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This page is an index of the photos by their contents, as long as reporting marks are visible in the picture. It is far from complete and does not index photos which do not have visible reporting marks.


* (ENG) indicates the picture is of or contains an engine
* (blurry) indicates the picture is blurred or unclear
* (partial) indicates that the car is not completely within the image frame
* (DUP) indicates that the item in question is listed on at least two different days
* (FAV) indicates that the item is one of my personal favourites, and will be cycled through the favourites section of the index page

The reporting marks are converted into company names using's Reporting Marks list, with modifications, addendums, and corrections..

This index is 99 % complete (83926 /84405 ), and lists 981 separate reporting marks totaling 33101 different engines and rolling stock.

First encounteredEntriesUniqueMarksCompany
2007-08-2594AA Ann Arbor Railroad
2007-05-06372AARX Association of American Railroads
2003-11-011814ABOX TTX Company
2004-03-28461ABWX Asea Brown Boveri Incorporated
2004-11-06149AC Canadian National Railway (Algoma Central Railway Incorporated)
2006-12-2844ACCX Consolidation Coal Company
2003-02-01638451ACFX General Electric Rail Services Corporation
2003-07-011613ACPX BP Products North America Incorporated
2003-11-2985ACTX Honeywell International Incorporated
2005-12-303520ADCX Adirondack Scenic Railroad
2003-04-09141115ADMX ADM Transportation Company
2006-04-0111AEPX American Electric Power Service
2005-05-1465AERC Albany and Eastern Railroad Company
2007-01-2152AESX General Electric Rail Services Corporation
2003-04-26172130AEX The Andersons
2004-06-2876AFPX Honeywell International Incorporated
2003-07-053123AGCX Procor Limited
2005-01-2432AGHX Agrium US Incorporated
2004-04-2832AGLF Knoxville and Holston River Railroad Company Incorporated
2003-02-01146112AGPX Ag Processing Incorporated
2005-01-032115AGR Alabama and Gulf Coast Railway LLC
2004-04-2811AGYX Centrex Construction Products Inc (American Gypsum Company)
2004-01-24119AJPX IMC Chemicals
2006-01-0743AKMD Arkansas Midland Railroad Company
2005-02-0311ALAB Alabama Railroad Company
2003-07-171916ALAX Equistar Chemicals LP
2007-05-2866ALHX Equistar Chemicals, LP
2007-03-1188ALLX Alliance Machine Company
2004-11-25108ALM Arkansas Louisiana and Mississippi Railroad Company
2004-01-113130ALNX Alberta Government
2004-04-052417ALPX Alberta Government
2007-06-22103ALUK Alphaline - former British Railways (UK)
2003-07-052220ALY Allegheny and Eastern Railroad Incorporated
2004-05-1621AM Arkansas and Missouri Railroad Company
2003-05-1854AMC Arkansas Louisiana and Mississippi Railroad Company
2003-04-1310078AMCX BP Amoco Chemical Company Chemical Division
2004-09-293222AMGX AMG Resources Corporation
2003-07-012625AMOX BP Products North America Incorporated
2006-01-2222AMPX General Electric Rail Services Corporation
2004-12-198137AMT Agence Métropolitaine de Transport (MUCTC)
2003-04-19498202AMTK National Railroad Passenger Corporation (AMTRAK)
2004-04-0921AN AN Railway LLC
2005-01-1533ANAX General Electric Rail Services Corporation
2006-12-2844ANGX The Andersons - Rail Group
2004-07-1476ANR Angelina and Neches River Railroad
2007-12-221111AOCX Aluminum Company of America
2003-02-01186168AOK Arkansas-Oklahoma Railroad Incorporated
2005-09-1154APHX Air Products Polymers LP
2006-01-0722APPX Appalachian Railcar Services
2005-11-05127ARIX General Electric Rail Services Corporation
2004-10-2371ARLX Andres Reed Leasing
2003-07-019482ARMN Union Pacific Railroad Company
2004-03-0811ARPX BP Products North America Incorporated
2004-05-0511ARR Alaska Railroad Corporation
2003-03-292015ARSX Sunoco Incorporated (R and M)
2003-12-1386ASAB Bay Line Railroad LLC
2004-02-281716ASHX American Soda LLP
2004-04-102119ATGX ATEL Leasing Corporation
2003-03-2411487ATSF Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway Company
2003-08-223227ATTX TTX Company
2003-04-13138119ATW Atlantic and Western Railway
2009-06-2041ATWU Arriva Trains Wales (UK)
2004-04-101818AWXX East Carbon Development Company
2004-09-1221AZXX Arizona Chemical Company
2006-06-2421BAEX The Andersons
2004-01-2499BALX Bayer Corporation
2003-03-299371BAR Bangor and Aroostook Railroad Company now MMA
2003-04-26132BAWX Babcock and Wilcox Company
2007-06-0911BAYL Bay Line Railroad LLC
2006-03-1811BAYX Bayer Corporation
2008-03-2211BBGX Greenbrier Companies
2007-06-0311BCCX Border Chemical Company Limited
2003-07-271612BCIT BC Rail Limited
2004-08-0832BCLR Bay Colony Railroad Corporation
2003-04-13188140BCOL BC Rail Limited
2004-04-092318BFGX Oxy Vinyls LP
2004-09-12116BFPX Besse Forest Products
2006-09-101111BFTX Bill Frank Trucking
2008-09-0741BHPA Broken Hill Proprietary Company (Australia)
2006-12-2982BHRX Bellefonte Historical Railway
2004-03-2864BJOX Citicorp Railmark Incorporated
2009-06-09541BKRR Batten Kill Railroad Company Incorporated
2004-08-213728BLE Bessemer and Lake Erie Railroad Company
2003-05-187140BM Boston and Maine Corporation
2005-12-2261BMS St. Lawrence and Atlantic Railroad Company (GWI)
2003-02-01154126BN Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway Company
2005-04-0155BNFE Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway Company
2003-02-011692481BNSF Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway Company
2005-01-2785BO CSX Transportation Incorporated
2007-08-2542BOMX Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Museum, Inc.
2004-01-111010BORX US Borax Incorporated
2004-07-1712045BPRR Buffalo and Pittsburgh Railroad Incorporated
2006-05-2099BPRX BP AMOCO Chemical Co. Chemical Division
2004-03-012516BR Bradford Industrial Rail Incorporated
2003-05-034128BRAN Brandon Corporation
2005-06-1866BRAX CIT Group/Capital Finance Incorporated
2005-07-1488BRCX Bunge North America Incorporated
2003-03-091612BRIX Union Tank Car Company
2008-06-2811BRRX Brooklyn Resource Recovery Incorporated
2009-06-168115BRUK British Railways (UK)
2008-06-28133BSOR Buffalo Southern Railroad Incorporated
2005-10-1641BTCX Everest Railcar Services
2004-04-2653BTRX Rocky Mountain Transportation Services
2003-03-265846BTTX TTX Company
2003-06-141211BWCX GE Plastics
2003-04-099463CABX Cabot Corporation
2004-03-192120CAGX MHC Incorporated Subsidiary of ConAgra
2003-07-111412CAGY Columbus and Greenville Railway Company
2006-04-1621CALX California Railcar Corporation
2004-05-2111CANX CANAC International Incorporated
2006-06-2411CBQ Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway Company
2004-03-192117CBRY Copper Basin Railway Incorporated
2003-05-294946CC Chicago Central and Pacific Railroad Company
2003-03-246150CCBX Union Carbide Corporation
2005-06-02412CCGX Cando Contracting Limited
2003-04-116955CCLX Crystal Car Line Incorporated
2005-03-3033CCR Kansas City Southern Railway Company
2005-12-2341CCRR Claremont Concord Railroad Corporation
2009-06-175423CCUK Cross-Country (UK)
2003-07-016454CCX Columbian Chemicals Co (Subsidiary of Phelps Dodge Corporation)
2005-12-21842CDAC Canadian American Railroad Company (now MMA)
2005-05-1511CDCX Air Liquide America Corporation
2008-06-2944CDEX Coastal Distribution, LLC
2005-12-2321CDHX Caledonian Rail Lines LLC
2017-01-065812CDTX California Department of Transportation
2003-03-261081320CEFX CIT Group/Capital Finance Incorporated
2003-03-245140CELX Celtran Incorporated Subsidiary of Celanese International Corporation
2007-08-2844CEMX Cemex Mexico SA de CV
2003-05-1822CERX ER Carpenter LLP
2004-03-1011CEWX Canadian Enterprise Gas Products
2006-06-1498CFL Chemin de Fer de Lanaudiere
2006-06-2311CFLX Crestbrook Forest Industries (captive service)
2004-01-112116CFMX Cargill Incorporated
2004-03-081514CFWR Caney Fork and Western Railroad
2006-03-1151CG Norfolk Southern Railway Company
2004-03-0833CGCX Cargill Incorporated C.G.D. Division
2006-11-0511CGDX Eastern Propane Gas (Country Gas Distributors Incorporated)
2003-05-1899CGEX Cargill Incorporated C.G.D. Division
2003-02-10267197CGLX GATX Rail Canada Corporation
2004-04-103825CGMX GATX Rail Canada Corporation
2004-01-2443CGOX Cargill Incorporated
2006-10-0711CGRX Consolidated Grain and Barge Company
2003-02-10262191CGTX GATX Rail Canada Corporation
2004-01-241712CHSX Cenex Harvest States Cooperative
2003-05-184428CHTT Union Pacific Railroad Company
2009-06-173416CHUK Chiltern (UK)
2006-12-3066CHUX US Ecology Idaho, Inc.
2003-05-183232CHVX Chevron Chemical Company
2004-09-12118CIC Cedar Rapids and Iowa City Railway
2007-08-1832CIRR Chattahoochee Industrial Railroad
2003-02-016454CITX PLM International Incorporated
2006-04-0144CKIX C.K. Industries
2003-11-011815CLC Columbia and Cowlitz Railway Company
2005-10-0621CLIX Calumet Lubricants
2003-08-226910CLP Clarendon and Pittsford Railroad Company
2004-12-202416CLSX Cargill Incorporated - Salt Division
2006-12-3164CMHX CarMath Incorporated
2005-10-1011189CMO Union Pacific Railroad Company
2006-10-0733CMPX Compass Capital Corp.
2003-02-01101352711CN Canadian National Railway
2003-02-10719598CNA Canadian National Railway
2003-02-15270215CNIS Canadian National Railway
2006-09-0943CNJW Central Railroad of New Jersey
2003-02-15384243CNLX CN Treasury Operations Limited (Canac?)
2005-12-2311CNRX Canadian National Railway
2006-09-0941CNTP Cincinnati New Orleans and Texas Pacific Railway Company
2005-03-0622CNTX Continental Tank Car Corporation
2003-03-24159110CNW Union Pacific Railroad Company
2003-02-15232196CNWX Canadian Wheat Board
2004-08-08145CO CSX Transportation Incorporated
2004-03-2899COCX Chevron Oronite Company LLC
2016-08-1132COER Crab Orchard and Egyptian Railroad
2004-11-0143CONX Conoco Incorporated
2004-06-2953CORP Central Oregon and Pacific Railroad Incorporated
2003-02-01117622653CP Canadian Pacific Railway Company
2003-02-01179151CPAA Canadian Pacific Railway Company
2005-01-2776CPCX Chevron Phillips Chemical Company LP
2003-05-1887CPDX Chevron USA Incorporated
2007-08-3033CPGX Chambers Cogeneration Limited Partnership
2005-01-1922CPI Canadian Pacific Railway Company
2004-01-012824CPLX CPLX Leasing Limited
2003-04-13237202CPWX Canadian Wheat Board
2003-04-09198145CR Norfolk Southern Railway Company
2003-04-13195142CRDX Chicago Freight Car Leasing Company
2003-05-025547CRGX Cargill Incorporated
2005-03-082412CRIX Citicorp Railmark Incorporated
2003-11-0132CRL Chicago Rail Link
2003-02-019580CRLE Coe Rail Incorporated
2007-05-0511CRLX Canadian Railserve Limited
2004-01-0384CRPX Centennial Gas Liquide LLC
2009-06-1921CRUK Cotswold Rail (UK)
2006-12-2876CRYX Cryo-Trans Incorporated
2004-12-20265CSOR Connecticut Southern Railroad
2004-08-1911CSP Camas Prairie RailNet Incorporated
2006-01-071210CSS Chicago SouthShore and South Bend Railroad
2006-09-1011CSTX Canada Starch Company Incorporated
2003-02-011960661CSXT CSX Transportation Incorporated
2003-08-17116CSYX Central Soya Company Incorporated
2009-01-1043CTCX Endasa SA de CV
2006-01-0721CTIX Southeastern Industrial Enterprises Incorporated
2003-04-111511CTRN Union Pacific Railroad Company
2007-06-2343CTUK Central Trains (UK)
2005-12-042117CUOH Columbus and Ohio River Rail Road Company
2003-03-013227CV Grand Trunk Western Railroad Incorporated (CN)
2003-03-2910289CVC Canadian National Railway
2005-10-27153CVRD Companhia Vale do Rio Doce (Brasil)
2004-01-111311CW Colorado and Wyoming Railway Company
2005-07-1683CWBX C. W. Brooks Incorporated
2006-06-2411CWEX Midwest Generation LLC
2006-01-0788CWSX Cardella Waste Services
2003-05-0253DACX VIP Tank Services
2006-11-0521DAX Occidental Chemical Corporation
2003-09-283931DBCX BASF Corporation
2004-12-201514DBUX CIT Group/Capital Finance Incorporated
2005-11-05119DCBX Degussa Corporation
2003-05-195440DCLX Dow Chemical Canada Incorporated
2003-03-292619DCTX PLM International Incorporated
2004-02-2211DEEX Detroit Edison Company
2004-11-2211DGCX Dakota Gasification Company
2004-11-2244DGHX IMC Chemicals
2006-04-09676DH Delaware and Hudson Railway Company Incorporated
2003-04-134638DJJX Joseph Transportation Incorporated
2006-12-3011DJLX Joseph Leasing Limited
2007-05-2611DJTX Joseph Transportation Incorporated
2007-09-1511DLPX DeGussa Canada Limited
2004-03-281714DLRX General Electric Rail Services Corporation
2005-12-304514DLW Delaware-Lackawanna Railroad Company
2005-12-30769DLWR Depew Lancaster and Western Railroad Company Incorporated
2003-04-11130105DME Dakota Minnesota and Eastern Railroad Corporation
2006-05-19153DMIR Duluth Missabe and Iron Range Railway Company
2004-11-061513DMIX ADM Transportation
2003-07-014420DMLX General Electric Rail Services Corporation
2005-01-271110DMM Dansville and Mount Morris Railroad Company
2003-07-051110DOCX Du Pont Canada Incorporated
2004-06-16125DONX Donnelly Commodities Co.
2003-03-24161141DOWX Dow Chemical Company
2004-06-0322DR Dardanelle and Russellville Railroad Incorporated
2006-11-0522DREX ProTrade Steel Company Limited
2004-03-011810DRGW Union Pacific Railroad Company
2008-06-2811DRGX Denver and Royal Gorge Railway LLC
2007-06-23248DRS Direct Rail Services (UK)
2007-06-232011DRUK Maintenance of Way (UK)
2008-07-0522DSRC Dakota Southern Railway Company
2007-08-2611DSSX Detroit Salt Company LLC
2003-03-292717DTI Grand Trunk Western Railroad Incorporated (CN)
2009-04-1122DTLX Delta Tank Line Company
2003-09-2842DTS Grand Trunk Western Railroad Incorporated (CN)
2003-02-101120925DTTX TTX Company
2003-09-2111DUCX Du Pont Canada Incorporated
2003-05-033129DUPX Du Pont De Nemours and Company Incorporated
2007-06-0311DVLX Freeport-McRo-Ran Sulphur Company
2003-02-15136122DWC Canadian National Railway
2005-05-06122DWP Duluth Winnipeg and Pacific Railway
2006-12-3022EAFX Rail Logistics, LC
2004-03-2285EAGX Eaglebrook Incorporated
2008-06-2922EAMX Everest Railcar Services, Inc.
2006-01-30408EAR East Africa Railway
2008-03-2911ECLX ELM-Central Rail Leasing LP
2005-04-0121ECOX Eco East
2005-03-2999ECOZ Ecorail Incorporated
2003-04-131210ECQX Engineered Carbons Incorporated
2008-02-0325031ECR EuroCargo Rail (France)
2003-05-185535ECUX Exxon Mobil Corporation
2004-05-211310ECXX ECDC Environmental LC
2003-12-209076EEC East Erie Commercial Railroad
2007-02-20497EFC E. F. Carajas (Brasil)
2009-02-227431EGRY Egyptian Railway
2007-03-2521EHSX Essex Hybrid Seed Company Incorporated
2003-04-134920EJE Elgin Joliet and Eastern Railway Company
2009-05-0821EL Norfolk Southern Railway Company
2005-05-1821ELCX Eli Lilly and Company
2005-11-2784ELS Escanaba and Lake Superior Railroad Company
2003-04-133028ELTX Soltex Polymer Corporation
2004-02-226713EMDX General Motors
2016-08-111312EMRY Eastern Maine Railway Company
2009-06-1983EMUK East Midlands (UK)
2003-05-032922ENGX Englehard Corporation
2004-10-2866EPAX Exxon Mobil Corporation
2005-12-3011EPIX EPIC
2004-10-3021EPRY East Penn Railway Incorporated
2003-03-245841EQUX Equistar Chemicals
2005-09-1761ERCX EXCEL Railcar Corporation
2007-12-2211ESIX EnviroSolutions, Inc.
2003-02-101817ETCX Eastman Chemical Company Incorporated
2003-08-24112ETMX Etarco Rail Services Incorporated
2003-10-0581ETR Essex Terminal Railway Company
2003-02-01266247ETTX TTX Company
2006-12-29532EV Everett Railroad Company
2006-02-1225086EWS English, Welsh & Scottish Railway Ltd (UK)
2004-03-282219FBOX TTX Company
2003-07-0575FCCM Compania de Ferrocarriles Chiapas Mayab SA de CV
2004-09-1231FCEN Florida Central Railroad Company Incorporated
2004-04-2666FCTX Farmers Commodities Transportation
2003-05-03153100FEC Florida East Coast Railway Company
2005-12-229520FGLK Finger Lakes Railway Corporation
2006-09-1011FGLX Factor Gas Liquids Incorporated
2006-02-12255136FGW First Great Western (UK)
2003-02-102017FINX Trinity Rail Management Incorporated
2007-01-2114333FL Freightliner (UK)
2004-11-0611FLAX Flexsys America LP
2004-07-1494FLIX Farmland Industries Incorporated
2003-04-132221FLOX Flex Leasing Corporation
2009-06-17134FLUK Fastline (UK)
2005-12-081110FMLX FMC Corporation
2003-04-137053FPAX Formosa Transrail Corporation
2007-05-2711FPCX Oxy Vinyls LP
2007-01-14149FPL Freightliner (Poland)
2005-05-1575FPTX Ferrous Processing and Trading Company
2009-06-19228FTP First Trans-Pennine (UK)
2003-02-01157132FTTX TTX Company
2003-04-09294160FURX First Union Rail
2008-04-2799FWTX American Railcar Leasing LLC
2006-05-19105FXE Ferrocarril Mexicano SA de CV
2003-04-11152125GACX General American Marks Company
2004-03-1997GAMX Arrendadora Nacional De Carros De Ferrocaril
2003-04-1165GAPX Georgia Gulf Corporation-Plaquemine Division
2003-02-01993785GATX General American Marks Company
2009-06-16204GBRF Great Britain Rail freight (UK)
2005-03-301815GBRX Greenbrier Leasing Corporation
2005-07-0342GBW Fox Valley and Western Limited
2003-06-144641GCCX General American Marks Company
2003-02-1513127GCFX Alstom Canada Incorporated - Transport
2004-04-2633GCPX Georgia Gulf Corporation PVC Division
2006-01-072111GDJX Grimmel Industries
2004-04-05113GECX General Electric Company Transportation Systems Business Operations
2006-06-3011GERX Gershow Recycling Corp.
2003-02-1588910GEXR Goderich-Exeter Railway Company Limited (Rail America)
2007-03-271410GFCX Glens Falls Lehigh Cement Company
2006-06-2311GFLX Greenfield Logistics LLC
2003-05-18198117GFSX General American Marks Company
2003-06-141310GGCX Georgia Gulf Corporation-Plaquemine Division
2006-01-0721GGPX General American Marks Company
2006-12-3132GIEX General American Marks Company
2006-12-281312GIMX General American Marks Company
2007-08-2511GLC Great Lakes Central
2004-09-222219GLCX Great Lakes Carbon Corporation
2003-12-203427GLNX GLNX Corporation
2005-06-2711GLSR Gloster Southern Railroad Corporation
2003-02-10221118GMRC Green Mountain Railroad Corporation
2004-05-0711GMSR Kansas City Southern Railway Company
2007-08-25786GMTX General American Marks Company
2006-06-2421GN Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway Company
2007-06-181310GNER Great North Eastern Railway (UK)
2003-04-134439GNRR Georgia Northeastern Railroad Company
2004-11-25169GNTX TTX Company
2003-04-118157GNWR Genesee and Wyoming Railroad Company
2003-02-1098GOCX Chevron Phillips Chemical Company LP
2005-01-1986GONX TTX Company
2003-02-01819269GOT Toronto Area Transit Operating Authority
2003-02-013931GPFX General American Marks Company
2003-05-0312270GPLX General American Marks Company
2007-05-1911GPPX Georgia-Pacific Corporation
2007-07-203516GREX Georgetown Rail Equipment Company
2003-05-0254GROX First Union Rail
2003-05-031311GRPX CIT Group/Capital Finance Group
2004-12-202073GSCX General American Marks Company
2005-09-07202GSWR Georgia Southwestern Division South Carolina Centrao Railroad Company
2004-09-1211GTRA Golden Triangle Railroad
2008-03-1584GTTX TTX Company
2003-03-01538399GTW Grand Trunk Western Railroad Incorporated (CN)
2004-04-09109GVDX Oxy Vinyls LP
2003-04-2611796GVSR Galveston Railroad LP
2007-12-2033GWIX GWI Leasing Corporation
2003-04-1311GWRC Georgia Woodlands Railroad Company
2007-06-246523GWRE Great Western Railway (UK museum)
2005-07-1641GWWD Greater Winnipeg Water District
2004-03-0863HARX General Electric Rail Services Corporation
2004-12-2151HATX Helm Financial Corporation
2006-02-1264HC Heathrow Connect (UK)
2004-01-01109HCBX Chevron Phillips Chemical Company LP
2006-01-0711HCCX Southeastern Industrial Enterprises Inc.
2004-08-2153HCGX North American Salt Company
2006-04-29684HCRY Huron Central Railway (GWI)
2003-12-073421HCSX Helm Chesapeake LLP
2005-07-2416411HCW Hull, Chelsea, and Wakefield
2004-10-01127HDSX RailAmerica Equipment Corporation
2005-10-3011HE Hollis and Eastern Railroad Company
2003-06-201792HEPX Hydro One (Ontario)
2005-06-0211HEQX Helm Financial Corporation
2003-05-03108HESR Huron and Eastern Railway Company
2006-02-1244HEXP Heathrow Express (UK)
2005-01-0832HHCX Huntsman Corporation
2004-03-0930227HLCX Helm Financial Corporation
2003-12-075644HLMX Helm Financial Corporation
2003-08-171010HLSC Hampton Railway Incorporated
2004-01-011714HLTX BP AMOCO Chemical Company Chemical Division
2003-07-112310HMAX Huntsman Corporation
2006-09-1044HMJX Helm Financial Corporation
2006-02-1233HNSN Hanson Aggregates (UK)
2003-04-134642HOKX Occidental Chemical Corporation
2012-05-1911HOMX PLM International Incorporated
2003-03-295139HPIX Besell USA Incorporated
2003-07-172927HPJX Helm-Pacific Leasing
2004-01-111714HPLX Exxon Mobil Corporation
2004-07-1477HPPX Huntsman Polypropylene Corporation
2009-05-08336HRRC Housatonic Railroad Company
2003-02-01166141HS H and S Railroad Company Incorporated
2003-07-01161109HTTX TTX Company
2005-11-125239HZGX Herzog Contracting Corporation
2004-01-0174IAIS Iowa Interstate Railroad Limited
2016-08-1132IANR Iowa Northern Railway
2009-05-1111IAPX Air Liquide America Corporation
2003-09-211813IATR Iowa Traction Railroad Company
2017-01-1011IBPX Trinity Industries Leasing Company
2003-05-032424IBT International Bridge and Terminal Company
2003-02-15763431IC Illinois Central Railroad Company (CN)
2004-09-1211ICCX International Catalyst Corporation
2004-08-2111083ICE Iowa Chicago and Eastern Railroad Corporation
2003-03-09220182ICG Illinois Central Railroad Company (CN)
2004-10-2722ICLX Intercoastal Leasing Incorporated
2005-01-15127ICMX Cargill Dry Corn Ingredients Incorporated
2009-06-1573ICUK InterCity (UK)
2004-11-1322IFBX General Electric Rail Services Corporation
2006-06-241010IFRX Infinity Rail, LLC
2004-01-1796IHB Indiana Harbor Belt Railroad Company
2006-06-2421ILX The Illuminating Company
2003-04-262521IMCX IMC Global Operations Incorporated
2003-04-116350IMRL Iowa Chicago and Eastern Railroad Corporation
2006-01-0761IMRR Illinois and Midland Railroad
2006-04-295221INCX INCO Limited
2006-01-2276INEX INEOS Styrenics, Division of INEOX Americas LLC
2003-10-1987INFX Infineum USA Incorporated
2006-12-2811INLX Incoal Company
2005-09-111110INTX Interstate Commodities Inc.
2006-02-252016INVX Invista S. A. R. L.
2005-12-042722IPBX Innophos, Inc.
2004-05-0711IR Illinois RailNet Incorporated
2004-04-2622IREX IRECO Incorporated
2006-01-2253ITC Norfolk Southern Railway Company
2005-07-1622ITDX SULCOM Incorporated
2006-12-2822ITGX ITG Incorporated
2003-07-014945ITLX General Electric Rail Services Corporation
2003-10-063827ITTX TTX Company
2008-03-2933IVCX Invista S.A.R.L.
2008-06-3011JBRX Bakery Trading Company
2008-06-2964JDSX M and C Railcar Leasing LLC
2003-11-0111JHMX Alabama Power Company
2004-11-2532JHPX Nova Chemicals (USA) Incorporated
2004-03-1921JJJX JJ Rail Car Leasing Limited
2007-04-14687JLCX J&L Consulting
2004-01-1799JMHX J.M. Huber Corporation
2007-12-2211JOGX Jointa Galushe, LLC
2006-01-072722JOSX Rail Connection Inc.
2004-05-211816JRSX J.R. Simplot Company
2004-04-09129JTIX Joseph Transportation Incorporated
2006-12-3111JTJX Joseph Transportation Incorporated
2005-11-0843JTLX Joseph Resources Incorporated
2005-12-3044JTSX Joseph Transportation Incorporated
2004-09-1264JTTX TTX Company
2007-08-183029KBSR Kankakee Beaverville and Southern Railroad Company
2005-10-0643KCCX Kennecott Utah Copper Corporation
2004-03-03156KCDX Eastman Kodak Company
2004-06-281110KCPX Kemira Chemicals Canada Incorporated Incorporated
2003-02-01201127KCS Kansas City Southern Railway Company
2004-08-1511KDCX Eastman Chemical Canada Incorporated
2004-04-101916KEYX Keywell Corporation
2005-02-031310KGCX INDSPEC Chemical Corporation
2007-12-2111KNOX Philips Metals Incorporated
2006-01-309345KR Kenya Railway
2003-10-2121029KRL Kasgro Rail Lines
2006-01-3082KUR Kenya Uganda Railway
2008-06-1411KWT K.W.T. Railway Incorporated
2006-03-16372KWUX Siemens Westinghouse Power Corporation
2004-05-0754KYLE Kyle Railroad Company
2006-12-2911KYRX Progress Rail Services Corporation
2005-06-122717LAFX Lafarge Corporation
2004-10-2811LAHX Transportation Equipment Incorporated
2007-12-20774LAL Livonia Avon and Lakeville Railroad Corporation
2005-07-1653LANX Lansing Grain Co
2004-12-035529LBFX L.B. Foster Company
2003-02-016536LBR Lowville and Beaver River Railroad Company
2003-07-1744LCGX Cargill Incorporated CGD Division
2006-01-0755LCIX Praxair Incorporated
2004-09-18145LCLX Ledcor Communications Limited
2005-07-1662LDSX Lambton Diesel Specialists Incorporated
2007-05-121110LEHX Lehigh Cement Co.
2005-12-3011LISX Maine Metal Recycling
2003-02-1575711LLPX Locomotive Leasing Partners LLC
2006-12-2822LMIC Lake Michigan and Indiana Railroad Company
2006-03-031483LMIX LORAM Maintenance of Way Incorporated
2006-05-1374LN CSX Transportation Incorporated
2003-02-101310LNAC H and S Railroad Company
2006-09-0921LNE Lehigh New England
2005-12-23479LRBX Lincoln Rail Brokerages Ltd
2009-02-0722LRS Laurinburg and Southern Railroad Co
2004-04-2644LRWN Little Rock and Western Railway LP
2008-06-2811LRWY Lackawanna Railway Incorporated
2006-01-0711LSRC Lake State Railway Company
2006-06-2421LSRX Lake Superior Railroad Museum
2003-06-1463LT Lake Terminal Railroad Company
2006-09-1032LTCX Praxair Incorporated
2016-03-0563LTEX L.H.A.G.S. Incorporated (Larry's Truck and Electric Service)
2006-02-1211LU London Underground (UK)
2004-08-2121LUCX Services Unlimited
2006-09-09262LV Norfolk Southern Railway Company
2003-04-112725LVRC Lamoille Valley Railroad Company
2003-04-1112282LW Louisville and Wadley Railway Company
2007-08-28102MARC Maryland Transit Administration
2004-11-2787MB M and B Railroad LLC
2017-01-1011MBKX MRC Rail Services LLC
2003-07-014442MBLX Exxon Mobil Corporation
2006-04-2911MC Maine Coast Railroad Corporation
2005-09-0743MCNX Burlington Electric
2006-05-1333MCSA Moscow Camden and San Augustine Railroad
2007-08-30301MDDE Maryland and Delaware Railroad
2004-10-2311MDR Kansas City Southern Railway Company
2003-10-033732MDW Minnesota Dakota and Western Railway Company
2008-06-2821ME Morristown and Erie Railway Incorporated
2003-08-2028373MEC Maine Central Railroad Company
2006-12-2865MET Modesto and Empire Traction Company
2005-07-141312MHFX MHF Logistical Solutions Incorporated
2007-12-21954MHWA Mohawk Adirondack and Northern Railroad Corporation
2003-04-136848MILW Soo Line Railroad (CPR)
2003-05-1822MILX General Electric Rail Services Corporation
2004-04-09107MKT Union Pacific Railroad Company
2007-08-1821MKTT Union Pacific Railroad Company
2003-04-133734MLLX Basell USA Incorporated
2006-01-07109MLMX Metal Management Incorporated
2003-08-20388196MMA Montreal Maine and Atlantic Railway Limited
2007-08-28171MMID Maryland Midland Railway Incorporated
2007-06-2333MML Midland Mainline (UK)
2006-12-30164MNCR Metro-North Commuter Railroad (Revenue)
2004-07-1422MNNR Minnesota Commercial Railway Company
2003-03-2452MNS Soo Line Railroad (CPR)
2005-06-0265MOBX Exxon Mobil Corporation
2007-06-2411MODA Ministry of Defense (UK)
2005-01-1511MOGX C.W. Brooks Incorporated
2003-05-187254MP Union Pacific Railroad Company
2007-05-27201MPEX Motivepower Industries Incorporated
2007-05-0511MPLI Minnesota Prairie Line Incorporated
2007-08-2722MQPX Millennium Inorganic Chemicals Incorporated
2006-06-2454MQT Marquette Rail Transport
2003-08-1798MR McCloud Railway Company
2006-09-0941MREX Monad Railway Equipment Company
2004-01-015037MRL Montana RailLink Incorporated
2006-01-0743MRS Manufacturers Railway Company
2003-10-1955MS Michigan Shore Railroad Incorporated
2003-07-012827MSDR Knoxville and Holston River Railroad Company Incorporated
2003-04-1121MSE Mississippi Export Railroad Company
2004-08-2198MSRC Kansas City Southern Railway Company
2007-08-2521MSTX Michigan Steam Institute, Inc/Friends of the Pere Marquette 1223
2006-05-2052MSV Mississippi and Skuna Valley Railroad Company
2006-12-2821MTTX TTX Company
2004-05-2144MVRY Mahoning Valley Railway Company
2005-10-2511389MWAX Martin Marietta Materials Incorporated
2004-01-245947MWCX Midwest Railcar Corporation
2005-11-0574MWSX General Electric Rail Services Corporation
2005-11-0511NACX General Electric Rail Services Corporation
2004-01-031912NADX General Electric Rail Services Corporation
2003-02-01346270NAHX General Electric Rail Services Corporation
2003-05-0322NAMX NAMX Leasing Company
2004-09-121913NAR Canadian National Railway
2006-02-2811NARX NORCHEM Incorporated
2003-04-11159131NATX General Electric Rail Services Corporation
2006-12-29233NBER Nittany and Bald Eagle Railroad Company
2004-05-0787NBIX Bombardier Capital Rail Incorporated
2005-12-2113430NBSR New Brunswick Southern Railway Company Limited
2003-05-183932NCHX General Electric Rail Services Corporation
2003-04-139777NCIX Nova Chemicals Incorporated
2003-04-132524NCLX Nova Chemicals Incorporated
2003-05-18107NCTX PLM International Incorporated
2003-07-172219NCUX Transport Capital Rail Partners LLC
2003-02-0111193NDYX First Union Rail
2004-12-1947035NECR New England Central Railroad Incorporated
2009-06-1922NEUK National Express (UK)
2007-04-2211NFPX Newaygo Forest Products Limited
2005-06-1932NHCR New Hampshire Central Railroad
2005-12-224420NHN New Hampshire Northcoast Corporation
2007-12-2222NHRX New Haven National Rail Terminal and Transportation Co. LLC
2006-09-0921NHTR N. H. Trap Rock Company
2005-09-1032NIHX General Electric Rail Services Corporation
2004-12-2132NIWX Northern Illinois and Wisconsin Railway Corporation
2006-06-2411NJRC New Jersey Rail Carriers, Inc.
2003-02-015548NKCR Nebraska Kansas and Colorado RailNet
2006-09-09214NKP Norfolk Southern Railway Company
2003-07-0111NLLX Northern Line Layers Incorporated
2003-02-011312NLSX National Starch and Chemical Company
2004-09-293422NMIX NSC Minerals, Inc.
2007-06-233013NO Northern (UK)
2003-02-10395319NOKL Northwestern Oklahoma Railroad Co
2003-12-1332NOVX Novell Polymers Incorporated
2007-06-181811NR National Rail (UK)
2008-06-2811NRDX Nordic Warehouse Incorporated
2004-10-1011115NREX National Railway Equipment Company
2009-02-1752NRHX National Railway Historical Society
2006-09-0687NRI Nebkota Railway Incorporated
2003-02-1011494NRLX Bombardier Capital Rail Incorporated
2003-03-262209700NS Norfolk Southern Railway Company
2005-05-1581NSCX National Steel Car Limited
2005-11-0684NSHR North Shore Railroad Company
2006-09-0911NSL St. Lawrence and Raquette River Railroad
2006-08-2621NTKX VAE Nortrak North America Incorporated
2005-07-1455NTRX NTL Transportation Corporation
2004-04-2874NTTX TTX Company
2003-08-262620NVR Bangor and Aroostook Railroad Company now MMA
2003-05-29181134NW Norfolk Southern Railway Company
2004-07-1711NWR Nashville and Western Railroad Corporation
2003-03-2614697NYC CSX Transportation Incorporated
2008-06-28247NYLE New York and Lake Erie Railroad Company
2004-09-1911NYOG New York and Ogdensburg Railway Company Incorporated
2005-12-303111NYSW New York Susquehanna and Western Railway Corporation
2003-03-241815OAR Old Augusta Railroad Company
2003-09-2111OCCX Occidental Chemical Corporation
2003-05-183527OCPX Oxy Vinyls LP
2006-05-07723OCRR Ottawa Central Railway
2005-07-2411OCT Ottawa-Carleton Transit
2003-10-0666ODTX Oil-Dri Corporation of America
2010-04-0122OFOX Residco
2006-09-1744OHCR Ohio Central Railroad Incorporated
2006-06-2421OHPA Ohio and Pennsylvania Railroad Company
2004-05-2577OLNX Olin Corporation
2008-06-30564OMID Ontario Midland Railroad Corporation
2006-12-152722OMNX Omnisource Group
2008-06-3041ONCT Ontario Central Railroad Corporation
2003-02-15381193ONT Ontario Northland Railway
2005-12-3055ORTX O & R Transport
2003-03-24183725OSRX Ontario Southland Railway Incorporated
2004-01-18224155OTTX TTX Company
2005-11-2732OWIX Old World Transportation Limited
2005-02-031210PAL Paducah and Louisville Railroad
2004-05-1622PBFX IBP Incorporated
2008-06-2991PC Norfolk Southern Railway Company
2006-05-29163PCHR Port Colbourne Harbour Railway (Trillium)
2003-04-131817PCN Point Comfort and Northern Railway
2006-09-0722PCSX PLM International Incorporated
2007-08-2711PDRR Pee Dee River Railroad Corporation
2004-01-24117PENX Penford Products Company
2007-08-2733PEPX Potomac Electric Power Company
2004-08-1553PFMX Perdue Transportation Incorporated
2004-05-0711PGHX Trinity Rail Management Incorporated
2007-03-2552PGR Progressive Rail Incorporated
2003-03-0955PGTX Trinity Rail Management Incorporated
2004-09-2221PHD Port Huron and Detroit Railroad Company
2007-08-1833PIOX Pioneer Americas LLC
2004-12-2066PIVX Pivotal Enterprises Corporation
2008-02-0385PJKA Perusahaan Jwatan Kareta Api (Indonesia)
2003-03-24124101PLCX General Electric Rail Services Corporation
2003-12-13139PLEX PLM International Incorporated
2003-04-137768PLMX PLM International Incorporated
2003-02-102219PLWX General Electric Rail Services Corporation
2007-08-2522PM Pere Marquette
2005-11-1211PMLX Prairie Malt Limited
2007-08-2822POHC Pittsburgh and Ohio Central Railroad
2003-08-20265109PPGX PPG Industries Incorporated
2004-01-173232PPLX Pennsylvania Power and Light Company
2003-07-0111PPNX PCS Phosphate Company
2004-03-08118PPRX Phillips Petroleum Company
2006-04-3033PPTX PCS Phosphate Company
2005-11-2742PPU Peoria and Pekin Union Railway Company
2008-01-0311PQX PQ Corporation
2004-08-0722PRAX First Union Rail
2004-04-0987PRGX Cargill Incorporated
2004-08-1531PRL Penn Eastern Rail Lines Incorporated
2003-02-01967739PROX Procor Limited
2005-05-152512PRR Norfolk Southern Railway Company
2005-01-2742PRSX Progress Rail Services Corporation
2003-04-132824PSPX Phillips Petroleum Company
2006-01-0733PSR Pittsburg and Shawmut Railroad Incorporated
2003-04-265950PTLX General Electric Rail Services Corporation
2005-07-142723PTTX TTX Company
2005-06-022013PVCX BHP Cooper Incorporated
2006-09-07696PVRR Pioneer Valley Railroad Company Incorporated
2005-01-158011PW Providence and Worcester Railroad
2007-08-3131PWXX Providence and Worcester Railroad
2003-08-202725QC Canadian Pacific Railway Company
2003-05-181411QCCX Equistar Chemicals LP
2003-04-11208113QGRY Quebec Gatineau Railway Incorporated (GWI)
2006-11-22915QNSL Quebec, North Shore, and Labrador
2003-07-0111QOHX Quaker Oats Company
2003-05-1026660QTTX TTX Company
2003-07-051816RACX General Electric Rail Services Corporation
2004-01-17277RAIX Union Carbide Corporation
2005-01-197838RBMN Reading Blue Mountain and Northern Railroad Company
2003-03-2411696RBOX TTX Company
2003-07-011713RCOX BP Products North America Incorporated
2005-01-2044RCRX Reagent Chemical and Research Incorporated
2006-09-0921RDG Norfolk Southern Railway Company
2006-09-1033REGX Regus Industries LLC
2007-05-2111RELX Relco Tank Line Incorporated
2006-12-3011REX Rea Express
2003-04-093420RFMX Caldwell-Baker Company
2007-06-2644RFRX Rick Franklin Corporation
2005-03-082012RGCX Rio Grande Chemical Sales Company
2005-03-08124RIIX Reilly Industries Incorporated
2004-07-1732RJCC R.J. Corman Railroad Corporation
2006-12-3111RJCM R.J. Corman Railroad Company/ Memphis Line
2006-12-3111RJCW R.J. Corman Railroad Company/ Western Ohio Line
2006-09-0983RL Rutland Line Incorporated
2005-05-15944RLHH Southern Ontario Railway (RailAmerica)
2003-04-27117322RLK Ottawa Valley Railway (RailAmerica)
2004-11-251010RMGX Railcar Limited
2005-09-071283RMPX Railcar Limited
2009-06-1921RMSL RMS Locotec (UK)
2003-05-023226ROIX Shintech Incorporated
2004-09-091210RPBX Rhodia Incorporated
2006-09-09244RPCX Railroad Passenger Car Numbering Bureau Incorporated
2007-07-24132RPRX Railpower Industries, Inc.
2008-06-28103RRPX RR Power Leasing LLC
2003-07-014232RRRX Rex Leasing Incorporated
2003-05-032013RS Roberval and Saguenay Railway Company
2007-12-20202RSR Rochester and Southern Railroad
2003-05-0263RTCX Union Tank Car Company
2006-04-2911RTLX Relco Tank Line Incorporated
2003-05-032518RTMX General Electric Rail Services Corporation
2005-01-2731RTRX Rocky Mountain Transportation Services
2003-02-015450RTTX TTX Company
2004-03-2898RUSX First Union Rail
2004-01-242311RVPR Riverport Railroad LLC
2005-01-2711RWTX Railwest US Incorporated
2008-07-0511SALX General American Marks Company
2003-04-111412SAMX Cargill Incorporated
2004-01-0165SAUX Sauvage Gas Company
2005-01-2074SBD CSX Transportation Incorporated
2004-08-151814SBLX Sunbelt/Chlor/Alkali Partnership
2004-03-1011SCGX General Electric Rail Services Corporation
2004-06-2885SCL CSX Transportation Incorporated
2003-04-132217SCMX Shell Oil Company
2007-08-2822SDWX Cemex, Inc.
2007-06-0922SEGX SEGX Railcar LLC
2004-03-2211SERA Sierra Railroad Company
2003-09-2122SFLC Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway Company
2004-10-2811SGAX SGA Leasing Company
2003-04-13148SGLR Seminole Gulf Railway LP
2016-08-1021SH Steelton and Highspire Railroad Company
2006-12-2811SHNX Sims Hugo Neu
2003-03-22463314SHPX ACF Industries Incorporated
2006-01-0755SIEX Southeastern Industrial Enterprises Incorporated
2003-05-183326SIRX Southern Illinois Railcar Company
2003-08-172421SKNX Saskatchewan Grain Car Corporation
2004-03-101413SKPX Saskatchewan Grain Car Corporation
2008-06-2911SKRX Schuylkill Railcar LP
2003-07-146746SLC San Luis Central Railroad Company
2005-10-014119SLCX Sleeper Line Company
2003-03-0110895SLGG Sidney and Lowe Railroad (Progress Rail Services Corporation)
2003-07-01147111SLR St. Lawrence and Atlantic Railroad Company (GWI)
2005-11-1111SLRR St. Lawrence and Raquette River Railroad
2005-12-2232SLRX St. Lawrence and Atlantic Railroad Company (GWI)
2005-11-1995SLSF Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway Company
2003-07-0554SM St. Marys Railroad Company
2005-09-1111SMIX Structural Metals Incorporated
2004-02-2866SMMX St. Marys Cement Company
2003-12-071111SMNX Solvay Minerals Incorporated
2006-09-0911SNHX IND/AG Chemicals Incorporated
2007-08-19117SNTF Société Nationale des Transports Ferroviaires (Algeria)
2004-10-2854SOEX Shell Oil Company
2006-01-073635SOM Somerset Railroad Corporation
2003-02-011395533SOO Soo Line Railroad (CPR)
2003-03-09256152SOU Norfolk Southern Railway Company
2003-04-09178157SP Union Pacific Railroad Company
2003-04-1387SPGX Suburban Propane LP
2005-05-256230SPSX Progress Rail Services Corporation
2007-06-185326SPT Strathclyde Passenger Transport (UK)
2006-09-0941SPTA Southeastern Pennsylvania Transporation Authority
2006-01-0711SR Kansas City Southern Railway Company
2005-09-3054SRAX Southern Rail Associates Incorporated
2003-09-281816SRCX Sid Richardson Carbon Company
2003-04-132020SRIX Southwest Rail Industries Incorporated
2005-12-2211SRLX Southern Rail Leasing Incorporated
2003-07-051918SRN Sabine River and Northern Railroad Company
2005-11-24162SRS Sperry Rail Service
2003-06-144033SRY Southern Railway of British Columbia Limited
2003-07-014736SSAM Sault Ste. Marie Bridge Company
2004-12-2211SSD Union Pacific Railroad Company
2003-12-0766SSIX General Electric Rail Services Corporation
2004-08-211714SSPX AE Staley Manufacturing Company
2007-05-27885SSR South Simcoe Railway
2003-06-03146122SSW Union Pacific Railroad Company
2005-09-081097ST ST Rail System
2004-04-1832STAX OCI Chemical Corporation
2003-10-0533STCR Saint Thomas Central Railway
2004-05-0754STE Stockton Terminal and Eastern RR
2004-01-1111STEX Sterling Chemicals Incorporated
2003-02-0132516STLH St. Lawrence and Hudson Railway Company Limited (CPR)
2004-09-1233STLX AE Staley Manufacturing Company
2005-04-0111STMA St. Maries River Railroad Company
2004-05-161817STSX AE Staley Manufacturing Company
2007-08-2722STWX Struthers Wells Corp.
2007-04-2111SUMX Sumitomo Canada Inc.
2007-06-2521SWT South-West Trains (UK)
2006-04-1511SWYX OCI Chemical Wyoming Company
2004-01-1144SYRX ADM Transportation
2009-04-2121TAEX The Andersons
2004-10-2399TASD Terminal Railway Alabama State Docks
2003-05-03143116TBOX TTX Company
2006-03-17101TCB Texas Central Business Lines Corporation
2003-07-271310TCDX Union Tank Car Company
2004-08-291110TCIX Trinity Chemical Leasing LLC
2004-11-0111TCLX Trinity Chemical Leasing LLC
2003-04-1310172TCMX CIT Group/Capital Finance Incorporated
2004-10-278581TCSZ Triple Crown Services Company
2005-05-061211TCTX Tube City Incorporated
2003-05-1899TCWR Twin Cities and Western Railroad
2006-06-2444TEAX Transportation Equipment Incorporated
2003-03-092524TEIX Transportation Equipment Incorporated
2007-05-0511TELX ELF Atochem North America Incorporated
2006-01-0711TERX Southeastern Industrial Enterprises Incorporated
2004-05-168928TFM TFM SA de CV
2004-09-1275TGAX PCS Phosphate Company Incorporated
2003-07-2753TGCX PolyOne Company
2004-10-2722TGIX PCS Phosphate Company Incorporated
2003-08-1711TGOX First Union Rail
2003-02-0144TGPX Tamak Transportation Corporation
2004-03-1942TGSX FMC Corporation
2003-04-131910THB Canadian Pacific Railway Company
2004-07-1433THRX Transportation Corporation of America
2003-03-29197165TILX Trinity Industries Leasing Company
2003-03-243116TIMX Trinity Industries Leasing Company
2004-05-0744TJRX S. M. Brooks
2004-04-261712TKEN Tennken Railroad Company Incorporated
2006-01-148367TLAX Transload America LLC
2003-05-0299TLCX General Electric Rail Services Corporation
2003-07-27119TLDX General Electric Rail Services Corporation
2007-08-31118TLTX Tilcon Tomasso Quarries Incorporated
2006-04-3031TNO Temiskaming & Northern Ontario
2007-02-2411TNR Kansas City Southern Railway Company
2004-06-281311TOE Texas Oklahoma and Eastern RR Company
2005-10-05292TPHX Thomas Payne Holdings Incorporated
2003-04-1344TQEX First Union Rail
2003-03-29133110TR Tomahawk Railway LP
2006-04-1221TRAX Railtex Incorporated (RailAmerica)
2004-11-2243TRLX Texas Railcar Leasing Company
2003-04-111310TRNX General Electric Rail Services Corporation
2006-01-3063TRTZ Tanzania Railway
2003-09-283827TSBY Tuscola and Saginaw Bay Railway Company
2003-04-111311TSE Texas South-Eastern Railroad Company
2004-03-102118TSRD Twin State Railroad Company
2003-02-10164148TTAX TTX Company
2003-06-1433TTC Toronto Transit Commission
2004-10-281513TTCX TTX Company
2006-06-0454TTDX TTX Company
2004-10-102622TTEX TTX Company
2003-02-01591531TTGX TTX Company
2003-04-111814TTHX TTX Company
2003-04-1133TTJX TTX Company
2004-04-0521TTLX TTX Company
2007-06-0911TTMX TTX Company
2003-04-115746TTPX TTX Company
2006-01-0722TTQX TTX Company
2003-02-109258TTRX TTX Company
2009-11-2921TTTX TTX Company
2005-07-1642TTUX TTX Company
2005-02-0632TTWX TTX Company
2003-09-13124TTX TTX Company
2003-04-09125113TTZX TTX Company
2005-11-0532TZPR Tazewell & Peoria RR
2005-06-0221UBEX United Bio Energy Ingredients, LLC
2006-02-2611UCFX Union Carbide Corporation a subsidiary of The Dow Chemical Company
2004-04-1066UCLX Vulcan Materials Company Chemicals Division
2016-03-0411UCRY Utah Central Railroad Company
2003-04-113632UELX ADM Transportation Company
2005-09-17113UMPX First Union Rail
2004-08-2122UNCX GATX Rail Canada Corporation
2003-04-13195129UNPX Procor Limited
2003-03-09791258UP Union Pacific Railroad Company
2005-10-2931UPCX Laidlaw Environmental Services Incorporated
2003-07-012922UPFE Union Pacific Railroad Company
2007-05-2613113UPY Union Pacific Railroad Company
2006-01-3066UR Uganda Railway
2006-03-09356USAX Deptartment of Defense Troop Support and Aviation Material Readiness Command (Intraplant)
2003-02-012417USBX CIT Group/Capital Finance Incorporated
2003-04-133023USLX General Electric Rail Services Corporation
2007-05-2641UTA Utah Transportation Authority
2003-02-01135105UTCX Union Tank Car Company
2003-02-10800626UTLX Union Tank Car Company
2005-12-2154VB Van Buren Bridge Company
2003-09-211515VCY Ventura County Railway Company
2003-02-132255248VIA VIA Rail
2003-10-1964VICX Union Tank Car Company
2005-01-2044VIPX Union Tank Car Company
2007-08-2811VR Valdosta Railway LP
2003-02-152931VSRR Virginia Southern Division North Carolina and Virginia Railroad
2007-06-20106VT Virgin Trains (UK)
2009-09-0353VTFR Veolia Transport (FR)
2004-12-2018916VTR Vermont Railway Incorporated
2003-04-092019VTTX TTX Company
2007-08-2511WAB Norfolk Southern Railway Company
2005-06-0244WACX Albright and Wilson Company
2004-01-2465WAGX PCS Phosphate Company Incorporated
2003-02-10582301WC Wisconsin Central Limited
2003-09-287862WCCL Wisconsin Chicago Link Limited
2007-03-2911WCCX Consolidation Coal Company
2005-03-29102WCFX General Electric Rail Services Corporation
2005-06-1955WCHX Walter Haffner Company
2006-05-1463WCOR Wellsboro and Corning Railroad Company
2003-11-011311WCRC Columbia Basin Railroad Company
2004-01-013834WCTR WCTU Railway Company
2005-05-142918WE Wheeling and Lake Erie Railway Company
2004-07-0343WFIX First Union Rail
2005-05-2386WHCX Western Hay Company
2004-01-0165WITX General Electric Rail Services Corporation
2003-03-097365WLO Waterloo Railway Company
2003-03-093534WLPX Westlake Polymers Corporation
2003-07-011912WNFR Kanawha Rail Corporation
2008-06-28212WNYP Western New York and Pennysylvania Railroad LLC
2006-06-2411WNYX Western New York Railway Historical Society
2003-04-2697WP Union Pacific Railroad Company
2003-11-0197WPRR Willamette and Pacific Railroad
2005-11-1911WREX Western Railroad Equipment Company
2005-12-2686WRSX Warren Railcar Service Incorporated
2017-01-1021WRWK Providence and Worcester Railroad
2004-04-2864WSOR Wisconsin and Southern Railroad Company
2009-06-163115WSUK West Somerset Railway (UK)
2008-07-0571WSX Wierton Steel Division National Steel Corporation
2005-11-0533WTLX Wilmot Transport & Logistics Ltd.
2006-10-08106WTRM Warren and Trumbull Railroad Company
2005-12-2322WVCX Westvaco Corporation
2003-04-134126WW Winchester and Western Railroad Company
2003-09-211110WWLX Trinity Industries Leasing Company
2004-03-081010XOMX Exxon Mobil Corporation
2003-02-1014044XPWX Canadian Pacific Railway (Expressway)
2003-04-2633XTRX First Union Rail
2004-04-091817XTTX TTX Company
2004-10-272417YARR Youngstown and Austintown Railroad Incorporated
2007-08-2722YB Youngstown Belt Railroad Company
2005-08-2162YDHR York-Durham Heritage Railway
2003-04-115738YKR York Railway Company
2006-01-2233ZCAX Zinc Corporation of America
2007-08-2732ZVBX Ferrous Processing and Trading Co