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Pennsylvania, USA

Altoona(map) Railfan City. Altoona's sports stadium is in the shape of a roundhouse, railfans are welcome, and trains are everywhere. Just a few miles away is Horseshoe Curve, Cresson, the Gallitzin tunnel, the SD80MACs at South Fork, and other sites making the region a virtual Mecca for railfans in this corner of the US.
Bellefonte(map) Bellefonte is a small town serviced by the Nittany and Bald Eagle a few miles off interstate 80 near where interstate 99 will eventually intersect with it. There is an RDC-based tourist operation there at the old station.
Cassandra(map) Between Cresson and South Fork, Cassandra is a small town with a disused road bridge over the tracks that is now explicitly a railfan platform, complete with a "Welcome, Railfans!" sign at the end.
Clearfield(map) Clearfield is the home of the RJ Corman Pennsylvania operation. They have a small yard and a large enginehouse hiding the power.
Creslo Station(map) Just south of South Fork, Creslo Station is a point on an NS coal spur serviced by NS' few SD80MACs.
Cresson(map) Cresson is the summit of the hill for which Horseshoe Curve exists. There is an engine facility where several sets of helper units park, the SD80MACs that work in nearby South Fork spend their weekends there, and NS interchanges with R. J. Corman on the wye. There is even a city-owned railfan observation platform at the tracks across from the wye.
Dubois(map) Dubois is a large yard on the GNWR-owned Buffalo and Pittsburg.
Gallitzin(map) Just west of Horseshoe Curve on the NS is a 3000 foot tunnel which comes out in the town of Gallitzin.
Hollidaysburg(map) Just outside of Altoona to the south, Hollidaysburg is the site of an enormous, totally abandoned freight yard and freight car shop. There is a second, smaller car shop that is still in service. The town is the interchange point between the Everett Railroad and Norfolk Southern.
Horseshoe Curve(map) Horseshoe Curve, just oustide of Altoona, is the site of a Pennsylvanian State Park and purpose-built railfan observation platform, complete with its own cable-drawn tram to get up to it. The tracks change in elevation by 122 feet as they go around the observation deck.
Jamestown(map) Another small town, Jamestown is between Cresson and South Fork and hosts an in-service road overpass over the NS line.
Lilly(map) Just outside of Cresson to the west on the NS line, Lilly is a small town with a couple of good locations for railfaning.
Lock Haven(map) An hour and change north-east of Altoona, Lock Haven is the interchange point between NS and the Nittany and Bald Eagle and the northern end of the Nittany and Bald Eagle's operation.
North East(map) The town of North East is the home of an excellent museum of preserved railway equipment, including a weird GE-built "little Joe" Russian electric locomotive that was never delivered to the former Cold War adversary. The museum is on the web here. The museum is built around a well-preserved station on the busy CSX Buffalo-Chicago line and encourages railfans with a scanner blaring over the platform and a clear view of both the CSX and NS lines.
Punxsutawney(map) Better known for its annual ground hog day celebrations, Buffalo and Pittsburg's inaccessible Riker Yard is found just outside of this town.
Roaring Spring(map) A few miles south-west of Holidaysburg near Altoona, Roaring Spring is a small town with a large rail-using facility serviced by Everett Railroad.
Scranton(map) Home of Steamtown, a large state parks-run museum dedicated to the preservation of steam engines. It is about 45 minutes south of Binghamton.
South Fork(map) Home of the SD80MACs, this junction on the NS serves as the service line for coal mines in the area, which are serviced by NS' few SD80MACs. It is about thirteen miles west of Cresson.
Summerhill(map) Summerhill is a small town between South Fork and Cresson on the route 53 railfan point list.
Tyrone(map) About 15 minutes north on interstate 99 from Altoona is the town of Tyrone, the northern limits of the Nittany and Bald Eagle's operation and the site of a second interchange with NS, right at the town's Amtrak station.
Unionville(map) Unionville is a small village along the Nittany and Bald Eagle between Bellefonte and Tyrone.