020.Coteau.jpg 2004-12-29.5021.Coteau.jpg 2004-12-29.5022.Coteau.jpg 2004-12-29.5023.Coteau.jpg 2004-12-29.5024.Coteau.jpg