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Other indices

This page is an index of the photos by their contents, as long as reporting marks are visible in the picture. It is far from complete and does not index photos which do not have visible reporting marks.


* (ENG) indicates the picture is of or contains an engine
* (blurry) indicates the picture is blurred or unclear
* (partial) indicates that the car is not completely within the image frame
* (DUP) indicates that the item in question is listed on at least two different days
* (FAV) indicates that the item is one of my personal favourites, and will be cycled through the favourites section of the index page

The reporting marks are converted into company names using's Reporting Marks list, with modifications, addendums, and corrections..

Bangor and Aroostook Railroad Company now MMA
Reporting mark (small image)File name (large image)Description
BAR X1100 Derby_21.12.05_0246.jpg Boxcar
BAR X1102Multiple photosBoxcar
BAR 101 St_Albans_20.12.04_4136.jpg Coach
BAR 103Multiple photosCoach
BAR 105 Derby_21.12.05_0250.jpg Coach
BAR 107 Derby_21.12.05_0249.jpg Coach
BAR 362 Utica_30.12.05_1225.jpg GP38 (ENG)
BAR 1125Multiple photosSleeper
BAR 1609 Brownville_Junction_21.12.05_0196.jpg Bulkhead flat
BAR 1618 Brownville_Junction_21.12.05_0195.jpg Bulkhead flat
BAR 1722 Brownville_Junction_21.12.05_0180.jpg Bulkhead flat
BAR 5808 Speyside_12.09.04_8642.jpg Boxcar
BAR 5819 Paris_11.03.06_6233.jpg Boxcar
BAR 5823 Coteau_17.12.05_2080.jpg Boxcar
BAR 5830 Guelph_Junction_06.02.05_1522.jpg Boxcar
BAR 5845 Guelph_Junction_30.07.04_6093.jpg Boxcar
BAR 5846Multiple photosBoxcar (DUP)
BAR 5851 Cambridge_27.04.08_1337.jpg Boxcar
BAR 5853 Bayview_Junction_25.07.05_9469.jpg Boxcar
BAR 5859 Scotch_Block_16.09.06_4643.jpg Boxcar
BAR 5860Multiple photosBoxcar
BAR 5861 Guelph_Junction_20.08.03_4504.jpg Boxcar
BAR 5868Multiple photosBoxcar
BAR 5872 Cambridge_15.07.07_6409.jpg Boxcar
BAR 5873 Bayview_Junction_29.03.03_0509.jpg Boxcar
BAR 5878 Guelph_Junction_10.10.04_1131.jpg Boxcar
BAR 5880Multiple photosBoxcar
BAR 5895Multiple photosBoxcar
BAR 5899 Paris_17.12.06_7481.jpg Boxcar
BAR 5902 Scotch_Block_06.10.05_1520.jpg Boxcar
BAR 5909 Killean_25.02.06_5561.jpg Boxcar
BAR 5917 Guelph_Junction_06.10.05_1625.jpg Boxcar
BAR 5920 Ayr_28.05.07_4230.jpg Boxcar
BAR 5922 Ingersoll_20.01.05_0835.jpg Boxcar
BAR 5924 Cambridge_05.05.07_3089.jpg Boxcar
BAR 5928 Guelph_Junction_10.03.04_8356.jpg Boxcar
BAR 5932 Guelph_Junction_28.04.04_0936.jpg Boxcar
BAR 5939Multiple photosBoxcar
BAR 5947Multiple photosBoxcar
BAR 5948 Paris_08.04.06_7793.jpg Boxcar
BAR 5973 Guelph_Junction_03.01.05_5421.jpg Boxcar
BAR 5977 Sarnia_01.10.05_1310.jpg Boxcar
BAR 5986Multiple photosBoxcar
BAR 5990 Cambridge_18.03.07_1522.jpg Boxcar
BAR 5992 Ingersoll_09.09.04_8079.jpg Boxcar
BAR 5995 Milton_05.05.07_3065.jpg Boxcar
BAR 5996 Guelph_Junction_11.04.03_1070.jpg Boxcar
BAR 6545 Guelph_Junction_03.03.04_7831.jpg Boxcar
BAR 6610 Guelph_Junction_03.03.04_7831.jpg Boxcar
BAR 8824 Brownville_Junction_21.12.05_0189.jpg Boxcar
BAR 8858 Scotch_Block_10.10.04_0919.jpg Boxcar
BAR 8864Multiple photosBoxcar
BAR 8865Multiple photosBoxcar
BAR 8872 Brantford_17.03.07_1304.jpg Boxcar
BAR 8876 Copetown_20.05.06_0603.jpg Boxcar
BAR 8877 Ingersoll_09.09.04_8188.jpg Boxcar
BAR 8880Multiple photosBoxcar (DUP)
BAR 8882Multiple photosBoxcar (DUP)
BAR 8894Multiple photosBoxcar
BAR 8897 Scotch_Block_12.09.04_8536.jpg Boxcar
BAR 11015 Brownville_Junction_21.12.05_0181.jpg Bulkhead flat
BAR 33505 Millinocket_21.12.05_0109.jpg Woodchip car
BAR 33523 Millinocket_21.12.05_0103.jpg Woodchip car
BAR 33524 Millinocket_21.12.05_0113.jpg Woodchip car
BAR 33551 Millinocket_21.12.05_0111.jpg Woodchip car
BAR 33558Multiple photosWoodchip car
BAR 33559Multiple photosWoodchip car
BAR 33563 West_Seboeis_21.12.05_0141.jpg Woodchip car
BAR 33566 West_Seboeis_21.12.05_0142.jpg Woodchip car
BAR 33567 Millinocket_21.12.05_0107.jpg Woodchip car
BAR 33569Multiple photosWoodchip car