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Top photos from December 19th, 2004

Beaconsfield_19.12.04_4078.jpg 218 Beaconsfield_19.12.04_4076.jpg 89 Beaconsfield_19.12.04_4084.jpg 88 Beaconsfield_19.12.04_4077.jpg 83 Ste_Therese_19.12.04_4048.jpg 80 St_Albans_19.12.04_4093.jpg 30 Beaconsfield_19.12.04_4079.jpg 29 Beaconsfield_19.12.04_4081.jpg 24 Beaconsfield_19.12.04_4087.jpg 22 Ste_Therese_19.12.04_4052.jpg 21

December 19th, 2004

Travelling from Ste-Agathe, QC (the site of the Ste-Agathe sub, abandonned in the late 1980s) where I grew up to the US, we stopped at Ste-Thérèse yard, near a recently abandonned and torn down GM car factory and the site of a CP-QGRY interchange, then on to Beaconsfield and across the border to the origin of Amtrak's Vermonter at St. Albans.

Ste-Thérèse, Quebec

(map) This was the site of a GM car factory that manufactured the Camaro and the Pontiac Firebird until the end of 2003. It has since been torn down, though there is still a large CP yard there that interchanges between them and the QGRY. It also houses several Montreal transit commuter trains.

Ste_Therese_19.12.04_4048.jpg 80 Ste_Therese_19.12.04_4049.jpg 19 Ste_Therese_19.12.04_4050.jpg 4 Ste_Therese_19.12.04_4051.jpg 5 Ste_Therese_19.12.04_4052.jpg 21 Ste_Therese_19.12.04_4053.jpg 4 Ste_Therese_19.12.04_4054.jpg 2 Ste_Therese_19.12.04_4055.jpg 4 Ste_Therese_19.12.04_4056.jpg 5 Ste_Therese_19.12.04_4057.jpg 15 Ste_Therese_19.12.04_4058.jpg 10 Ste_Therese_19.12.04_4059.jpg 4 Ste_Therese_19.12.04_4060.jpg 1 Ste_Therese_19.12.04_4061.jpg 3 Ste_Therese_19.12.04_4062.jpg 3 Ste_Therese_19.12.04_4063.jpg 6 Ste_Therese_19.12.04_4064.jpg 4 Ste_Therese_19.12.04_4065.jpg 8 Ste_Therese_19.12.04_4066.jpg 2 Ste_Therese_19.12.04_4067.jpg 3 Ste_Therese_19.12.04_4068.jpg 1

Beaconsfield, Quebec

(map) My uncle used to live in Beaconsfield near the tracks. When I visited him when I was a kid I could watch the CN and CP trains go by quite often, and I learned about a pedestrian overpass there at the time. It is a great spot with a lot of traffic and CN and CP are closer in a way that is visible than anywhere else I know.

Beaconsfield_19.12.04_4069.jpg 5 Beaconsfield_19.12.04_4070.jpg 5 Beaconsfield_19.12.04_4071.jpg 5 Beaconsfield_19.12.04_4072.jpg 7 Beaconsfield_19.12.04_4073.jpg 5 Beaconsfield_19.12.04_4074.jpg 4 Beaconsfield_19.12.04_4075.jpg 4 Beaconsfield_19.12.04_4076.jpg 89 Beaconsfield_19.12.04_4077.jpg 83 Beaconsfield_19.12.04_4078.jpg 218 Beaconsfield_19.12.04_4079.jpg 29 Beaconsfield_19.12.04_4080.jpg 11 Beaconsfield_19.12.04_4081.jpg 24 Beaconsfield_19.12.04_4082.jpg 12 Beaconsfield_19.12.04_4083.jpg 12 Beaconsfield_19.12.04_4084.jpg 88 Beaconsfield_19.12.04_4085.jpg 12 Beaconsfield_19.12.04_4086.jpg 8 Beaconsfield_19.12.04_4087.jpg 22 Beaconsfield_19.12.04_4088.jpg 10 Beaconsfield_19.12.04_4089.jpg 9 Beaconsfield_19.12.04_4090.jpg 6

St. Albans, Vermont

(map) CN and NECR (New England Central Railway) meet at St. Albans. Amtrak's Vermonter originates here at 06:35 and returns at 20:45. There is a large yard in the town and the station is sufficiently well lit for readable night shots without a tripod or flash in the winter.

St_Albans_19.12.04_4091.jpg 8 St_Albans_19.12.04_4092.jpg 11 St_Albans_19.12.04_4093.jpg 30 St_Albans_19.12.04_4094.jpg 4 St_Albans_19.12.04_4095.jpg 7 St_Albans_19.12.04_4096.jpg 4 St_Albans_19.12.04_4097.jpg 4 St_Albans_19.12.04_4098.jpg 3 St_Albans_19.12.04_4099.jpg 3 St_Albans_19.12.04_4100.jpg 5 St_Albans_19.12.04_4101.jpg 7 St_Albans_19.12.04_4102.jpg 8 St_Albans_19.12.04_4103.jpg 10 St_Albans_19.12.04_4104.jpg 4 St_Albans_19.12.04_4105.jpg 4 St_Albans_19.12.04_4106.jpg 5 St_Albans_19.12.04_4107.jpg 4 St_Albans_19.12.04_4108.jpg 8 St_Albans_19.12.04_4109.jpg 6 St_Albans_19.12.04_4110.jpg 5 St_Albans_19.12.04_4111.jpg 4 St_Albans_19.12.04_4112.jpg 16 St_Albans_19.12.04_4113.jpg 16 St_Albans_19.12.04_4114.jpg 6 St_Albans_19.12.04_4115.jpg 5