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Today's random implausible lashup: EGRY 2154-BNSF 5406-CN 5349-NECR 2674-CN 5702-CP 3038-NS 1624-BRUK 4561-CN 2256

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AltstattenAltstatten is between Buchs and St Margrethen along the Swiss-Austrian border.
BerneBern is the capital of Switzerland.
BuchsBuchs is directly across the border from Vaduz, Liechtenstein.
ChurChur is the base of the narrow gauge railway that runs up to St. Moritz and several other communities throughout the region and continues on to Italy through the high Alps.
FilisurThe site of one of the most impressive viaducts I've ever seen at Landwasser, Filisur is a junction point on the narrow gauge line from Chur to St. Moritz.
GenevaGeneva is the southwestern most city in Switzerland, along the French border at the end of Lac Lemac, a beautiful, scenic lake in the Alps.
LausanneLausanne is between Geneva and Bern.
MontreuxMontreux is a beautufil small alpine city at the east end of Lac Lemac, the other end of which has Geneva.
MorgesMorges is between Zurich and Geneva.
NeuchatelNeuchatel is between Zurich and Geneva.
NyonNyon is between Geneva and Lausanne.
RomontRomont is between Lausanne and Bern.
SargansSargans is a small town on the border with the city-state of Liechtenstein.
St. MargrethenSt. Margrethen is a town on the Swiss-Austrian border near Bregenz, Austria.
ZurichZurich is the financial capital of Switzerland, which in turn is the financial capital of Europe. Prices are out of this world, and so is the surroundings. Switzerland, in its entirety, is a place I will definitely return to.