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Banbury, England(map) Banbury is a few miles north of Oxford.
Barnetby, EnglandBarnetby is a very busy freight junction with a less busy passenger station in the middle of it well suited to watching the freight between Doncaster and Grimsby in north-east England.
Berwick-upon-Tweed, England(map) Berwick-upon-Tweed is the first city south of the Scotland/England border on the east coast line.
Birmingham, England(map) Birmingham is the site of a large Freightliner intermodal facility south of Derby in central England.
Bishops Lydeard, EnglandBishops Lydeard is the southern base of the West Somerset Railway, which is a major tourist railway operation.
Bolton, EnglandBolton is a junction northwest of Manchester.
Bristol, EnglandBristol is a major west coast city near the border with Wales.
Cambridge, EnglandCambridge is an academic and high tech city about 45 minutes on the express train north of London.
Coventry, England(map) Coventry is just outside Birmingham to the south-east.
Crowcombe, EnglandCrowcombe is a community along the West Somerset Railway between Bishops Lydeard and the coast.
Derby, England(map) Derby is between Sheffield and Birmingham.
Didcot, England(map) Didcot is the site of an EWS freight yard, large railway junction, and a historical museum that is accessible directly from the passenger station.
Doncaster, EnglandDoncaster is a popular trainspotting location between Manchester and Grimsby.
Dunbar, Scotland(map) The east coast line connecting Scotland to England turns south at Dunbar. Just outside the city to the south is a relatively large facility serviced by Freightliner.
Dunster, EnglandDunster is along the West Somerset Railway near the northern terminus of Minehead.
Durham, England(map) Durham is between Newcastle and York.
Edinburgh, Scotland(map) The Scottish capital hosts a relatively large passenger station called Waverly station which has a train in or out of out around every 4 minutes during peak hours. To the south of the downtown is the freight bypass.
Gatwick, EnglandGatwick is just to the south of London and is best known for London-Gatwick airport.
Glasgow, Scotland(map) Glasgow is about midway between Edinburgh and the west coast of Scotland and hosts two major train stations.
Goderich, England(map) Goderich is the site of the shops for the GEXR and hosts a port and salt mine.
Goring, England(map) Goring is half way between Didcot and Reading.
High Wycombe, EnglandHigh Wycombe is between Banbury and London Marylebone.
Leamington Spa, England(map) Leamington Spa is a small city south of Coventry.
Leeds, England(map) Leeds is between York and Sheffield.
London, England(map) The English capital is a highly busy railway-using city with an extensive passenger network.
Maidenhead, England(map) Maidenhead is the junction of a main line and the Marlow branch.
Marlow, England(map) Marlow is a town near High Wycombe on a single track bolted rail branchline serviced roughly hourly.
Minehead, EnglandMinehead is the northern terminus of the West Somerset Railway.
Musselburgh, Scotland(map) Just a few minutes to the east of Edinburgh, Musselburgh hosts the regional freight yard called Millerhill and is beyond the Edinburgh freight bypass. The passenger station is very accessible with the freight yard available to trainspot at just a few minute walk away down a bicycle path, under the A-1 highway, and up onto a road bridge.
Newcastle, England(map) Newcastle is a relatively large city along the river Tyne in the north-east of England.
Newport, WalesNewport is the first city over the border from England and is apparently where Class 66s coming from Canada are off-loaded.
Oxford, EnglandOxford is a historic university town between Banbury and Reading.
Preston, EnglandPreston is north-west of Manchester.
Reading, England(map) Reading is a major railway junction between Oxford and London.
Sheffield, England(map) Sheffield is between Leeds and Derby.
Stogumber, EnglandStogumber is along the West Somerset Railway.
Swindon, EnglandSwindon is famous among locals for its fanciful roundabouts -- look at a map of the city to understand quite why -- and is also along the line between Reading and Bristol.
Taunton, EnglandTaunton is near Bishops Lydeard and the West Somerset Railway.
Tiverton Parkway, EnglandTiverton Parkway is a rail station southwest of Taunton.
Wemyss Bay, Scotland(map) Wemyss Bay is on the west coast of Scotland and hosts the Wemyss Bay-Rothesay ferry that connects the Isle of Bute to the Scottish mainland via a direct train-ferry connection that even shares the same ticket to get all the way through.
Williton, EnglandWilliton is on the West Somerset Railway.
York, England(map) York is a major urban centre in northern England.