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Other indices

This page is an index of the photos by their contents, as long as reporting marks are visible in the picture. It is far from complete and does not index photos which do not have visible reporting marks.


* (ENG) indicates the picture is of or contains an engine
* (blurry) indicates the picture is blurred or unclear
* (partial) indicates that the car is not completely within the image frame
* (DUP) indicates that the item in question is listed on at least two different days
* (FAV) indicates that the item is one of my personal favourites, and will be cycled through the favourites section of the index page

The reporting marks are converted into company names using's Reporting Marks list, with modifications, addendums, and corrections..

TTX Company
Reporting mark (small image)File name (large image)Description
OTTX 90093Multiple photosFlatcar (Cement mixers)
OTTX 90152 Bayview_Junction_09.03.07_0876.jpg Flatcar (military)
OTTX 90157Multiple photosFlatcar (military)
OTTX 90171Multiple photosFlatcar (military)
OTTX 90174Multiple photosFlatcar (military)
OTTX 90324 Cresson_28.12.06_8274.jpg Flatcar (tractors)
OTTX 90326Multiple photosFlatcar (military)
OTTX 90358 Zorra_25.11.04_2982.jpg Flatcar
OTTX 90361Multiple photosFlatcar (military)
OTTX 90419 Cresson_28.12.06_8261.jpg Flatcar (tractors)
OTTX 90423Multiple photosFlatcar (military)
OTTX 90432Multiple photosFlatcar (military)
OTTX 90438Multiple photosFlatcar (military)
OTTX 90460 Cresson_28.12.06_8268.jpg Flatcar (tractors)
OTTX 90468 Ingersoll_16.01.07_9205.jpg Flatcar (military)
OTTX 90484 Bayview_Junction_13.11.05_4847.jpg Flatcar
OTTX 90485 Ingersoll_16.01.07_9235.jpg Flatcar (military)
OTTX 90513Multiple photosFlatcar (military)
OTTX 90651 Ingersoll_07.02.09_5271.jpg Flatcar (military)
OTTX 90813Multiple photosFlatcar (military)
OTTX 90847 Bayview_Junction_09.03.07_0872.jpg Flatcar (military)
OTTX 90856 Paris_05.11.06_6061.jpg Flatcar
OTTX 90873 Ingersoll_16.01.07_9210.jpg Flatcar (military)
OTTX 90916Multiple photosFlatcar (military)
OTTX 90922 Cobourg_03.06.07_4569.jpg Flatcar (vans)
OTTX 90956 Ingersoll_16.01.07_9229.jpg Flatcar (military)
OTTX 90989 Scotch_Block_08.12.05_1629.jpg Flatcar
OTTX 90994 Scotch_Block_27.01.05_0455.jpg Flatcar
OTTX 91035Multiple photosFlatcar (vans)
OTTX 91052 Bayview_Junction_09.03.07_0881.jpg Flatcar (military)
OTTX 91060Multiple photosFlatcar (partial)
OTTX 91068 Bayview_Junction_13.11.05_4846.jpg Flatcar
OTTX 91319 Ingersoll_16.01.07_9209.jpg Flatcar (military)
OTTX 91350 Cresson_28.12.06_8269.jpg Flatcar (tractors)
OTTX 91399Multiple photosFlatcar (military)
OTTX 91405Multiple photosFlatcar (military)
OTTX 91450Multiple photosFlatcar
OTTX 91453 Scotch_Block_27.11.04_3659.jpg Flatcar
OTTX 91456Multiple photosFlatcar (military)
OTTX 91473Multiple photosFlatcar (military)
OTTX 91493 Ingersoll_16.01.07_9222.jpg Flatcar (military)
OTTX 91516 Milton_10.12.05_1761.jpg Flatcar
OTTX 91533Multiple photosFlatcar
OTTX 91548Multiple photosFlatcar (military)
OTTX 91566 Cresson_28.12.06_8258.jpg Flatcar (tractors)
OTTX 91567Multiple photosFlatcar (military)
OTTX 91575 Ingersoll_16.01.07_9220.jpg Flatcar (military)
OTTX 91579 Scotch_Block_13.05.06_0161.jpg Flatcar
OTTX 91581 Cresson_28.12.06_8263.jpg Flatcar (tractors)
OTTX 91583 Ingersoll_16.01.07_9204.jpg Flatcar (military)
OTTX 91591 Ingersoll_07.02.09_5305.jpg Flatcar (military)
OTTX 91695 Ingersoll_16.01.07_9234.jpg Flatcar (military)
OTTX 91696Multiple photosFlatcar (military)
OTTX 91715Multiple photosFlatcar (military)
OTTX 91723Multiple photosFlatcar (military)
OTTX 91735Multiple photosFlatcar
OTTX 91737 St_Cloud_29.04.06_9240.jpg Flatcar
OTTX 91751 Bayview_Junction_09.03.07_0875.jpg Flatcar (military)
OTTX 91762 Cresson_28.12.06_8266.jpg Flatcar (tractors)
OTTX 91811 Ingersoll_16.01.07_9223.jpg Flatcar (military)
OTTX 91813 Bayview_Junction_13.11.05_4847.jpg Flatcar
OTTX 91903 Bayview_Junction_09.03.07_0879.jpg Flatcar (military)
OTTX 91933 Bayview_Junction_09.03.07_0841.jpg Flatcar (military)
OTTX 92008Multiple photosFlatcar (military)
OTTX 92018Multiple photosFlatcar (military)
OTTX 92058 Guelph_Junction_10.10.04_1122.jpg Flatcar
OTTX 92069Multiple photosFlatcar (military)
OTTX 92072Multiple photosFlatcar (military)
OTTX 92095Multiple photosFlatcar
OTTX 92109 Guelph_Junction_12.09.04_8399.jpg Flatcar
OTTX 92115 Bayview_Junction_09.03.07_0850.jpg Flatcar (military)
OTTX 92257 Ingersoll_07.02.09_5290.jpg Flatcar (military)
OTTX 92344 Ingersoll_16.01.07_9208.jpg Flatcar (military)
OTTX 92553 Scotch_Block_08.12.05_1628.jpg Flatcar
OTTX 92564 Ingersoll_16.01.07_9247.jpg Flatcar (military)
OTTX 92654 Bayview_Junction_13.11.05_4845.jpg Flatcar
OTTX 92661 Cresson_28.12.06_8257.jpg Flatcar (tractors)
OTTX 92666 Creditville_07.02.09_5365.jpg Flatcar (military)
OTTX 92668 Ingersoll_07.02.09_5281.jpg Flatcar (military)
OTTX 92681 Paris_13.08.06_3099.jpg Flatcar
OTTX 92701 Bayview_Junction_09.03.07_0878.jpg Flatcar (military)
OTTX 92738Multiple photosFlatcar (military)
OTTX 92746 Bayview_Junction_09.03.07_0843.jpg Flatcar (military)
OTTX 92752 Ingersoll_16.01.07_9227.jpg Flatcar (military)
OTTX 92757 Creditville_07.02.09_5374.jpg Flatcar (military)
OTTX 92973Multiple photosFlatcar (military)
OTTX 92978Multiple photosFlatcar (military)
OTTX 93276Multiple photosFlatcar (military)
OTTX 93303Multiple photosFlatcar (military)
OTTX 93321Multiple photosFlatcar (tractors)
OTTX 93324 Ingersoll_16.01.07_9216.jpg Flatcar (military)
OTTX 93521Multiple photosFlatcar (military)
OTTX 93524Multiple photosFlatcar (Cement mixers)
OTTX 93528 Bayview_Junction_13.11.05_4844.jpg Flatcar
OTTX 93531Multiple photosFlatcar (military)
OTTX 93533 Cobourg_03.06.07_4574.jpg Flatcar (vans)
OTTX 93543 Bayview_Junction_09.03.07_0869.jpg Flatcar (military)
OTTX 93589 Cobourg_03.06.07_4570.jpg Flatcar (vans)
OTTX 93619Multiple photosFlatcar
OTTX 93741 Ingersoll_16.01.07_9228.jpg Flatcar (military)
OTTX 93743 Ingersoll_16.01.07_9226.jpg Flatcar (military)
OTTX 93806Multiple photosFlatcar (military)
OTTX 93810Multiple photosFlatcar (military)
OTTX 94112Multiple photosFlatcar (military)
OTTX 94177Multiple photosFlatcar (military)
OTTX 94181 Georgetown_18.08.07_7038.jpg Flatcar
OTTX 97026 Bayview_Junction_09.03.07_0835.jpg Flatcar (military)
OTTX 97029Multiple photosFlatcar
OTTX 97036 Bayview_Junction_09.03.07_0880.jpg Flatcar (military)
OTTX 97067 Scotch_Block_27.01.05_0456.jpg Flatcar
OTTX 97073 Cresson_28.12.06_8267.jpg Flatcar (tractors)
OTTX 97081Multiple photosFlatcar (military)
OTTX 97093Multiple photosFlatcar (military)
OTTX 97196 Cobourg_03.06.07_4571.jpg Flatcar (vans)
OTTX 97225 Ingersoll_16.01.07_9233.jpg Flatcar (military)
OTTX 97248Multiple photosFlatcar (military)
OTTX 97252Multiple photosFlatcar (military)
OTTX 97271Multiple photosFlatcar (DUP)
OTTX 97287Multiple photosFlatcar (military)
OTTX 97290Multiple photosFlatcar (military)
OTTX 97299 Ingersoll_16.01.07_9217.jpg Flatcar (military)
OTTX 97309Multiple photosFlatcar (military)
OTTX 97390Multiple photosFlatcar (military)
OTTX 97391 Ingersoll_07.02.09_5295.jpg Flatcar (military)
OTTX 97409 Ingersoll_16.01.07_9225.jpg Flatcar (military)
OTTX 97410 Scotch_Block_27.11.04_3660.jpg Flatcar
OTTX 97712 Scotch_Block_09.04.04_9274.jpg Flatcar (crane) (FAV)
OTTX 97716 Cobourg_19.06.05_7318.jpg Flatcar
OTTX 97723Multiple photosFlatcar (military)
OTTX 97734 Bayview_Junction_09.03.07_0842.jpg Flatcar (military)
OTTX 97752 Bayview_Junction_09.03.07_0874.jpg Flatcar (military)
OTTX 97754 Guelph_Junction_16.04.06_8614.jpg Flatcar
OTTX 97778 Bayview_Junction_09.03.07_0877.jpg Flatcar (military)
OTTX 97785 Ingersoll_16.01.07_9218.jpg Flatcar (military)
OTTX 97822 Ingersoll_07.02.09_5288.jpg Flatcar (military)
OTTX 97824 Ingersoll_16.01.07_9224.jpg Flatcar (military)
OTTX 97826 Creditville_07.02.09_5372.jpg Flatcar (military)
OTTX 97842 Bayview_Junction_09.03.07_0870.jpg Flatcar (military)
OTTX 97853 Ingersoll_16.01.07_9207.jpg Flatcar (military)
OTTX 97859 Cresson_28.12.06_8259.jpg Flatcar (tractors)
OTTX 97863 Dorval_14.06.08_1852.jpg Flatcar
OTTX 97864Multiple photosFlatcar (military)
OTTX 97871 Ingersoll_16.01.07_9230.jpg Flatcar (military)
OTTX 97883 Cobourg_03.06.07_4572.jpg Flatcar (vans)
OTTX 97892 Guelph_Junction_16.04.06_8612.jpg Flatcar
OTTX 97894Multiple photosFlatcar (military)
OTTX 97895 Guelph_Junction_22.11.04_2692.jpg Flatcar
OTTX 97899 Paris_04.12.05_1366.jpg Flatcar
OTTX 97904 Cresson_28.12.06_8262.jpg Flatcar (tractors)
OTTX 97912Multiple photosFlatcar (military)
OTTX 97919 Ingersoll_16.01.07_9231.jpg Flatcar (military)
OTTX 97945 Burlington_West_18.01.04_6858.jpg Flatcar
OTTX 97953 Bayview_Junction_09.03.07_0845.jpg Flatcar (military)
OTTX 97954Multiple photosFlatcar (military)
OTTX 142316Multiple photosFlatcar (partial)