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Other indices

This page is an index of the photos by their contents, as long as reporting marks are visible in the picture. It is far from complete and does not index photos which do not have visible reporting marks.


* (ENG) indicates the picture is of or contains an engine
* (blurry) indicates the picture is blurred or unclear
* (partial) indicates that the car is not completely within the image frame
* (DUP) indicates that the item in question is listed on at least two different days
* (FAV) indicates that the item is one of my personal favourites, and will be cycled through the favourites section of the index page

The reporting marks are converted into company names using's Reporting Marks list, with modifications, addendums, and corrections..

Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway Company
Reporting mark (small image)File name (large image)Description
ATSF EpicurusMultiple photosPrivate diner
ATSF 8625Multiple photosB39-8E (ENG)
ATSF 36672 Guelph_Junction_28.03.04_8926.jpg Boxcar
ATSF 68019 Guelph_Junction_10.10.05_1823.jpg Gondola
ATSF 88409 Cambridge_03.03.06_5878.jpg Autorack
ATSF 89005 Puslinch_19.02.07_0218.jpg Autorack
ATSF 89006 Komoka_28.09.03_5208.jpg Autorack
ATSF 89013 Paris_25.02.06_5398.jpg Autorack
ATSF 89032 Alliston_27.05.07_4106.jpg Autorack
ATSF 89041 Puslinch_09.06.07_4741.jpg Autorack
ATSF 89044 Guelph_Junction_09.03.04_8187.jpg Autorack
ATSF 89059 Guelph_Junction_08.01.05_5784.jpg Autorack
ATSF 89080 Flamborough_19.11.05_5095.jpg Autorack
ATSF 89100 Paris_02.12.05_1035.jpg Autorack
ATSF 89105 Coteau_17.12.05_2224.jpg Autorack
ATSF 89121 Newtonville_21.01.07_9512.jpg Autorack
ATSF 89122 Guelph_Junction_21.05.05_4897.jpg Autorack
ATSF 89131 Paris_18.03.07_1561.jpg Autorack
ATSF 89162 Coteau_17.12.05_2225.jpg Autorack
ATSF 89184 Cambridge_20.06.06_1800.jpg Autorack
ATSF 89193 Ingersoll_20.01.05_0861.jpg Autorack
ATSF 89197 Bayview_Junction_26.05.05_6326.jpg Autorack
ATSF 89205 Scotch_Block_05.11.06_5944.jpg Autorack
ATSF 89207 Scotch_Block_09.04.04_9435.jpg Autorack
ATSF 89216 Guelph_Junction_22.04.07_2648.jpg Autorack
ATSF 89226Multiple photosAutorack
ATSF 151793Multiple photosBoxcar
ATSF 169524 Scotch_Block_03.07.05_8462.jpg Gondola
ATSF 169594 Killean_30.10.05_3331.jpg Gondola
ATSF 262014Multiple photosCaboose
ATSF 304202 Woodstock_15.01.05_0111.jpg Covered hopper
ATSF 304997 Waterdown_01.07.03_3293.jpg Covered hopper
ATSF 305708 Zorra_23.12.03_6420.jpg Covered hopper
ATSF 305716 Scotch_Block_08.03.04_8123.jpg Covered hopper
ATSF 307665 Woodstock_06.11.04_2454.jpg Covered hopper
ATSF 308314 Scotch_Block_28.10.04_1572.jpg Covered hopper
ATSF 308812 Scotch_Block_08.03.04_8121.jpg Covered hopper
ATSF 311565 Cresson_28.12.06_8279.jpg Covered hopper
ATSF 311697 Scotch_Block_01.01.05_5319.jpg Covered hopper
ATSF 311887 Cresson_28.12.06_8278.jpg Covered hopper
ATSF 312079 Guelph_Junction_13.11.04_2481.jpg Covered hopper
ATSF 312089Multiple photosCovered hopper
ATSF 312354Multiple photosCovered hopper
ATSF 312609 Guelph_Junction_16.04.06_8675.jpg Covered hopper
ATSF 312875 Woodstock_15.01.05_0115.jpg Covered hopper
ATSF 312986 Guelph_Junction_11.04.03_0940.jpg Covered hopper
ATSF 313009 Bayview_Junction_26.02.06_5765.jpg Covered hopper
ATSF 313264 Guelph_Junction_14.05.05_3695.jpg Covered hopper
ATSF 313284 Georgetown_30.03.06_7164.jpg Covered hopper
ATSF 313315 Puslinch_19.03.06_6766.jpg Covered hopper
ATSF 313354Multiple photosCovered hopper
ATSF 313369 Guelph_Junction_10.02.07_0042.jpg Covered hopper
ATSF 313371 Killean_02.11.05_3699.jpg Covered hopper
ATSF 313807 Scotch_Block_19.02.07_0307.jpg Covered hopper
ATSF 313862 Ayr_09.06.07_4949.jpg Covered hopper
ATSF 313911Multiple photosCovered hopper
ATSF 313915 Komoka_28.09.03_5251.jpg Covered hopper
ATSF 313962 Guelph_Junction_09.06.07_4921.jpg Covered hopper
ATSF 314075Multiple photosCovered hopper
ATSF 314122 Scotch_Block_01.12.05_0885.jpg Covered hopper
ATSF 314241 Scotch_Block_19.02.07_0309.jpg Covered hopper
ATSF 314288 Sarnia_20.12.03_6292.jpg Covered hopper
ATSF 314457 Guelph_Junction_11.04.03_0947.jpg Covered hopper
ATSF 314556 Aldershot_01.11.03_5898.jpg Covered hopper
ATSF 314595Multiple photosCovered hopper
ATSF 314600Multiple photosCovered hopper
ATSF 314907 Ingersoll_06.11.04_2192.jpg Covered hopper
ATSF 315039 Woodstock_15.01.05_0116.jpg Covered hopper
ATSF 315155 Cambridge_09.03.06_6147.jpg Covered hopper
ATSF 315183 Zorra_23.12.03_6422.jpg Covered hopper
ATSF 315339 Guelph_Junction_16.04.06_8673.jpg Covered hopper
ATSF 315602 Guelph_Junction_22.11.04_2841.jpg Covered hopper
ATSF 315774 Puslinch_19.03.06_6766.jpg Covered hopper
ATSF 315784 Woodstock_06.11.04_2458.jpg Covered hopper
ATSF 315787 Sarnia_01.10.05_1309.jpg Covered hopper
ATSF 315864 Brantford_17.03.07_1306.jpg Covered hopper
ATSF 321354Multiple photosCovered hopper
ATSF 331315 Cambridge_09.03.06_6151.jpg Covered hopper
ATSF 350240 Bayview_Junction_26.05.05_6353.jpg Covered hopper
ATSF 411711 Guelph_Junction_13.11.04_2480.jpg Covered hopper
ATSF 501798 Burlington_West_21.08.04_7093.jpg Boxcar
ATSF 522878 Lilly_28.12.06_8065.jpg Boxcar
ATSF 524532 Guelph_Junction_23.04.04_0410.jpg Boxcar
ATSF 524720 Guelph_Junction_03.01.05_5514.jpg Boxcar
ATSF 700278 Belleville_12.06.05_7001.jpg Autorack
ATSF 700354 Guelph_Junction_25.11.05_0456.jpg Autorack
ATSF 700394 Hamilton_15.05.05_4173.jpg Autorack