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May 29th, 2004

Steve advised that there were 3 dimensional loads parked at CN Guelph Junction after we heard discussion of them on the scanner. Steve and I chased 432 around downtown Guelph, though GEXR #432 only took one of the loads. The remaining 2 left a little bit later on a second 432, but I never did get to see them.


Guelph, Ontario

(map) The city of Guelph is my home town and is just East of Kitchener-Waterloo on the GEXR Guelph sub, and the Ontario Southland Railway/Guelph Junction Railway track, the other end of which is at Guelph Junction.


GEXR #432 heads East across Edinburgh as it prepares to pick up a heavy "blue banana" dimensional load.

2004-05-29.2634.Guelph.jpg 2004-05-29.2635.Guelph.jpg 2004-05-29.2636.Guelph.jpg 2004-05-29.2637.Guelph.jpg 2004-05-29.2638.Guelph.jpg 2004-05-29.2639.Guelph.jpg 2004-05-29.2640.Guelph.jpg 2004-05-29.2641.Guelph.jpg 2004-05-29.2642.Guelph.jpg 2004-05-29.2643.Guelph.jpg 2004-05-29.2644.Guelph.jpg 2004-05-29.2645.Guelph.jpg 2004-05-29.2646.Guelph.jpg 2004-05-29.2647.Guelph.jpg 2004-05-29.2648.Guelph.jpg 2004-05-29.2649.Guelph.jpg 2004-05-29.2650.Guelph.jpg 2004-05-29.2651.Guelph.jpg 2004-05-29.2652.Guelph.jpg 2004-05-29.2653.Guelph.jpg 2004-05-29.2654.Guelph.jpg 2004-05-29.2655.Guelph.jpg 2004-05-29.2656.Guelph.jpg 2004-05-29.2657.Guelph.jpg 2004-05-29.2658.Guelph.jpg 2004-05-29.2659.Guelph.jpg

GEXR #432 reverses with the big blue banana to attach to ETMX 2001, the caboose for the trip to Toronto harbour.

2004-05-29.2661.Guelph.jpg 2004-05-29.2662.Guelph.jpg 2004-05-29.2663.Guelph.jpg 2004-05-29.2664.Guelph.jpg 2004-05-29.2665.Guelph.jpg 2004-05-29.2666.Guelph.jpg 2004-05-29.2667.Guelph.jpg 2004-05-29.2668.Guelph.jpg 2004-05-29.2669.Guelph.jpg 2004-05-29.2670.Guelph.jpg 2004-05-29.2671.Guelph.jpg 2004-05-29.2672.Guelph.jpg 2004-05-29.2673.Guelph.jpg 2004-05-29.2674.Guelph.jpg 2004-05-29.2675.Guelph.jpg 2004-05-29.2676.Guelph.jpg 2004-05-29.2677.Guelph.jpg 2004-05-29.2678.Guelph.jpg 2004-05-29.2679.Guelph.jpg 2004-05-29.2680.Guelph.jpg 2004-05-29.2681.Guelph.jpg 2004-05-29.2682.Guelph.jpg 2004-05-29.2683.Guelph.jpg 2004-05-29.2684.Guelph.jpg 2004-05-29.2685.Guelph.jpg 2004-05-29.2686.Guelph.jpg 2004-05-29.2687.Guelph.jpg 2004-05-29.2688.Guelph.jpg