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Top photos from October 5th, 2005

Puslinch_05.10.05_1466.jpg 1048 Puslinch_05.10.05_1467.jpg 199 Milton_05.10.05_1483.jpg 134 Puslinch_05.10.05_1468.jpg 123 Puslinch_05.10.05_1470.jpg 111 Puslinch_05.10.05_1469.jpg 81 Milton_05.10.05_1472.jpg 68 Milton_05.10.05_1484.jpg 60 Puslinch_05.10.05_1471.jpg 56 Milton_05.10.05_1488.jpg 54

October 5th, 2005

On the 4th, Reading 2100 was moved to the interchange track in St. Thomas. On the 5th, we received word that it was no longer in St. Thomas late in the afternoon, that it had arrived at Woodstock on CP at 5 in the morning. Frustrated at having missed it without hearing anything, I decided that I should at least try going to the Galt sub. While I had little chance of seeing this large steamer at the tracks, I certainly had less if I stayed at home. As it turned out, we only had to wait about 10 minutes, and CP #242 passed -- with Reading 2100! I couldn't believe my eyes, and, instead of waiting for the other two trains that were coming, we decided to head toward Guelph Junction and catch the next eastbound there, deciding whether it would be worth a chase along the way. Shortly after we left, the RTC told #242 that it had to lift 2 units at Hornby, and that was all the encouragement we needed. We caught the train at 9th line as it left the Expressway terminal in fading sunlight.

Puslinch, Ontario

(map) This community straddles highway 401 from West of Guelph Junction to Killean on the CP Galt sub.

CP #242 crosses the crossing at 46.76 Galt sub at the West switch Puslinch with Reading 2100 a few cars back.

Puslinch_05.10.05_1459.jpg 26 Puslinch_05.10.05_1460.jpg 24 Puslinch_05.10.05_1461.jpg 24 Puslinch_05.10.05_1462.jpg 31 Puslinch_05.10.05_1463.jpg 28 Puslinch_05.10.05_1464.jpg 22 Puslinch_05.10.05_1465.jpg 51 Puslinch_05.10.05_1466.jpg 1048 Puslinch_05.10.05_1467.jpg 199 Puslinch_05.10.05_1468.jpg 123 Puslinch_05.10.05_1469.jpg 81 Puslinch_05.10.05_1470.jpg 111 Puslinch_05.10.05_1471.jpg 56

Milton, Ontario

(map) This is where the CN Halton and the CP Galt subs cross eachother, though there is no junction.

CP #242 leaves the Hornby Expressway yard with 4 units and Reading 2100 on heavy duty flats.

Milton_05.10.05_1472.jpg 68 Milton_05.10.05_1473.jpg 29 Milton_05.10.05_1474.jpg 41 Milton_05.10.05_1475.jpg 41 Milton_05.10.05_1476.jpg 33 Milton_05.10.05_1477.jpg 18 Milton_05.10.05_1478.jpg 17 Milton_05.10.05_1479.jpg 16 Milton_05.10.05_1480.jpg 25 Milton_05.10.05_1481.jpg 36 Milton_05.10.05_1482.jpg 39 Milton_05.10.05_1483.jpg 134 Milton_05.10.05_1484.jpg 60 Milton_05.10.05_1485.jpg 32 Milton_05.10.05_1486.jpg 19 Milton_05.10.05_1487.jpg 20 Milton_05.10.05_1488.jpg 54 Milton_05.10.05_1489.jpg 16 Milton_05.10.05_1490.jpg 18 Milton_05.10.05_1491.jpg 23 Milton_05.10.05_1492.jpg 44 Milton_05.10.05_1493.jpg 37 Milton_05.10.05_1494.jpg 45 Milton_05.10.05_1495.jpg 19 Milton_05.10.05_1496.jpg 6 Milton_05.10.05_1497.jpg 26 Milton_05.10.05_1498.jpg 13