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Quebec, Canada

AlmaAlma is a city on Lac-Saint-Jean, serviced by the Roberval-Saguenay Railway, owned by Rio Tinto Alcan.
Aston-JonctionAston-Jonction is a junction along the Drummondville sub south-east of Trois-Rivieres.
Baie Comeaumap) Baie Comeau is about five hours east of Quebec City and two and a half hours west of Sept-Iles along the north shore of the Saint-Lawrence. It has a disconnected chunk of the QNS&L railway that goes from the harbour to the industrial park only.
Beaconsfield(map) My uncle used to live in Beaconsfield near the tracks. When I visited him when I was a kid I could watch the CN and CP trains go by quite often, and I learned about a pedestrian overpass there at the time. It is a great spot with a lot of traffic and CN and CP are closer in a way that is visible than anywhere else I know.
Beaujeu(map) De Beaujeu is the site of the Via Alexandria sub and CP Winchester sub Beaujeu diamond and connecting track, a few minutes North of Coteau.
Caplan(map) Caplan is on the north shore of the Baie des Chaleurs on the Chemin de Fer de GaspÃ.
Cecile(map) Cecile is the Junction of the CSX Montreal Sub and the CN Valleyfield sub near Valleyfield, Quebec.
Côteau(map) Coteau is the junction of the CN Valleyfield sub which connects the CN Kingston sub to the CSX Montreal sub, the CN Kingston sub, and the CN Alexandria sub to Ottawa. It is just a few minutes East of the Ontario/Quebec border, just off exit 12 of highway 20.
Dorion(map) The CP Veaudreuil sub turns into the CP Winchester sub and junctions with the M&O sub, and the whole collection diverges from the CN Kingston sub after several miles of parallel running at Dorion, just off the Island of Montreal on highway 20 to the west.
DorvalHome of Taschereau yard, and popular railfan location Dorval Via station. CN and CP are parallel and busy and Dorval airport is visible in the background.
DrummondvilleDrummondville is between Quebec and Montreal on the south shore along the CN.
Farnham(map) Just East of St-Jean and a little under an hour from Montreal, Farnham hosts the Montreal, Maine, and Atlantic. MMA tracks leave Farnham in five directions, but no other rail companies have tracks to the town.

Gatineau(map) Immediately across the border from Ottawa, Gatineau contains the formerly independent city of Hull and houses the Quebec-Gatineau Railway (QGRY) and Hull, Chelsea, and Wakefield (HCW) scenic steam railway.
Hervey Junction(map) Hervey Junction is the connection of the CN Lac St Jean and CN La Tuque subdivisins north-east of Garneau Yard and Shawinigan.
L'Islet(map) L'Islet is on the south shore of the Saint Lawrence about an hour east of Quebec City.
Lac-aux-Sables(map) Lac-aux-Sables is just east of Hervey Junction on the CN Lac St Jean subdivision.
MassonMasson is between Gatineau and Thurso on the QGRY Lachute subdivision and is the site of a large rail using facility with two dedicated QGRY engines to service the area.
Matane(map) Matane is on the south shore of the Saint-Lawrence and is the landing point for the CN railcar ferry from Baie Comeau.
Matapedia(map) Matapedia is at the end of the Restigouche River at the mouth of the Baie des Chaleurs and is the junction of the CN and the CFG.

Notre-Dame-de-Montauban(map) Notre-Dame-de-Montauban is just east of Lac-aux-Sables and Hervey Junction on the CN Lac St Jean subdivsion.
MontrealMontreal is the junction point of the CP, AMT, CN.
PlaisancePlaisance is between Montebello and Thurso on the QGRY Lachute subdivision.
Port-Daniel-Gascons(map) Port-Daniel-Glascon is along the north shore of the Baie des Chaleurs on the CFG tourist track between Matapedia and Gaspe.
Quebec CityQuebec City is the capital of the province of Quebec. It is the eastern limit of the Quebec-Gatineau Railway (QGRY) as well as having significant CN and Via service.
Rivière BeaudetteRivière-Beaudette is a small Ontario-Quebec border town found at exit 2 of highway 20.
Rivière-à-Pierre(map) Rivière-à-Pierre is north-east of Hervey Junction on the CN Lac St Jean subdivision.
Riviere-du-Loup(map) Riviere-du-Loup is the highway junction of the 20 and the 85, splitting between the Gaspe and New Brunswick.
Saint-BrunoSaint-Bruno is the connection point between the RS line to Alma and the CN.
Saint-HilaireSaint-Hilaire is immediately outside of Montreal on the CN toward Quebec.
Saint-HyacintheSaint-Hyacinthe is just east of Montreal on the CN toward Quebec City.
Saint-LambertSaint-Lambert is the community at the south-shore end of the Victoria Bridge on the CN out of Montreal.
Saint-Bruno-de-MontarvilleSaint-Bruno is just east of the Victoria Bridge outside of Montreal along the CN.
Sept-Iles(map) Sept-Iles is the last large community before highway 138 ends along the north shore of the St-Lawrence river. It hosts the Quebec, North Shore, and Labrador and the Tshiuetin Railway to Schefferville.
Shawinigan(map) Shawinigan and Grand-Mère are the site of CN Garneau Yard which is the junction of the CN Joliette and CN Lac St Jean subdivisions as well as several large aluminium and paper facilities.
St-Leonard-d'AstonSt-Leonard is south of Trois-Rivieres along the Drummondville sub on the south shore.
Ste-Thècle(map) Ste-Thècle is the first siding west of Hervey Junction on the CN Lac St Jean subdivison.
Ste-Angèle-de-Pr/©monSte-Angele-de-Premont is just north-east of Ste-Ursule.
Ste-Anne-de-BellevueSte-Anne-de-Bellevue is the western end of Montreal's West Island.
Ste-UrsuleSte-Ursule is the site of a provincial park and a huge viaduct west of Trois-Rivieres.
Ste-Thérèse(map) This was the site of a GM car factory that manufactured the Camaro and the Pontiac Firebird until the end of 2003. It has since been torn down, though there is still a large CP yard there that interchanges between them and the QGRY. It also houses several Montreal transit commuter trains.
ThursoThurso is the present eastern end of the western half of Autoroute 50 and is the western most point of the western run of the QGRY out of Ste-Therese (traffic further west is handled by a local road switcher). There is a large lumber facility with its own switcher.
Trois-RivièresTrois-Rivieres is mid way between Montreal and Quebec City on the north shore of the St-Lawrence river, along the QGRY.
Verdun(map) Verdun is just to the South-West of downtown Montreal on the island. It hosts a number of CN tracks and the Via Montreal Maintenance Centre.
Wakefield(map) 35 km north of Hull (Gatineau) is the small tourist town of Wakefield, the end of the line for the Hull, Chelsea, and Wakefield steam excursion line, which runs Swedish railway equipment up to Wakefield and back every Sunday through the summer months, among other runs.