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Today's random implausible lashup: CN 5750-NREX 5087-FPL EU04-EWS 60054-BNSF 8614-MNCR 203-WC 6593-CEFX 1013-CP 8701-FGW 158953

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Nebraska, USA

AshlandAshland is just west of Omaha along the BNSF with heavy coal traffic.
FairmontFairmont is just south of the I-80 on state highway 81 and host to a petrochemical company with extensive rail service and a local switcher.
GenevaGeneva is along the state highway 81 corridor south of York, Nebraska and home to some obscure abandoned equipment along the side of the highway.
OmahaOmaha is a great spot to explore. Kenefik Park is home to a DD40 and Big Boy 4-8-8-4 twinned together in a static display on a hill top, a tribute to UP's rich heritage in the city. There is also plenty of BNSF activity and other systems nearby and over the river in Iowa.
WaverlyWaverly is between Omaha and Lincoln on the I-80 and BNSF corridors.