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Top photos from April 9th, 2005

Aerial_Shots_09.04.05_2941.jpg 31 Aerial_Shots_09.04.05_2961.jpg 10 Aerial_Shots_09.04.05_2958.jpg 10 Aerial_Shots_09.04.05_2955.jpg 10 Aerial_Shots_09.04.05_2949.jpg 10 Aerial_Shots_09.04.05_2956.jpg 9 Aerial_Shots_09.04.05_2953.jpg 9 Aerial_Shots_09.04.05_2942.jpg 8 Aerial_Shots_09.04.05_2957.jpg 5 Aerial_Shots_09.04.05_2952.jpg 5

April 9th, 2005

Laura and I went from Guelph to Keene, NH and then to Worcester, Mass to visit Laura's parents and attend a friend's wedding respectively. Rob and I sat up front and flew and Laura took these pictures out the rear seat window over the 8th and 9th. These pictures are from the short flight from Keene, NH to Worcester, Mass. via Brattleboro, Vermont and Northfield, Mass.

Aerial Photography

These pictures and videos are taken by plane in no specific places.

Aerial_Shots_09.04.05_2937.jpg 3 Aerial_Shots_09.04.05_2938.jpg 2 Aerial_Shots_09.04.05_2939.jpg 3 Aerial_Shots_09.04.05_2940.jpg 4 Aerial_Shots_09.04.05_2941.jpg 31 Aerial_Shots_09.04.05_2942.jpg 8 Aerial_Shots_09.04.05_2943.jpg 5 Aerial_Shots_09.04.05_2944.jpg 2 Aerial_Shots_09.04.05_2945.jpg 5 Aerial_Shots_09.04.05_2946.jpg 3 Aerial_Shots_09.04.05_2947.jpg 4 Aerial_Shots_09.04.05_2948.jpg 2 Aerial_Shots_09.04.05_2949.jpg 10 Aerial_Shots_09.04.05_2950.jpg 3 Aerial_Shots_09.04.05_2951.jpg 4 Aerial_Shots_09.04.05_2952.jpg 5 Aerial_Shots_09.04.05_2953.jpg 9 Aerial_Shots_09.04.05_2954.jpg 4 Aerial_Shots_09.04.05_2955.jpg 10 Aerial_Shots_09.04.05_2956.jpg 9 Aerial_Shots_09.04.05_2957.jpg 5 Aerial_Shots_09.04.05_2958.jpg 10 Aerial_Shots_09.04.05_2959.jpg 3 Aerial_Shots_09.04.05_2960.jpg 4 Aerial_Shots_09.04.05_2961.jpg 10