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Vermont, USA

Bellows Falls(map) Vermont Rail System member Green Mountain Railway meets the NECR at Bellows Falls. There is purported to be a GMRS Alco RS-1 here, as well. It is directly across the river from North Walpole, New Hampshire.
Brattleboro(map) This town is on the New England Central Railway track near the New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Vermont borders.
ChesterChester is on the Green Mountain Railway line between Rutland and Bellows Falls.
Ferrisburg(map) The VRS's line between Rutland and Burlington, Vermont passes through a number of small communities including the town of Ferrisburg, a little bit North of Vergennes.

Milton(map) Milton is a small town between St. Albans and Burlington, Vermont and hosts an NECR passing siding.
Rutland(map) Called Vermont's rail hub by the Vermont Rail System, this city on the New York border is not a fantastic railfanning spot, though not for a lack of good trains. The main drag through town offers few good locations and the yard, found at the East end of a stretch of track common to 4 VRS lines is not very accessible. Outside of the city there are many nice locations but with only a couple of trains per day, understanding the cryptic clearances is critical. Rutland is not really near anything in Vermont, but is along the Western boarder of the state about an hour North of Massachusetts.
St. Albans(map) CN and NECR (New England Central Railway) meet at St. Albans. Amtrak's Vermonter originates here at 06:35 and returns at 20:45. There is a large yard in the town and the station is sufficiently well lit for readable night shots without a tripod or flash in the winter.
Vernon(map) Vernon is directly on the border with Northfield, Mass and has the NECR Palmer sub and its detector at mile 116.
White River Junction(map) One of a few junctions between the NECR and the Vermont Rail Systems roads, White River Junction is an hour North of Brattleboro (by car, anyway). Guilford trains sometimes come as far as White River Junction from Deerfield, Mass.