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Scotland, UK

Dunbar(map) The east coast line connecting Scotland to England turns south at Dunbar. Just outside the city to the south is a relatively large facility serviced by Freightliner.
Edinburgh(map) The Scottish capital hosts a relatively large passenger station called Waverly station which has a train in or out of out around every 4 minutes during peak hours. To the south of the downtown is the freight bypass.
Glasgow(map) Glasgow is about midway between Edinburgh and the west coast of Scotland and hosts two major train stations.
Musselburgh(map) Just a few minutes to the east of Edinburgh, Musselburgh hosts the regional freight yard called Millerhill and is beyond the Edinburgh freight bypass. The passenger station is very accessible with the freight yard available to trainspot at just a few minute walk away down a bicycle path, under the A-1 highway, and up onto a road bridge.
Wemyss Bay(map) Wemyss Bay is on the west coast of Scotland and hosts the Wemyss Bay-Rothesay ferry that connects the Isle of Bute to the Scottish mainland via a direct train-ferry connection that even shares the same ticket to get all the way through.