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Top photos from December 24th, 2004

Deerfield_24.12.04_4781.jpg 107 Deerfield_24.12.04_4782.jpg 54 Brattleboro_24.12.04_4723.jpg 31 Deerfield_24.12.04_4776.jpg 30 Brattleboro_24.12.04_4722.jpg 17 Brattleboro_24.12.04_4775.jpg 11 Deerfield_24.12.04_4785.jpg 10 Deerfield_24.12.04_4784.jpg 8 Deerfield_24.12.04_4788.jpg 7 Deerfield_24.12.04_4783.jpg 7

December 24th, 2004

Having a few minutes to get away a couple of points during the day, I checked the Brattleboro yard, finding it again having shifted its cars around. Brattleboro seems to host a lot of what appear to be coal cars, though I can't figure their purpose there. The yard seems to be switched only at night, which makes finding trains there tough. I also tried to get better shots of the Deerfield Guilford yard. While my shots were better, I really should try again another day (not this trip, unfortunately) to see if I can do it right.

Brattleboro, Vermont

(map) This town is on the New England Central Railway track near the New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Vermont borders.

Brattleboro_24.12.04_4722.jpg 17 Brattleboro_24.12.04_4723.jpg 31 Brattleboro_24.12.04_4724.jpg 4 Brattleboro_24.12.04_4725.jpg 1 Brattleboro_24.12.04_4726.jpg 4 Brattleboro_24.12.04_4727.jpg 2 Brattleboro_24.12.04_4728.jpg Brattleboro_24.12.04_4729.jpg 2 Brattleboro_24.12.04_4730.jpg Brattleboro_24.12.04_4731.jpg 1 Brattleboro_24.12.04_4732.jpg 1 Brattleboro_24.12.04_4733.jpg 2 Brattleboro_24.12.04_4734.jpg 1 Brattleboro_24.12.04_4735.jpg 1 Brattleboro_24.12.04_4736.jpg Brattleboro_24.12.04_4737.jpg 2 Brattleboro_24.12.04_4738.jpg Brattleboro_24.12.04_4739.jpg 3 Brattleboro_24.12.04_4740.jpg 1 Brattleboro_24.12.04_4741.jpg 1 Brattleboro_24.12.04_4742.jpg Brattleboro_24.12.04_4743.jpg Brattleboro_24.12.04_4744.jpg 1 Brattleboro_24.12.04_4745.jpg 1 Brattleboro_24.12.04_4746.jpg Brattleboro_24.12.04_4747.jpg 1 Brattleboro_24.12.04_4748.jpg Brattleboro_24.12.04_4749.jpg Brattleboro_24.12.04_4750.jpg Brattleboro_24.12.04_4751.jpg Brattleboro_24.12.04_4752.jpg 1 Brattleboro_24.12.04_4753.jpg Brattleboro_24.12.04_4754.jpg 1 Brattleboro_24.12.04_4755.jpg Brattleboro_24.12.04_4756.jpg 2 Brattleboro_24.12.04_4757.jpg 1 Brattleboro_24.12.04_4758.jpg Brattleboro_24.12.04_4759.jpg Brattleboro_24.12.04_4760.jpg Brattleboro_24.12.04_4761.jpg 1 Brattleboro_24.12.04_4762.jpg 1 Brattleboro_24.12.04_4763.jpg 1 Brattleboro_24.12.04_4764.jpg 6 Brattleboro_24.12.04_4765.jpg Brattleboro_24.12.04_4766.jpg 2 Brattleboro_24.12.04_4767.jpg 1 Brattleboro_24.12.04_4768.jpg 1 Brattleboro_24.12.04_4769.jpg 1 Brattleboro_24.12.04_4770.jpg 2 Brattleboro_24.12.04_4771.jpg 1 Brattleboro_24.12.04_4772.jpg 3 Brattleboro_24.12.04_4773.jpg Brattleboro_24.12.04_4774.jpg 1 Brattleboro_24.12.04_4775.jpg 11

Deerfield, Massachusetts

(map) Home of the Guilford lines, Deerfield has a large yard and junction. Guilford has a reputation for arresting (not fining) trespassers on its property, according to locals, and the yard is not very accessible without trespassing. It is limited to a bridge on a dead-end road that leads to the yard.

Deerfield_24.12.04_4776.jpg 30 Deerfield_24.12.04_4777.jpg 5 Deerfield_24.12.04_4778.jpg 3 Deerfield_24.12.04_4779.jpg 3 Deerfield_24.12.04_4780.jpg 5 Deerfield_24.12.04_4781.jpg 107 Deerfield_24.12.04_4782.jpg 54 Deerfield_24.12.04_4783.jpg 7 Deerfield_24.12.04_4784.jpg 8 Deerfield_24.12.04_4785.jpg 10 Deerfield_24.12.04_4786.jpg 6 Deerfield_24.12.04_4787.jpg 4 Deerfield_24.12.04_4788.jpg 7