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Today's random implausible lashup: OSRX 504-CP 5772-CN 5752-VTR 303-CN 5634-NS 3392-UP 2856-RDG 4124-CN 2237

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Ohio, USA

ConneautSteve told me I needed to check Conneaut -- and you do too. It is an interesting town on the south shore of Lake Erie which is not easy to explore but has plenty to see if you are willing to go down small single lane roads to their ends.

ParkertownParkertown is a siding under Interstate 80 on an NS line where the Wheeling and Lake Erie has operating rights. It is between Sandusky and Bellevue.
ToledoToledo is a relatively large city on the Ohio-Michigan border at the western tip of Lake Erie, boasting several large yards and industries as well as the Ann Arbor railway shops.