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Other indices

This page is an index of the photos by their contents, as long as reporting marks are visible in the picture. It is far from complete and does not index photos which do not have visible reporting marks.


* (ENG) indicates the picture is of or contains an engine
* (blurry) indicates the picture is blurred or unclear
* (partial) indicates that the car is not completely within the image frame
* (DUP) indicates that the item in question is listed on at least two different days
* (FAV) indicates that the item is one of my personal favourites, and will be cycled through the favourites section of the index page

The reporting marks are converted into company names using's Reporting Marks list, with modifications, addendums, and corrections..

Norfolk Southern Railway Company
Reporting mark (small image)File name (large image)Description
CR 7725 Altoona_30.12.06_8984.jpg GP38 (ENG)
CR 21024 Tyrone_29.12.06_8333.jpg Caboose
CR 55351 White_River_Junction_21.12.04_4446.jpg Gondola
CR 55518Multiple photosGondola
CR 55552 North_East_24.06.06_2159.jpg Gondola
CR 55587Multiple photosGondola
CR 64637 South_Fork_28.12.06_8156.jpg Jordan spreader
CR 92549 North_East_24.06.06_2144.jpg Crane
CR 212474 Rome_17.02.09_5709.jpg Boxcar
CR 221005 Guelph_Junction_14.05.05_3727.jpg Boxcar
CR 221012Multiple photosBoxcar (DUP)
CR 221082Multiple photosBoxcar
CR 221103 Bayview_Junction_12.05.07_3344.jpg Boxcar
CR 221123Multiple photosBoxcar (blurry)
CR 221175 Guelph_Junction_01.12.07_8546.jpg Boxcar
CR 221220 Guelph_Junction_08.03.05_2357.jpg Boxcar
CR 221310 Guelph_Junction_22.01.06_3466.jpg Boxcar
CR 221414Multiple photosBoxcar
CR 221434 Bayview_Junction_12.05.07_3344.jpg Boxcar
CR 221464 Guelph_Junction_19.03.04_8626.jpg Boxcar
CR 221485 Cambridge_08.09.07_8065.jpg Boxcar
CR 221536 Guelph_Junction_01.02.04_7170.jpg Boxcar
CR 221695 Toronto_19.06.05_7572.jpg Boxcar
CR 221717Multiple photosBoxcar (partial)
CR 221754 Guelph_Junction_02.07.05_8320.jpg Boxcar
CR 221769 Guelph_Junction_26.04.04_0755.jpg Boxcar
CR 221776 Guelph_Junction_13.04.03_1273.jpg Boxcar
CR 221803 Guelph_Junction_21.04.07_2477.jpg Boxcar
CR 221805 Toronto_19.06.05_7588.jpg Boxcar
CR 221815 Guelph_Junction_22.11.04_2771.jpg Boxcar
CR 221823 Ingersoll_21.05.04_2286.jpg Boxcar
CR 222202 Ingersoll_24.01.04_7050.jpg Boxcar
CR 222839Multiple photosBoxcar
CR 223010 Woodstock_06.11.04_2439.jpg Boxcar
CR 223018 Ingersoll_15.01.05_0294.jpg Boxcar
CR 223027Multiple photosBoxcar
CR 223083Multiple photosBoxcar
CR 223093 Guelph_Junction_05.04.04_9177.jpg Boxcar
CR 223098 Guelph_Junction_05.04.04_9178.jpg Boxcar
CR 223101Multiple photosBoxcar
CR 223398 Woodstock_06.11.04_2440.jpg Boxcar
CR 223735Multiple photosBoxcar (DUP)
CR 235371 Paris_27.11.05_0468.jpg Boxcar
CR 237025 Scotch_Block_10.04.04_9482.jpg Boxcar (autoparts)
CR 237166Multiple photosBoxcar (DUP)
CR 237199 Ingersoll_24.01.04_7048.jpg Boxcar (autoparts)
CR 237249 Bayview_Junction_06.08.05_9527.jpg Boxcar
CR 237433 Bayview_Junction_06.08.05_9530.jpg Boxcar
CR 237550 Bayview_Junction_26.05.05_6174.jpg Boxcar
CR 237565 Guelph_Junction_14.05.05_3726.jpg Boxcar
CR 237579Multiple photosBoxcar
CR 237609 Paris_18.03.06_6639.jpg Boxcar
CR 237635 Bayview_Junction_23.05.05_5359.jpg Boxcar
CR 237651 Paris_08.04.06_7707.jpg Boxcar
CR 237675Multiple photosBoxcar
CR 237721 Ingersoll_24.01.04_6903.jpg Boxcar (autoparts)
CR 238112 Puslinch_22.03.04_8710.jpg Boxcar (autoparts)
CR 238294 Copetown_09.12.06_7016.jpg Boxcar
CR 238817 Guelph_Junction_22.01.06_3463.jpg Boxcar
CR 238846 Brantford_14.01.06_2421.jpg Boxcar
CR 239256Multiple photosBoxcar
CR 239284 Killean_05.11.05_4318.jpg Boxcar
CR 239289 Bayview_Junction_17.09.06_4761.jpg Boxcar
CR 239299 Bayview_Junction_02.06.05_6472.jpg Boxcar
CR 239378Multiple photosBoxcar (DUP)
CR 239824 Brantford_14.01.06_2418.jpg Boxcar
CR 239831 Guelph_Junction_07.05.04_1763.jpg Boxcar
CR 239846Multiple photosBoxcar
CR 240944 Paris_19.11.05_5200.jpg Boxcar
CR 241015 Bayview_Junction_23.05.05_5360.jpg Boxcar
CR 241053 Bayview_Junction_06.08.05_9550.jpg Boxcar
CR 242423 Guelph_Junction_22.11.04_2775.jpg Boxcar
CR 242804 Paris_09.12.06_6994.jpg Boxcar
CR 243497 Bayview_Junction_06.08.05_9545.jpg Boxcar
CR 279488 Ingersoll_24.01.04_7051.jpg Boxcar (autoparts)
CR 293122 Bayview_Junction_06.08.05_9549.jpg Boxcar
CR 293133 Brantford_14.01.06_2397.jpg Boxcar
CR 293569 Guelph_Junction_09.04.06_7993.jpg Boxcar
CR 294740 Hamilton_16.10.05_2169.jpg Boxcar
CR 294772Multiple photosBoxcar (DUP)
CR 295534Multiple photosBoxcar
CR 295767Multiple photosBoxcar (DUP)
CR 296352 Brantford_14.05.06_0351.jpg Boxcar
CR 296739 Paris_08.04.06_7711.jpg Boxcar
CR 297500 Guelph_Junction_22.11.04_2779.jpg Boxcar
CR 297698 Bayview_Junction_26.05.05_6173.jpg Boxcar
CR 297707 Paris_11.03.06_6162.jpg Boxcar
CR 297734Multiple photosBoxcar
CR 297829Multiple photosBoxcar
CR 297838Multiple photosBoxcar
CR 297899 Bayview_Junction_23.05.05_5358.jpg Boxcar
CR 376100Multiple photosBoxcar
CR 376150 Brantford_22.02.04_7254.jpg Boxcar
CR 496045Multiple photosHopper (DUP)
CR 496169 South_Fork_30.12.06_8729.jpg Hopper
CR 497303 Brattleboro_08.09.06_3970.jpg Hopper
CR 497330 Lilly_28.12.06_8016.jpg Hopper
CR 497542 Depew_10.09.06_4361.jpg Hopper
CR 498064Multiple photosHopper (DUP)
CR 498081Multiple photosHopper
CR 498301Multiple photosHopper
CR 498488 Lilly_28.12.06_8017.jpg Hopper
CR 498669 Cresson_28.12.06_8299.jpg Hopper
CR 498925 Depew_10.09.06_4360.jpg Hopper
CR 504263 Creslo_Station_30.12.06_8677.jpg Hopper
CR 504552Multiple photosHopper
CR 505361Multiple photosHopper
CR 505634 Altoona_30.12.06_8924.jpg Hopper
CR 506061 Creslo_Station_30.12.06_8683.jpg Hopper
CR 507108 Cassandra_28.12.06_8084.jpg Hopper
CR 576327Multiple photosGondola
CR 577400 Guelph_Junction_08.10.09_8450.jpg Gondola
CR 578506 Cresson_30.12.06_8586.jpg Gondola
CR 579036 Paris_04.12.05_1431.jpg Gondola
CR 580004 Paris_04.12.05_1432.jpg Gondola
CR 580333Multiple photosGondola
CR 581198 Paris_02.12.05_1020.jpg Gondola
CR 581715 Guelph_Junction_14.11.05_5032.jpg Gondola
CR 582032 Paris_04.12.05_1384.jpg Gondola
CR 582103 Brantford_01.07.03_3398.jpg Gondola
CR 582400 Guelph_Junction_13.11.05_4934.jpg Gondola
CR 582404 Paris_02.12.05_1021.jpg Gondola
CR 587034 Paris_04.12.05_1430.jpg Gondola
CR 587069 Guelph_Junction_27.06.05_7693.jpg Gondola
CR 587286 Paris_04.12.05_1433.jpg Gondola
CR 589009 Paris_04.12.05_1386.jpg Gondola
CR 589048 Paris_04.12.05_1424.jpg Gondola
CR 601881 Guelph_Junction_19.09.04_9006.jpg Gondola (partial)
CR 602249 Bayview_Junction_21.08.04_7162.jpg Coil service car
CR 604806 Scotch_Block_21.05.04_2369.jpg Gondola
CR 607130 Guelph_Junction_11.01.04_6635.jpg Gondola
CR 607314 Bayview_Junction_21.08.04_7160.jpg Coil service car
CR 608073 Guelph_Junction_10.10.05_1821.jpg Gondola
CR 608743 Guelph_Junction_19.03.04_8623.jpg Gondola
CR 609047 Guelph_Junction_10.10.05_1814.jpg Gondola
CR 609123 Ingersoll_20.01.05_0801.jpg Gondola
CR 609422 North_East_24.06.06_2335.jpg Coil service car
CR 609435 Guelph_Junction_19.01.05_0644.jpg Coil service car
CR 609436 Bayview_Junction_21.08.04_7161.jpg Coil service car
CR 611015 Scotch_Block_08.03.04_8050.jpg Gondola
CR 715424 Industry_17.02.09_5829.jpg Flatcar
CR 883629 Guelph_Junction_10.03.04_8432.jpg Covered hopper
CR 883764 Aldershot_19.05.03_2373.jpg Covered hopper
CR 883856 Union_Bridge_28.08.07_7530.jpg Covered hopper
CR 888364Multiple photosCovered hopper