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Massachusetts, USA

Bernardston(map) The Guilford Maine Central (MEC) line heads through Bernardston on what would normally be a short treck from Deerfield to Brattleboro. Except the line is 5 to 10 mph so chasing a train is kind of like chasing a turkey, or would be if there were more grade crossings.
Deerfield(map) Home of the Guilford lines, Deerfield has a large yard and junction. Guilford has a reputation for arresting (not fining) trespassers on its property, according to locals, and the yard is not very accessible without trespassing. It is limited to a bridge on a dead-end road that leads to the yard.
Greenfield(map) Greenfield hosts a junction of two Guilford lines at a city park just West of East Deerfield yard.
Hatfield(map) A Guilford line runs through Hatfield south of East Deerfield yard toward Springfield.
LowellLowell is a town just north of Boston hosting the MBTA, CSX, and Pan Am.
Miller's Falls(map) Between Northfield and Turner's Falls, Miller's Falls has another junction of the NECR and Guilford rail systems.
Northfield(map) Home of Northfield Mount Hermon School, where I attended high school and met my wife, Northfield has the junction of the NECR and MEC lines in a rural area near the Vermont border.
Westfield(map) Westfield is the home of the Pioneer Valley Railroad, which hosts several ATSF-built CF7 frankenstinian locomotives.
WorcesterWorcester is a city in the mid south of Massachusetts and hosts a major connection of the Providence and Worcester with the CSX.